Free Dog Stuff: 30+ Dog Freebies for Your Fur Baby

We all love our dogs, but the cost of taking care of them can add up fast. Free dog stuff can offset these costs and allow us to show our good girls and boys our love without emptying our pockets.

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You’ll quickly discover that the world of free stuff isn’t just for humans; pet freebies are everywhere if you know where to look.

Here is a list of freebies for your dog to get you started.

Free Dog Food Samples

Dog food is not cheap, and each dog has its own unique preferences when it comes to food. Here are some stores that give out free dog food samples so your fur baby can try as many brands and variants as they can without you potentially wasting hundreds of dollars on the food they don’t like.

  • Zignature — Free samples of this hypoallergenic meat-first dog food are available at their retail partners. But if you live in an area with no retailers, send them a message and ask for free dog food samples via the “How can we help you?” button.
  • Taste of the Wild — You’d have to give a bit more effort to get free pet food samples by calling 1-800-342-4808 or visiting a local retailer.
  • Nutro — Send them a message and specify that you’re requesting a sample. Enter a few details about your dog as well.
  • Dave’s Simply the Best — Sign up for product updates and get free food samples for your dog or cat.
  • Pet Chef Express GA — If you’re residing in the Atlanta, GA area, you can fill out a form to request a free dog food sample.
  • I and Love and You — The company doesn’t always offer free samples, but they do from time to time. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter to be the first to learn when they’re sending out free samples.
  • The Pet Pantry — They offer holistic, all-natural pet food. Free samples are only available for North Carolina residents, and free shipping is only available in Triad and Triangle areas.
  • Nature’s Logic – They carry dog and cat food, as well as treats and supplements that are clean, all-natural, and packed with nutrients. Check back on this promo page. They usually have a free bag of 1 to 4 pound of their dog food.
  • Nutrish — Rachel Ray’s own pet food company gives away free meat-based dog food every once in a while. Sign up for their newsletter and be updated with the latest dog food freebies and promos.
  • PetWay — The PetWay delivers holistic pet food supplies to East Coast Virginia and northeast North Carolina, so if you live in this area, you can request a free sample of one of their blends.
  • Feed Pet Purveyor — This isn’t technically free, but you can order dog food samples for $1 to $4. Shipping is free for samples. There are more than 35 flavors of high-quality, all-natural dog food available, so you can explore which one your dog likes best without spending too much.
  • Life’s Abundance — Their dog food samples range from $1.08 to $1.72, so they’re not technically free (plus you have to pay to ship). But considering they’re grain-free, savory, and healthy, those prices are cheap.

Free Dog Treat Samples

  • Ageless Paws — Get a 0.3-oz pack of freeze-dried treats for your dog (or cat). Just pay $3.99 for shipping.
  • Pawjourr – From the Woof Agency (how adorable is that name?!), Pawjourr lists several free dog treat samples. There are even cat treat freebies here.
  • Life’s Abundance — It isn’t free, but it’s close to it. Their Dog Treat Sampler Pack contains five different nutritious and tasty dog treats for only $3.99, plus shipping.

Free Dog Treats

Free Dog Health and Grooming Samples

One of the most important free dog stuff for your pet’s health comes from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Their free Pet Safety Pack includes a pet-rescue window decal and an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet, which you can get simply by filling out ASPCA’s online form.

  • NUPRO All Natural Supplements — If you’re interested in switching vitamins or starting a new one, you need to call 800-360-3300 to request a complimentary taste sample of NUPRO® Natural Pet Supplements.
  • Flush Doggy — Flushable dog poop bags are good for your dog and good for the environment! Request a free sample bag by liking their Facebook page and filling out a form.
  • YOOS™ — An essential oil collar may seem like a strange invention, but if your dog has joint discomfort and stiffness, the YOOS collar may help relieve these symptoms. Answer the survey to get a free collar in the mail. Samples are valid for US addresses only.
  • Banfield Pet Hospital — Aside from the standard services offered by pet hospitals, Banfield Pet Hospital offers affordable wellness care packages for your pets. Fill out a quick form to get a coupon for a free exam.
  • Luke’s All Natural – When you buy a pack of samples, which is worth over $100, you receive dozens of food samples, grooming supplies, supplements, and other dog-related products from a variety of brands. The pack is sold for only $19.99, which is a pretty good deal if you want to see what’s new for your furbaby.

Dine Out, Travel, and Other Outdoor Dog Freebies

Restaurants with Free Dog Meals

Dogs have their own secret menu in popular restaurants, but not all of them are free. Check your local Dairy Queen if they have a “Pup cup,” a small cup with DQ’s famous vanilla ice cream topped with dog biscuits (free with purchase). Not all stores have them, but they’re free if you’re lucky to be near a pet-friendly branch.

Other restaurants like Dunkin’ Donuts, Sonic, Chick-fil-A, and even Starbucks have special treats for dogs, but you might need to pay a dollar or two.

Pet-Friendly Hotels Where Dogs Stay Free

Note that hotels in some locations may have to follow local laws prohibiting pets from staying in hotels or similar establishments.

  • Kimpton Hotels — Probably one of the most pet-friendly hotels in the country, Kimpton welcomes pets no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge. Staying here with your dog also brings you some freebies, such as free courtesy bags and pet-centric amenities like water/food bowls, pet bed, mat, and a door hanger that alerts the neighbor you have a pet with you.
  • Aloft Hotels — Their ARF or Animals Are Fun program provides a doggie bed, food bowl, and complimentary toys and treats to dogs under 40 pounds.
  • Motel 6 — Motel 6 was actually the first pet-friendly national hotel chain. If you’re looking for a basic, inexpensive pet-friendly hotel, Motel 6 can accommodate up to 2 dogs or cats with a combined weight of under 150 pounds.
  • Red Roof Inn — Another budget-friendly and pet-friendly option to stay in is Red Room Inn. They allow one dog per room without additional fees, and weight requirements vary depending on the location.

Get Busy

If you’re interested in more local events that come free of charge, Bring Fido has an up-to-date list of events you can join.

Free Travel for Dogs

Finding More Free Dog Stuff

Even big pet stores like Petco and offer free dog samples a few times a year, and they have plenty of deals offered on a daily basis.

When it comes to free dog toys, don’t expect to find that many because these are more expensive. Plus, some dogs are intense chewers (and others are not), so dog toys and chew toys are really not ideal as dog treat samples.

Dog-focused subscription box services may have free toys included in the monthly packages, though, so don’t forget to check out, PupBox, Pet Treater, and other similar dog subscription boxes. Most of these companies custom-pack your boxes to accommodate your dog’s needs. If you’re lucky to subscribe while they’re on sale, you might get the first month free.

Except for dog freebies you receive while you and your pet are outdoors, most of these free dog stuff is sent via mail. While a few of these companies pay for shipping too, expect to be asked to pay for shipping and handling.

You can also go directly to the source and write to pet food manufacturers and request samples. Or if you’re visiting your vet, don’t hesitate to ask for freebies. Pet food and vitamin companies usually send sample packs to vets around the country to spread the word about their products.

Happy Dog, Happy Life

Of course, your dog can’t live on dog freebies alone. But getting them allows you to try plenty of stuff that your dog will like. Like humans, dogs can get bored of their ordinary kibble, too!

The good news is you don’t need to break the bank in your search for new dog food and treats. If you know where to look, you can save a LOT of money by hunting for free dog stuff.

Even More Freebies