13 Sites That Give Away Free Nail Samples

Brace yourselves, ladies, because I’ve rounded up a list of sites that offer free nail samples by mail.

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Some girls want bare nails, and some just can’t stand the sight of plain and colorless nails. If you belong to the second group, keep reading because I’ve found some great ways to get your nails done for free.

Places to Get Free Nail Polish Samples

1. Kaga Nails

Kaga Nails is offering free nail polish samples of their three brands: Kaga, QLZ, and Love Easy.

The free samples are deemed for those who are really interested to try the products, and not just gather some freebies online. As such, though the samples are free, shoppers need to pay the shipping fee for each set of samples ranging from £4.90 to £5.88.

Shoppers will also be sent free color charts if they requested the Kaga and QLZ samples.

2. Fanair Cosmetiques

First-time customers of Fanair Cosmetiques have the chance to score not just a free nail polish sample from the brand, but a free Gelous Best UV Gel Sample Kit.

The kit contains the following:

  • Flexi .08 oz/2g
  • Gel Colour FX Poppy #14 .08oz/2g
  • Sculpt-X .08 oz/2g
  • Step By Step

Bear in mind though that the sample kit only contains sample size jars so you would only be able to do a few nails. To be able to use the sample products, you also need a UV curing machine, preferably the Gelous Lite Pro Lamp.

To claim the free sample kit, simply add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. And before I forgot, the $15 shipping fee is not yet included.

3. DTK Nail Supply

DTK Nail Supply offers nail color samples and other freebies by dollar amount or depending on the total amount of purchase per transaction. Check out their available free gifts today.

4. Eco Soak Off UV Nail Color

Get a free sample of Eco Soak Off UV Nail Color by simply filling out this form.

Each sample contains 1/8 oz. Clear Soak Off UV Nail Color and 1/8 oz. Pink Coral Soak Off UV Nail Color.

5. KND Nail Supply

KND Nail Supply offers different salon and spa essentials such as gel polish, manicure and pedicure products, and a lot more.

And interested potential customers can try out their products for free by requesting a sample. Unfortunately, some products can’t be sent as a sample, such as those that contain high volumes of fluid, are prone to leaking or are flammable.

To get a sample of any of their eligible product samples, just send them a request on their website.

Once done, their team will contact you with the final details.

6. Llamore Nails

Llamore Nails provides nail enthusiasts with 100% nail polish wraps without the need for heat and no extra mess. Shoppers can choose from a wide array of styles and finishes: glossy, sparkle, and transparent.

And of course, the best thing is that they are offering a free sample. To claim yours, simply fill out their nail sample request form.

7. Sweet World of Nails

As of writing, Sweet World of Nails only sends free samples to individuals who have a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account, or other personal websites regarding nail art. If you have one, feel free to contact them at contact@sweetworldofnails.com.

8. Magic Sample Easy Shape Nail Forms

Magic is giving away 12 Easy Shape Nail Forms samples per order.

The nail forms can help in transforming sculpting to the next level with the perfect rigidity to ensure a perfect C-curve. Each form also has a detailed guide with PreciseSculpt technology to make sure that shapes are always perfect.

Simply add the sample to cart to claim your free sample. At checkout, you will see the different shipping options and rates depending on your location.

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9. Nail Polish Princess

Technically, the Nail Polish Princess’ “Color Street” isn’t free nail polish samples. It’s actually an awesome nail polish strip, which doesn’t require any tools to color your nails. No spilling or smudging either.

Each set of nail polish strip lasts up to two weeks. You have an option to choose the color of the free samples you receive by mail.

10. Rossi Nails

To get free nail samples from Rossi Nails, you need to join their influencer program first.

As a member of Rossi Nails Influencer Program, you’ll be given a chance to try their nail polishes for free. You get first dibs to any new nail product (such as the Rossi Secret Kit with a Glam Powder) and receive benefits like free shipping and additional 20% discount promo code for family and friends with a commission.

11. NSI Nails

If you’re a nail technician, you’ll love products by NSI Nails.

There are two ways you can get nail polish freebies from NSI Nails. First is by joining the rewards program, saving up points every time you order gel polish, and using the points to get your hands of free gel nail polish.

NSI Nails also offers a couple of sampler kits, which is sometimes available for free. Bookmark this page to check regularly.

12. Nail Superstore

The Nail Superstore used to reward its loyal customers with two free samples of their choice.

While this promotion is no longer available, you can still get free nail powders, nail art with airbrush top coat, or nail sunblock if you purchase at least $99 worth of products from the shop.

You can also join the Nail Superstore rewards program and get freebies from saved-up points.

13. Minx Nails

Minx Nails, which claims to be the original nail wrap, offers this super-cool animal-print “Wild Thing” sample pack regularly. These do run out of stock quickly, so check back often.

Note that this freebie isn’t nail polish – it’s a set of nail wraps that lasts up to 2 weeks on fingers.

Do You Want More Freebies Beyond Free Nail Polish Samples?

Well, if you don’t mind paying half the price of the sample, you can also check out Saint Nails. To claim their free samples for half the price, simply fill out the request form and they’ll send you the details on how to order.

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