30 Cheaper Ugg Alternatives to Check Out

Are you on the hunt for quality, Ugg alternatives?

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I get it. Authentic Ugg boots are super comfy and keep our toes warm, but a new pair of weather boots cost from $150 to $300.

If you don’t want to shell out that much cash, but isn’t open to free shoes, these 25 good alternative brands will surprise your feet without breaking the bank.

25 Ugg Alternatives for Men and Women

Here are 25 alternatives to the Ugg boots we know and love that have a similar design, feel, and style.

1. Kirkland Signature Ladies’ Shearling Boot

Available in black and green colors, pair of Ugg lookalike boots are designed with a sheepskin upper, shearling sock lining, and Polyurethane outsole. The zipperless design is priced at around $35, while the zippered variant is $50.

2. Birkenstock

Did you know that Birkenstock, the maker of the super famous slippers, also designs shearling booties similar to Ugg boots?

An example of this is the “Melrose” suede bootie with an Ugg vibe, but with Birkenstock’s signature rubber sole. It’s just slightly lower priced than Uggs (at around $140).

3. Koolaburra

Koolaburra is the best Ugg alternative out there, hands down.

Even Ugg agreed and bought its competitor in 2016.

Today, this California brand is now called “Koolaburra by UGG” and produces similarly-styled boots, but at a more affordable price tag than Ugg.

4. Bearpaw

Bearpaw has many designs similar to Ugg boots and in different colors, too!

If you’re not familiar with Uggs, it’s easy to mistake Bearpaw for the real deal.

The good news is Bearpaw’s boot styles are wayyy cheaper than any Ugg design.

5. Waysoft

Waysoft has several boot items designed with genuine Genuine twin-face Australia sheepskin, which is a water and stain-resistant pre-treated material that easily repels moisture and maintains heat and comfort.

Waysoft gives you different lengths (low, mid, and high booties) in varying colors, but no design goes beyond $100.

6. Unisa

Unisa boots are the dressy counterpart of Uggs. Yes, with these boots, you can go to the office without being conscious of your super-casual footwear.

Available at DSW, Unisa boots make your feet as comfy and snug as the authentic Uggs. They even have a wedge bootie priced under $65!

7. Dream Pairs

Dream Pairs’ fur-lined snow boots are produced with cushioned sheepskin footbed and soft suede.

Available in 10 colors for $50 a pair, this mid-calf Ugg alternative is an Amazon favorite.

8. Overland

Although a bit pricier than other Ugg alternatives on this list, the $130 Overland Ugg copycat boots are made with suede and Australian Merino Shearling-Lined Cowhide. They’re deemed “outdoor-ready” thanks to the rubber sole and high-quality materials.


DKSUKO is an affordable Ugg boots alternative. It does the job – keeping you winter-ready, stylish, and warm. Their boots are made of anti-slip rubber and a classic dirt-resistant exterior.

DKSUKO’s classic winter boots come in 12 colors and are priced at just under $45.

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10. Celtic & Co

This UK brand specializes in sustainable sheepskin boots and slippers. The company has an entire collection of shearling boots for men, women, and kids.

Because this Ugg competitor hand-crafts each pair of boots, Celtic & Co boots are in the $250 range.

11.  L.L. Bean

If you like the look of low-cut boots, L.L. Bean is the brand to check out.

The L.L.Bean shearling-lined winter boots look similar to the lining and shape of Ugg boots. But the trademark L.L.Bean is in the stitching – this is what will separate your L.L.Bean boot to the classic Ugg.

This brand isn’t the cheapest of the bunch, but if you’re looking for the best Ugg alternative, L.L. Bean should be included in your list.

12. Aus Wooli

Aus Wooli has awesome-looking short, ankle boots in different earth-toned colors.

Sure the classic Uggs are not the same size, but these Aus Wooli $65 boots are designed similarly with water-resistant, full leather suede upper and sheepskin lining.

13. Journee Collection

If you’re looking for Ugg alternatives because they’re too plain for your taste, winter boots from Journee Collection could be your solution. This brand doesn’t stick with neutral colors.

Instead, Journee Collections goes bold with bright colors, animal prints, and other fun designs while keeping the structure anti-slip, lightweight and with a fluffy faux fur cuff.


CLPP’LI may be one of the cheapest Ugg alternatives (with some of the brand’s lowest-priced pairs at under $30).

Even at this price point, these CLPP’LI boots still look like your classic Uggs and featured a fully-lined fur interior with shearling and anti-slip rubberized soles.

15. ZGR

ZGR’s classic snow boots have a similar design to the UGG Classic Short boot, but are 1/3rd of the Ugg’s price.

These $40ish ZGR boots are made with a thick suede upper, mixed faux fur and shearing for the lining, and a grippy rubber outsole that provides traction even on snowy and wet ground.

16. EMU Australia

If Celtic & Co is the United Kingdom’s local Ugg.

EMU Australia is the country’s alternative to the comfy Ugg brand. They’ve been around for decades and are famous for using extremely soft Australian sheepskin and Merino wool on their boots.

EMU Australia’s Ugg-like boots are priced around $100, but the suede upper, natural Australian sheepskin lining, and grippy outsoles feel much more expensive.

17. Holly

Holly’s tall winter boots are more affordable than Ugg’s shortest boots.

You’ll be amazed that at only $50 a pair, the Holly Triplet Boot looks almost identical to the classic Ugg. They have the same faux suede, synthetic sole, fully lined interior, and a level of comfort that Ugg is known for.

18. Vepose

If you’re after cheap Ugg boots that work well in keeping your feet warm and dry on snowy or chilly winter days, Vepose winter boots can be your solution.

Unlike the OG Ugg that’s priced up to $200 a pair, the classic mid-calf Vepose suede booties are just around $54. You can even choose from 9 different neutral colors.

19. Muk Luks

Muk Luks are boots like Uggs but cheaper. This brand has been around since 1972, designing many streetwear and winter wardrobe at an affordable price.

Muk Luks’ Alyx boot is only $60 but looks similar to UGGs.

20. Nasty Gal

Many of Nasty Gal’s Ugg-looking boots are created with thick fur lining. But instead of just the boring brown and black boots, these boots come with a platform sole, lace-up detail, and other elements more ideal for a night out than a walk in a snowy park.

21. Caramel Crown

Caramel Crown snow boots are vegan-friendly, but still super comfortable thanks to layers upon layers of faux fur lining and durable EVA outsole.

22. Minnetonka

Priced at $90 to $95, Minnetonka boots look exceptionally playful and comfortable. They’re made with a wool blend, sheepskin, and water-resistant suede.

23. Warmie

If you’re really not after a brand name, but want boots similar to Uggs due to the warmth and comfort it provides, you need to check out Warmie’s slip-on bootie with thick inner and outer lining that ensures your feet remain cozy and warm.

24. Sanuk

Sanuk booties are affordable (at $50 to $60 a pair), but they look like they’re able to withstand the cold easily thanks to the foam footbed, shearling lining and puffed upper material.

25. Dirty Laundry

Available at Lulu, the Dirty Laundy Sugar Hill boots take the boring UGG up a notch with a ton of fluffy faux fur. Ideal for people who feel the Uggs can be more stylish, yet a pair is still affordable at only $60.

5 Vegan Ugg Alternatives

If you’re on the hunt for boots similar to Uggs, but made with sustainable materials, check these 5 brands that do not use animal materials like wool, fur, suede, sheepskin or all kinds of animal leather:

  • DAWG – While these Ugg-looking boots come only in chocolatey brown color, it is made using faux shearling lining and other vegan materials.
  • PAWJ – These vegan Ugg alternatives have an entire collection of boots in different colors and styles, but all of them are completely vegan and priced between $60 and $170.
  • Vegetarian Shoes – This Europe-based vegan shoe brand has several Ugg-like designs made from faux suede and faux sheep wool. This company even has a pair made with pineapple leather.
  • Zette Shoes – This Australian vegan shoe brand has its own Ugg-style boots that look and feel like classic Ugg boot, but is made of cruelty-free faux-wool lining and other all-vegan materials.
  • Fourever Funky – You can still have color and fun in your shoe choice, even if you love comfy winter Uggs. Fourever Funky has animal-print designs like leopard and cheetah.

Buying Ugg Alternatives: Free Returns, Rewards, and More

If you really want the branded Ugg boots instead of the many Ugg alternatives above, you have options to save some cash.

For example, buying used boots from eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or online community bulletin can lead you to preloved boots.

Like any kind of branded shoes these days, there are fake Uggs and Ugg knock-offs in the market. Personally, I prefer buying Ugg alternatives to knockoffs.

Many people feel strongly for (or against) Ugg boots, but you can’t deny that these comfy boots are a classic. If you haven’t had one before, I hope this list helps you decide which one to buy.

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