7 Ways to Buy Super-Cheap or Free Toilet Paper

Is it possible to get free toilet paper? How does it work? Where do you get them?

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If you were one of the people who got frustrated by the toilet paper shortage in 2020, I’m sure you understand why thousands of people resulted in panic buying.

Make sure you won’t be affected by any similar toilet paper disaster in the future.

Here’s how you can get super-cheap or free toilet paper so you could stock up even before any crisis occurs.

3 Ways to Get Free Toilet Paper

Toilet paper isn’t really a favorite freebie item across advertisers and gift-givers unless of course, the company involved produces the toilet paper themselves.

But if you really want to bring down your toilet paper expenses to ZERO, then here are 3 legitimate things you can do:

1. Ask for Free Toilet Paper Samples Directly from Brands

Who else would offer free toilet paper than the TP brands, right? So if you have your favorite toilet paper brand already, find its website, follow all its social media platforms, and subscribe to its newsletter. Check the app store (Android or iOS depending on your phone) if the brand or company has one.

If you don’t have a favorite yet, check out the following toilet brands. Sometimes, when you join their club, you are given free toilet paper samples or coupons. Other times, you might be lucky to find promotions with super-cheap prices.

And if you’re already checking out their websites, there’s no reason not to try sending them a message (look for the “contact us” page) to ask for samples. If you do this, include your mailing address because some companies do not reply to requests, but just sends free stuff over instead.

2.  Work for Your Free Toilet Paper with Survey & Rewards Sites

One way to get toilet paper free every month is to join survey sites and rewards sites.

When I say “work,” you wouldn’t really feel like working because the tasks you do for rewards sites are regular things we do online or on our phones, such as playing games, watching videos, online shopping, checking out ads, and so on.

The surveys do sometimes feel like actual work after a while, but they only take a minute or so of your time.

Every survey you answer and task you do will earn you points or rewards, which can be redeemed for cash (usually via PayPal) or gift cards. You can then use this to shop from your favorite store and pay for your toilet paper stash for the month or year.

Sounds pretty easy? You’d be surprised that these tasks are actually are very easy to do and once you’ve set them up, they’d feel automated.

Here are the rewards sites and survey sites I’d recommend to people any day:

3. Earn Free Gift Cards to Get Free Toilet Paper

You can also focus your energy on getting free gift cards, which you could then use to buy free toilet paper from any store you like.

Check this tutorial on how you can get free Visa gift cards (and how to convert Visa gift cards to cash).

You can also follow this guide on how you can get free Target gift cards if you shop at Target regularly.

Best Practices to Get Dirt-Cheap Toilet Paper Year-round

If you don’t want to work for your toilet paper, you can buy them instead. But that doesn’t mean you should be happy with retail prices.

Here’s how you could get their prices significantly lower:

1. Print Toilet Paper Coupons

Gone are the days when you have to hunt coupons in magazines and store fliers.

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These days, you can just visit the website of a particular store and look for current coupons there.

If your only goal is to find the cheapest toilet paper you can find, then visit coupon sites like RetailMeNotCoupon Chief, or Coupons.com, which organize coupons for you.

2. Subscribe & Save with Amazon

Because toilet paper is usually a regular part of a household’s shopping list, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you would shop for toilet paper weekly or monthly. It is for this reason that toilet paper is one of Amazon’s top-selling “Subscribe & Save” items.

With Subscribe & Save, you can pre-order items in advance and have them delivered to your home at regular intervals.

You could set the delivery for weekly or monthly intervals, depending on your needs and budget.

Not only is this feature super-convenient for busy people like you and me, but subscribing to this feature also means you can save from 5 to 15 percent of the item’s SRP.

3. Pick Stores Known for Cheap Toilet Paper

If you’ve been assigned to shop groceries for years now, you’d likely see a pattern with a store’s promotions and sales. Another secret to finding toilet paper with the most value-for-money is by choosing the right store. If you’ve only been shopping at one or two stores, how would you know which store to go?

These tips should make your cheap tissue paper hunting a LOT easier:

  • Buying in bulk? Walgreens and CVS regularly have huge discounts if you’re buying bulk (18 rolls and over)
  • Check weekly ads for store promos. In the past, these came in fliers and catalogs. You can see “weekly ad” pages online on the websites of Walmart, Target and your other favorite brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Use an app to sort through hundreds of promotions. If you simply don’t have time to go through the weekly ads or find coupons at coupon sites, your best bet is to download an app like Flipp, which makes the hunt realistically more efficient for you.
  • Learn about store and tissue paper brand partnerships. It is kind of an open secret that certain stores would carry specific toilet paper brands at better prices. This is because the two had prior agreements to bring down the price. Examples of this include:
    • Scott or Quilted Northern for Target
    • Charmin for CVS
    • Angel Soft for Kroger
    • Charmin or Cottonelle for Walgreens

4. Learn How to Compare Prices of Toilet Paper

The tricky thing about toilet paper is the number of rolls is never really equal to another brand’s variety of toilet paper, so if you buy an 18-roll standard Cottonelle and Walmart’s in-house Ultra Soft 12 Mega Rolls, the first brand isn’t necessarily “more.”

Everything varies when it comes to toilet paper, starting with the terms.

  • Mega roll may just be the same size as a double roll, but regular roll may be smaller than another brand’s standard roll.
  • Standard size is different among brands, so as the weight, thickness, and ply
  • Materials used may also contribute to the difference in weight and size. Some use eco-friendly materials like bamboo that might make the toilet paper either lighter or heavier.

Because it is almost impossible to compare toilet paper brands by roll, a more accurate way to weigh the value of a toilet paper is by doing a bit of math to compute actual unit cost.

  • Compute price by square foot (price divided by square feet equals unit cost).
  • Compute price by sheets per roll (price divided by sheets per roll). Not as accurate, but is a good way to estimate value if the toilet paper brand does not indicate square footage on the pack.

Receive Free Toilet Paper Regularly by Making Good Practices

Like saving money, how frequently you’re able to get free toilet paper will depend on how well you turn the good practices above to use.

Some of the steps may take a while before you’d adapt it into a habit, but others can be integrated into your daily lives without hassle.

Try doing some of the methods for a month and you’ll quickly see that they’re actually very doable.

But if you’re looking for free diapers for your baby, then that’s a totally different story.

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