How to Get Free Skateboards and Gear

Whether you are a hobbyist, an amateur skateboarder, or a pro, I am sure you’d love to score free skateboards and skateboard gear to add to your collection.

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I’ve rounded up some legit and no-fuss ways on how to get a free skateboard in 2021.

7 Ways to Get a Free Skateboard and Skateboard Stuff

1. Check Out Yocaher Skateboards

Yocaher is a skateboarding shop based in California. They don’t just sell skateboards and longboards, but also wheels, grip tapes, hardwares, and even apparel. And if you check them out on Instagram, you’ll see that they have a story highlight meant for their giveaways. So, this only means that they do throw regular giveaways on their Instagram account.

If you love to get a free longboard soon, then, I’d recommend that you watch out for their next giveaway. But if you don’t feel like joining, they also have seasonal sales that you can take advantage of.

2. Social Media Giveaways

Do you have a favorite skateboarding brand right now? If you do, then, I’d recommend that you follow their social media accounts, especially their Instagram. Most often, shops with a visual appeal are more active on Instagram than on other channels. So, follow them and watch out for their occasional giveaways.

3. Work on Getting a Sponsorship

Once you’ve gained sponsorship in being a skateboarder, that’s already an ultimate validation of how well you are doing in your field of expertise. With this being said, I guess you got the idea that getting a sponsorship is no walk in the park.

There are a lot of skateboarders out there, so make sure that you can keep up with them with your skills and tricks. And of course, it’s also important to grow your network on your chosen online or social media platform. Once you’ve made enough buzz, big brands will start to notice you. And before you even knew it, you are already getting not just free skateboards, but also steady cash flow.

4. Join Skateboarding Contests

If you are still starting as a skateboarder, one motivation that could help enhance your skills and hone your tricks is the anticipation of joining a skateboarding contest in your area. Once you feel that you are ready, you can sign up for the soonest contest near your location. I’m sure there are different categories or levels for the competition, so, to start you can sign up for the amateur level.

The prizes may vary, but the exposure and experience that you will get are priceless. And despite the difference in the prizes for each category or level, there’s still a high chance that you can take home a free skateboard. If not, then, you can use your cash prize to buy your desired skateboard or longboard.

5. Ask Your Friends and Relatives for Free Skateboard Stuff

If you don’t mind asking for some handover stuff from your friends and relatives, then, this is the easiest way to get a free skateboard in no time. And if you are lucky enough, you may even score some brand new or barely used skateboarding apparel and other stuff.

6. Watch Out for Garage or Backyard Sales in Your Neighborhood

While you may not find free skateboards at the garage sales in your community, there’s still a high chance that you may find items that you will love at a bargain.

7. Hunt Free Used Skateboards on Freecycle

If there’s an active Freecycle group near your location that would also be a good place online to hunt for free stuff such as free skateboards. To join, you first have to enter your location in the search box to look for a group near you. Once you’ve chosen an active group, you can sign-up or log in so you can find what you are looking for from the group members.

Where to Buy Cheap or Discounted Skateboards?

1. Longboards USA

Longboards USA has a selection of discounted skateboards and longboards for a very attractive price. Aside from skateboards, you can also buy accessories, parts, and apparel, as well as read some resources that would be helpful especially if you are new to this field. You can also enjoy free shipping if you order at least $80 worth of items.

2. TMG Skateboards

If you are looking for a one-stop online shop that sells affordable skateboards, longboards, accessories, and parts, as well as shoes and apparel, then, you should check out TMG Skateboards. They also have a section for all of their products on sale.

As of writing, you can buy slightly used complete skateboards starting at $35. They also have “almost complete” brand new skateboards starting at $80. And the best thing is that, on top of their reasonable prices, all of their products also come with free US shipping.

3. Skate America

You can save as much as %50 on skateboards, skateboard apparel, shoes, and accessories by shopping on Skate America. They also do price matches, so, you can be confident that you are getting the best deal among all of the stores out there. Shoppers can also get free shipping for every minimum order of $100.

4. Overstock

If you are looking for cheap brand new skateboards online, then, you should check out Overstock. As of writing, their available skateboards range from $30 to $130. And if you’ve shopped here before, you should know that they also have a wide selection of affordable products from apparel, furniture, décor, sports & outdoor stuff, and a lot more. And just like TMG Skateboards, they also offer free standard shipping within the US on everything without a minimum purchase.

Final Thoughts

Safety is always a top priority especially in sports or hobbies like skateboarding. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the quality of the products that you are using. And while it may be expensive to purchase a top-rated skateboard, you can still have the chance to own one by following the ways that I’ve listed above.

And if this list is not enough, you can also check out my other posts that can give you more freebies to add up to your skateboarding stuff haul. You can start with my article about how to get free shoes, free hats, and free stickers.

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