17 Sites That Offer Free Educational Games

Play is crucial to a child’s development and we can even say that it’s an easy way to a child’s heart. Of course, parents would agree that it can also be a way to calm and entertain kids, especially during a long drive, or a cold and quiet night at home.

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And though play that involves more physical and social contact is still preferable, resorting to free educational games is also a great alternative. However, it’s equally important to set some screen time limits before handing off an iPad.

When a limit and certain rules have been set, and you are ready to let your kids have some fun while playing online, the list of free kids learning games below would be of great help.

Free Online Educational Games for Kids

1. Smarty Games

Smarty Games is a free, ALA, and KidSAFE® approved children site that has been helping kids have fun while learning for over 8 years.

Their games are divided into different categories that help kids master different topics that are used in and out of the school. Some of these topics are basic math, reading, as well as learning how to tell time, and manage money.

2. National Geographic Kids

Kids love to answer trivia questions and that’s where National Geographic Kids comes in.

The site is filled with quizzes about interesting topics that kids would definitely love such as planets, nature, animals, sports, and a lot more.  Games are categorized under quizzes, personality quizzes, funny fill-ins, and action and adventure.

3. Nick Jr.

If this site has an extra advantage over the rest of the sites in this list that would be the fact that their games feature the different characters and shows seen on Nickelodeon. 

Some of these are Blue, Dora, Blaze, Nella, Paw Patrol, and Rusty Rivets.

4. Education.com

With Education.com, kids can review essential topics, as well as learn new ones while still having fun. Aside from free online learning games, it also features more than 30,000 worksheets, lesson plans, songs, stories, and more.

Sharpen your kids’ math skills, learn letters, and transform study time into a much-anticipated part of the day with the help of the online learning games on Education.com.

5. Turtle Diary

Introduce your kids to new and exciting ways of learning with the aid of Turtle Diary. The site is filled with fun online games, videos, experiments, coloring sheets, puzzles, and different activities for the appropriate grade level.

The games and activities will help kids to enhance retention of concepts and increase success in the classroom.

6. Happy Clicks

Play free online educational games for toddlers, and preschoolers on Happy Clicks.

The interactive games filled with brightly-colored effects are sure to delight kids of all ages. Parents can also have fun bonding with their kids while playing different games on the site, or watching fun videos.

7. Sesame Street

Kids will enjoy Sesame Street’s website. It’s not only packed with fun educational games, but also videos and art activities that could help enhance their creativity and review different things such as animal sounds, letters, rhymes, colors, and more.

8. Cool Math 4 Kids

Make Math more enjoyable and easier to learn for your children with Cool Math 4 Kids online learning games. The site makes learning numbers exciting by incorporating different math concepts in arcade-like games.

Cool Math 4 Kids also features quizzes, manipulatives, brainteasers, printable flashcards, and a lot more.

9. CBeebies

CBeebies is a commercial website of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

It’s designed for kids aged 0-6 but with characters like Nelly and Nora, and Sarah and Duck, it’s mostly loved by preschoolers. The site features several games featuring the beloved CBeebies characters.

10. Cookie

At Cookie, the games and other activities were designed by child experts and educators. So, parents can be assured that the learning games on the site can help their kids in building the skills needed to succeed in school.

While playing the games on the site, kids can learn more about phonetics, math, social studies, science, and a lot more. Aside from games, the site also features different stories, videos, worksheets, and coloring pages.

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11. PBS Kids

PBS Kids creates curriculum-based games with the incorporation of popular literary and media franchises such as Sesame Street, Curious George, The Cat in the Hat, and more.

Games are organized into different topics which include math, science, spelling, social studies, engineering, dress-up, healthy habits, emotional growth, and teamwork.

12. The Kidz Page

Kids of all ages can play and enjoy the hundreds of free educational games, puzzles, coloring pages, and activities on The Kidz Page. New and exciting learning games and free printables are also added regularly for kids, schools, parents, and teachers.

13. FunBrain

FunBrain has been the leader in offering free educational games since 1997.

At present, the site is filled with hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos geared towards preschoolers and grades 1-8 students. Funbrain’s games and other learning resources help enhance skills in math, reading, literacy, and problem-solving.

14. ABCya!

ABCya offers over 400 educational games created by parents and teachers for grades PreK through 6. The games are categorized by subject (such as arts & music, math, typing, writing), theme (e.g. robot, sports, space, money), and genre (e.g. crossword, racing, hunt, puzzle, etc.). They also have seasonal entertainment just like A Blocky Christmas Game, Make a Snowman, Christmas Word Search, and a lot more.

15. Highlights for Kids

Highlights is a monthly magazine for kids ages 6 to 12. It has been in the business for over 60 years.

And aside from providing kids with reading materials, they also provide kids with entertainment in the forms of educational games, art activities, animated stories, science experiments, and more.

16. Free Learning Games For Kids

Learning Games for Kids help children establish a strong foundation in their math and language skills. Some of the categories of their free online learning games are animals, arts & music, spelling, vocabulary, geography, US state, science, social studies, and health.

17. Arcademics

Arcademics is full of fun and exciting educational games for grades 1 through 6. The site offers games, music, and videos that provide kids with powerful tools in learning basic math, language, arts, typing, geography, time, and money.

Let the Games Begin!

The sites on this list have more than enough games and videos to keep your kids entertained while familiarizing concepts learned in school and learning new ones.

And if the free games above would not suffice, you can check out my articles about how to get free audiobooks and free classes for kids. You might also love my post about free online courses even from Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale.

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