How to Get a Free Popsocket for Your Phone

Who wouldn’t love a free PopSocket to stick to the back of their phones as grip/stand/cord organizer in one? These multipurpose phone accessories are fun, colorful, and could even be customized if you want to bring your personality to the limelight.

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Made by former University of Colorado-Boulder philosophy professor David Barnett in 2010 after being frustrated of his iPhone’s headphones getting tangled up in his pocket all the time, PopSockets has since generated over $200 million in revenue.

You can typically pick up a PopSocket for around $10 each (higher for those with trademarked brands), but if you want to try it out as a freebie, here are 5 methods to get one without spending a cent…

5 Ways to Get Free Popsocket

Heads up, the methods below require some patience. You must also be active online to take advantage of the following:

1. Try Your Luck with Spin-a-wheel

When you visit the official website, you’ll be greeted by a Spin-a-wheel pop-up. To join, all you need to do is enter your email address on the given space and enter the pink button “Spin!”

Watch the wheel spin, and if you’re lucky to get a free Popsocket, you’ll be given instructions how to get it. For those who receive discounts, appropriate coupon codes would be available for you to copy instantly.

Unfortunately, there’s also a chance that you don’t win anything as well. If this is the case, check the promo page on the site and you might find coupons that would cut a chunk of the price off.

2. Follow PopSockets everywhere

PopSockets became a global brand mainly because of word of mouth. After the company worked out all the kinks of running an in-demand business, the $3 million revenues for 2015 ballooned to over $20 million in 2016 thanks to a cult of loyal following. The company knows this, and takes advantage of fan power to drive their marketing.

As such, your best bet at getting freebies directly from PopSockets is by following them everywhere:

Join contests and giveaways posted on any of these communities. These promotions may not be available 24/7, but if you’re lucky enough to win, you are guaranteed that the item you’ll be receiving is an authentic PopSocket.

3. Check PopSockets Partners

PopSockets has partnered with a couple of brands in the past, and continue to do so until today. If you can’t find any free PopSocket on the official site, you can try your luck on any of their partners.

Some examples include:

Many of these brands also promote their PopSockets-collaborated items on their own websites, so expect that if they put them on sale (or up for giveaways), they’d do it on their respective sites as well.

If you wish to be on top of these collaborations, I recommend you make a Google Trends alert, so every time news about a new PopSockets collaboration pops up online, you’ll receive info about it straight into your email

4. Influencers give away free Popsockets too!

PopSockets community is massive and loyal. One reason why millions of people follow this company is that it continuously donates to various causes. To date, the company has donated over $3 million to more than 300 nonprofit organizations

PopSockets encourages its influencers to participate in the company’s charity wing (Poptivism) for awesome user-generated content.

Here’s where you get lucky: every now and then, these influencers create their own PopSockets (either in support of their brand or a charity they love), then give some away for free to spread the campaign.

Even Oprah Magazine has one in support of Girls Inc.

The easiest trick to find these giveaways is by following #Popsockets and #Poptivism hashtags on your favorite social media platforms.

5. Get a free Popsocket from third-party designers

PopSockets lets you create custom designs for your own PopSockets, even if you’re not an influencer, don’t own a company, or not making them for a cause. You and I can make a unique PopSocket if we wanted to create one ourselves.

Because PopSockets opened up this feature to anyone, third-party designers and marketing companies can also freely design their own PopSockets. Most sell them for profit, but if you dig a little, you’ll find gems like this:

They’re authentic PopSockets, printed with the third-party company’s logo. Unfortunately, you can’t choose a design with a free popsocket sample. They only send them out so you could check the quality and hopefully, order in bulk in the future.

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Where can I find PopSockets for $1.00?

Is there such a thing? Yes, and no.

In very rare cases, you’ll find super cheap popsockets in brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart or Target. Just check out deal hunter @brickseek on Instagram and his cool, unicorn popsocket find last year.

As you may assume, this deal is real, but very hard to find. I’m pretty sure @brickseek found this in one of the bargain bins at Walmart. The chances of finding one this cheap in stores again is very slim, so don’t get your hopes up.

How to snag a Popsocket deal when all else fails

Even if you see PopSockets copycats everywhere (there are a lot of dirt-cheap ones online), there is nothing better than the original Popsocket. Believe me, I tried every other Popsocket knockoff there is in the market today and almost all of them do not last that long. If you simply cannot find free Popsockets, I recommend buying one at super-low prices.

The official site already has continuous discounts, from free shipping to Buy 2, get % off on the third order, but wait for sale days to truly take advantage of a low tag price.

If you’re on a budget, make sure to skip the Popclips (these cost $10 a pop) and stick to the original instead.

And if you’re looking for other relevant freebies, don’t miss this post on free electronics and free stickers. You can also earn free Target gift cards and use them to buy the Popsocket you like the most, even in full price.

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