150+ Companies That Give Out Free Stickers

Companies love to hand out free stickers. All you need to do is ask!

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And I rounded up 150 different companies for you to check out.

Whether you’re a scrapbook artist or a serious sticker collector who keeps these free stickers on an album, wall, or any typical spot like the fridge or car, I hope you’d find this massive list of free stickers a goldmine.

Before you go crazy with the hundreds of free stickers to behold, know that this list is exclusive to anyone living in the United States only.

How to Get Free Stickers

Obtaining free stickers is easy. Many companies willingly give these to people as part of their advertising efforts. Companies hope that the people who receive their stickers post them somewhere visible (like a car) to serve as free advertising, or talk about the free stickers on their blog and social media.

The difference lies in the sticker request process and if you need to shoulder shipping fees (or not).

You can get free stickers via:

  • a request form on a company website
  • email (send an email with “sticker request” as the topic and put in writing that you want to receive a sticker, along with your home address)
  • magazines and product catalogs (sometimes, companies mail catalogs and magazines directly to your doorsteps and include free stickers in them)

Whichever way you request to get free stickers, the ending remains the same: you’ll receive the stickers by mail.

In some cases, you’d have to shoulder the shipping fee by paying them anywhere from $2 to $10. Some companies ask that you send a self-addressed, self-stamped envelope to their HQ instead and they’ll put a sticker in there before sending the envelope back.

Sticker Collector List: Companies that Send Free Stickers

If sending payment for shipping fees, or a self-stamped envelope doesn’t bother you, you can request free stickers from all the companies below.

But if you’d rather get stickers completely without charge, I grouped them so you wouldn’t have to be annoyed by “hidden charges.”

Companies that give them away totally free usually ask you to register to their newsletter, join a program, or answer a quick survey in exchange for the freebie.

Completely Free

While you’re here, sign up with these two companies. They are regularly looking for your opinions on brands and you can actually get free stuff (including stickers) sent right to your door! On top of that, you will get paid for telling them what you think. It’s a win-win.

  • Daily Goodie Box – Grab a giant box of freebies shipped right to you AT NO COST! Some companies include stickers with free samples as well!
  • Toluna Influencers – Work directly with companies like Nike, Samsung, Amazon, and Disney to improve their product lines.
  • Survey Junkie – Get paid CASH to share your thoughts on some of the world’s biggest brands.

On to the rest!

Food, Drinks and Restaurants

  • Coca-Cola – Send Coke an email or call them at 1-800-GET-COKE for free Coca-Cola-themed stickers and posters.
  • JerkYourMeat – If you love meat jerky, put it in stickers! You have to follow their Instagram and Facebook,  then subscribe to their YouTube, before you fill-up the sticker request form. The company will then add you to their mailing list, and send you stickers and other cool stuff.
  • Moose Tracks Nation – Receive free tickers from this ice cream brand, but you’d have to register on their newsletter. Make sure to add your accurate mailing address to receive the free stickers by mail.
  • Dr. Pepper – Request stickers via the consumer feedback form.
  • Jelly Belly – There’s no sticker-request page available, but the company reportedly sends stickers to those who send an email requesting one.
  • Pepsi – There’s a not-so-secret tip by fellow sticker collectors that when requesting a sticker from Pepsi, include your mailing address because they don’t reply anymore, but send the sticker directly to the requester’s home.

Shoes & Clothing Brands

  • Sperry – This local boat shoe company is giving away a free sticker when you complete this form.
  • Whimsical Wolf – This clothing company has an adorable whimsical wolf sticker that would look good in any sticker collection. You have to sign-up for the newsletter and enter your mailing info. Note that they send 1 sticker request per household every six months.
  • Adidas – Send an email requesting Adidas stickers. 
  • Patagonia – This activewear, skiwear, and watersports wear brand gives away a journal with free stickers if you join its email list.
  • Moosejaw – Gives away stickers if you send a request, but they’re very quick to run out, so check back regularly to get first dibs.
  • BackCountry – This outdoor apparel company opens up its mailbox and gives away free “Goat” stickers without the need for purchase. Be sure to @backcountry once you receive the sticker and post it somewhere. Add the hashtag #GOATworthy on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, too! You do have to wait because they mail all sticker requests on a quarterly basis.
  • Buddha Pants – You have to check out and “order” the sticker pack, but it’s always priced at zero
  • American Fish and Tackle Company (AFTCO) – The fishing gear and clothing company sends 100% free stickers, but they arrive in up to 6 weeks. You’ll need to send a self-addressed stamped envelope (S.A.S.E.) to the address listed on this page.
  • Cotopaxi – Get an adorable llama sticker if you fill out the form from this outdoor clothing company.
  • Life is Good – Just fill out the form and tell them you love the brand while asking for a sticker.
  • The North Face – There’s no specific form for stickers, but if you e-mail them and ask nicely, there’s a big chance you’ll receive North Face stickers.
  • Keds – Available only to US consumers. To request a Keds sticker, please fill out the form. 13+ year-old and older only.
  • PRO-Keds – This division of Keds also gives away free stickers, so fill out the form if you want more freebies.
  • Marsh Wear – This outdoorsy clothing company gives away free stickers, but it could take up to 6 weeks to deliver.
  • Pelican Coast – Choose from either the blue or white Pelican Coast logo to get its sticker form absolutely FREE. Just fill out the form properly with your details. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
  • Saucony – This running shoe brand will send to anyone based in the US with no strings attached.
  • Vineyard Vines – Get the company’s whale stickers for free if you send an e-mail with your home address included.
  • True North Gear – This clothing company doesn’t publish a freebie page, but they deliver free stickers if you ask nicely.
  • Southern Marsh – Fill out this form to request a sticker from lifestyle and apparel company Southern Marsh. Like Pelican Coast above, you have options of 7 free stickers. Pick our your heart fancies.
  • Fruit of The Loom – Order free stickers by filling out this form.

Home goods

  • Honey Bee Gardens – This company that sells everything honey-related has a set of adorable bee-themed stickers free. (Update: The store only sends a limited amount of stickers every Monday. You can get them free with any purchase. If you can “add to cart,” it means the stickers are available for you.)
  • Scrub Daddy – Get an entire sticker book from America’s most-loved sponge company. Just shoulder shipping fees and you’ll receive this book via Amazon.

Sporting Companies

  • Atoll Board Co – This paddleboard company is giving away free sticker packs if you click Here to Follow Atoll Boards on Instagram, Use the promo code FREESTICKERS at checkout, and DM the company the order number to confirm you’re following the @AtollBoards Instagram account.
  • Punisher Skateboards – Send your free Punisher Skateboards sticker requests via email (at dave@punisherskateboards.com). Include your mailing address within your email.
  • Fringe Sport – If you’re planning to buy gym equipment, weights, and other exercise supplies, this company includes free stickers with products shipped. You can also email team@fringesport.com to request free stickers.
  • Exalt Paintball – Send your address to the company and get free branded stickers you can decorate your paintball equipment. Make sure to include your complete address on the form.
  • FishTrack – This spectacular resource for everything related to fishing, FishTrack sends a “Land Sucks!” sticker to most regions with a valid mailing address.
  • Boardcave – New Boardcave members can get free stickers from this surfboard company. Sometimes they closed the form to take care of backlog requests. If you can wait, just subscribe to the newsletter to get news once sticker requests open up.
  • Pow Gloves – To receive cool POW stickers, just sign up to their mailing list, then fill out your details and wait for 2 to 3 weeks for the delivery of your stickers. Offer valid for the United States addresses only.
  • Hook & Tackle – Loads of free stickers are available from this fishing company.
  • Shoei Helmets – For some cool helmet stickers, send an e-mail to customerservice@shoei.com with your full mailing address.
  • Volcom – For skateboarding or snowboarding fans, send your sticker request at Volcom – STICKER REQUEST (1740 Monrovia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627)
  • Boca Coast – You need to like the FB page first, then fill out the sticker request form. Tick the box if you want 1 or 2 decals.
  • DEUCE Gym – Request your free stickers with a letter sent to DEUCE Gym (110 Lincoln Blvd.
    Venice, CA 90291)
  • True|North|Trout – Fill out the form here and enter your information to request a free decal.
  • Daniel Defense – Claim awesome die-cut decals for your rifle case, car, or another surface. Just fill out the form here and you’re good to go.


    • Henry USA – Request for a catalog of shotguns and rifles, so you can receive two free decals as well.
    • KVSC Radio station – Get a bumper sticker by filling out this form.
    • Simple Machine Designs – This web design, e-commerce, and SEO company is giving away free stickers to promote its services. Just follow the instructions so you could receive yours.
    • Comgraphx – Comgraphx is sending out sample packs of stickers to anyone that requests one. It’s no longer free, but $1 gets you several stickers in one pack!
    • Google Pay – If you have a business that accepts Google Pay, you can request a decal from the company. Just fill out the form and expect it to arrive within 8 to 12 days.
    • Yelp – Like Google Pay, it’s good to showcase the Yelp sticker so it’s easier to find your business online. It gives your customers a way to give you a review as well.
    • Import Crate – To get free stickers from this company, you need to fill out the form and verify your email address. Make sure to check the spam folder.
    • Orange County Diesel – Offering diesel performance products, the company always has “OC stickers” to give away. Just fill out the form and wait a couple of days.
    • Michelin – Fill out a form on their website and request a Michelin sticker.

    Science & Tech Companies

    • Forty Second Sounds – Subscribe to the company’s newsletter and get your own stickers. This company is home to many indie artists releasing their 40-second music via the site.
    • American Express – For merchants that offer American Express payments to their customers, there are free decals and other supplies available without charge.
    • Apple – Business owners can request free Apple decals too! Personal requests will be denied though.
    • G-Project Gear – Get a cool-looking sticker from GProject.
    • TNT Fireworks – Join the TNT club to receive a poster, magnet, tattoos, stickers, and other freebies.
    • Valvoline – Sign-up to receive newsletters from Valvoline and then click on the “rewards” tab to get your free stickers.

    Free Travel and Transportation Stickers

    • Cherry Grove – If you’re a fan of North Myrtle Beach, here’s a chance to get ‘Visit Cherry Grove’ stickers.
    • GrandTrunk – Outdoors gear company that used to give away free stickers, but they aren’t advertised anymore. You can contact support and see if they still offer them.
    • Long Island bumper sticker – Only available for New York residents. Get it during local events.
    • Telluride – Get your “TEL” sticker if you’ve enjoyed your stay at Telluride, Colorado.
    • NH Lakes – If you’re a fan of New Hampshire lakes, this simple, but attractive sticker can be a good addition to your travel sticker collection.
    • Scubadive Jamaica – This cool “Keep Calm and Scubadive Jamaica” sticker has no cost or obligation to you. Just follow the instructions posted on the blog.


    • GeekFluent.com – This cool-looking round sticker is free, but “shipping will be done on and “as I get around to it” basis. There’s no catch – just send him a picture where you put the sticker for some love back.
    • Moshe Popack – This third-generation entrepreneur and CEO of YMP Real Estate Management is giving away positivity bumper stickers FOR FREE.
    • All Downhill – Send an email to alldownhill@alternative-internet.com to request your free stickers.
    • O-Mama – This mom-centric blog is giving away free bumper stickers to anyone who fills out the form. Make sure to include your mailing address!
    • Be More Stoked – Request a cool and artsy sticker from photographer Cy Whitling. Send a SASE to Cy Whitling (PO Box 1696 Driggs, ID 83422)

    Free Stickers from Organizations

    • Alzheimer’s Association – Fill up this form to receive the “The End of Alzheimer’s Starts with Me” sticker.
    • American Farmland Trust – Support the #NoFarmsNoFood movement and request your own bumper sticker. Bulk stickers are available by request.
    • PETA KIDS – Sign up for the PETA kids newsletter and receive adorable animal-friendly stickers for free.
    • Ducks Unlimited – Subscribe to the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation newsletter for your own duck decal for free.
    • Keep Calm, Dream On – This movement is encouraging people to “keep calm and dream on.” The org has numerous sticker options, but you can only choose 1 at a time.
    • Human Rights Campaign – Sign-up to be updated with HRC events, and receive an ‘EQUALITY’ sticker as well.
    • Lifetalk Radio – This Christ-centered radio show for kids has multiple types of stickers they give away for free.
    • Military Times – Request for ‘Support our Troops’ stickers from this page. They have stickers specific for the army, air force, marine corps, navy, and military support.
    • Soils.org – Do you want “I (heart) Soil” stickers? Fill in your details here.
    • Sierra Club – Sign up for the twice-monthly Sierra Club Insider newsletter and receive a free paper-based sticker along with the newsletter.
    • Texas Rising – This local youth organization is asking young people to vote. Stickers are only available for Texas residents.
    • Foster Love (formerly Together We Rise) – This org helps children in foster care. Supporting them is always a good idea. Enter your details to receive free stickers and info about future events.
    • Wife.org – Subscribe to Wife.org’s newsletter to get “A Man is Not a Financial Plan®” Bumper Sticker.
    • LIVIN Foundation – Fill out the form to receive 1 FREE decal.

    Free Stickers with a Self-Addressed, Self-Stamped Envelope

    • Beachgoer – To get a beach-themed sticker, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to 7503 Gary Rd. Manassas, VA 20109.
    • CCS – This Portland, Oregon-based skateboard clothing and gear store is also giving away stickers. Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to CCS “Department of Free Stuff” (5909 NE 80th Ave. Portland, OR 97218).
    • Dickies – Dickies Customer Service (“Attn: Dickies eCommerce” – N850 County Highway CB, Appleton, WI 54914)
    • Daddie’s Board Shop – Daddies Board Shop (5909 NE 80th Ave., Portland, OR 97218)
    • Dragon Alliance – For all sticker inquiries, please send a self-addressed envelope with a stamp to the below address: “Dragon Alliance Attn:” Sticker Enquiries PO Box 424 Torquay VIC 3228.
    • Sweet Water Brew – Get guide beer, and a bunch of small and larger stickers of different beers they have by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address: SweetWater Brewing Company (Attn: Sticker Club 195 Ottley Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324)
    • Hook and Tackle – Put the title “Hook & Tackle Free Stickers” and address to (6501 NE 2nd Ct. Miami, FL 33138 USA)
    • Rum Connection – If you love rum and are willing to wait for your batch of stickers, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Rum Connection (PO Box 4517 Key West, FL 33041). International shipping is available, too!
    • Over Under Clothing – Over Under Clothing: Stickers (4849 Dawin Road, Suite 1, Jacksonville, FL 32207)
    • Rome Snowboards – “Attn: Sticker Request” (1 Derby Lane Waterbury, VT 05676)
    • Empire BMX – “Attn:  Skivvies LaRue (6310 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752-4006)
    • The Health Reformer – “Free Sticker” (P. O. Box 4653 Brownsville, TX 78523 USA)
    • West Path – (5845 Avenida Encinas STE 131 Carlsbad, CA 92008)
    • Tillys – Send Tilly’s a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) addressed to Tillys Customer Service (17 Pasteur Irvine, CA 92618) to request stickers.
    • Mr. Yuk Poison Control – You can get a free sheet of Mr. Yuk poison control stickers with a self-addressed envelope. (Mr. Yuk
      Pittsburgh Poison Center – 200 Lothrop Street, PFG 01-01-01, Pittsburgh, PA 15213)
    • Jones Soda Co. – This craft soda company welcomes sticker requests. Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Jones Soda Co. Free Sticker Program (66 S. Hanford St. Suite 150, Seattle, Washington US, 98134).
    • Zumiez – You can visit the store in Washington and get free stickers, or send a SASE to Zumiez, Inc. (Free Stickers: 4001 204th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036 USA)
    • Racer X – Get a random assortment of Racer X logos and event stickers for you to stick on whatever your heart desires. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Racer X Illustrated (Attn: Free Stickers, 122 Vista Del Rio Dr. Morgantown, WV 26508)
    • Southern Lure – Get an outdoor/fishing-themed sticker from Southern Lure. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Southern Lure (Attn: Stickers, PO Box 207, Belmont, NC 28012).
    • TGM Skateboards – If you love urban stickers, you’ll love these sticker giveaways from TGM Skateboards. Just send them a self-addressed stamped envelope to TGM Skateboards (Attn: Free Stickers, 183 S. Main Street, Mount Clemens, MI 48043) to get your stickers.
    • Southern Tide – Request a sticker from this American lifestyle store to Southern Tide Stickers (84 Villa Rd
      Suite 101, Greenville, SC 29615).
    • Skatelite – Just send a self-addressed envelope with postage at 624 E. 15th Street, Tacoma, WA 98421, so the company will send you some FREE stickers.
    • MuirSkate – Send a SASE to Muir Skate (Attn: Sticker Team, 7919 Silverton Ave, Suite 407 San Diego, CA 92126)
    • Simply Southern – To Receive free stickers, please send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to Simply Southern (498 Gallimore Dairy Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409).
    • Alpenglow Adventure Sports – Send a SASE to PO Box 121 Orono, ME 04473 to get a sticker.

    Get Them in Person

    Sometimes, you just have to ask the store if they have free stickers. Of course, this will only be given to paying customers.

    Monthly Stickers by Mail

    If you’re starting a sticker collection, StickerSoup is hands-down the best thing that will ever happen to you. You just need to sign up for an account, personalize your account by choosing your likes from a set of categories, and then wait for the mail each month.

    You just have to be living in the United States, and at least 13 years old to participate.

    This was launched only in August 2020 by a sticker collector, who hopes to earn revenues from corporate sponsorships in the future. But right now, he’s just doing it for fun, FREE OF CHARGE and to make other sticker-lovers happy.

    ** Sometimes, StickerSoup temporarily puts the free sticker program on hold. Bookmark the page to check back once it resumes.

    Wrap Up: Free Stickers by Mail

    My favorite place to find the newest free stickers is through Reddit, which is regularly updated by fellow sticker collectors from around the world. You’d have to dig and see which ones you’d like and then request to have them delivered by mail. The stickers posted here are mostly from private companies, but some also come from independent designers just wanting to get their work “out there.”

    There are definitely more free stickers from other companies, but the ones listed above are verified always-free stickers. I’ll try to keep this list up-to-date.

    Even More Freebies