23 Places to Get Free Condoms

Practicing and/or using your chosen birth control method is important to prevent pregnancy, or to give space in between births. However, if you’d love to stay away from STIs and unplanned pregnancy, your better option is to use a condom at all times.

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And practicing safe sex with the use of condoms doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. Look around your community, and online. Some resources and sites give away free condoms by mail. Take a look at the list below on where to get free condoms and condom samples.

Once you are done with this article, you will finally stop asking: “Where can I get free condoms and how can I get them sent to my house?”

How to Get Free Condoms

1. Ask for Free Condoms at Your Doctor’s Office

If there’s one person you shouldn’t feel awkward or shy about asking for a free condom, that would be your doctor. So, for your future appointments, don’t hesitate to ask for some condoms. And chances are, he will also give you a lubricant.

2. Visit STD Clinics

Depending on the clinic, some have an area or a box where you can casually pick up free condoms anytime. If not, feel free to ask the doctor, nurse, or health aide for condoms. They’d be more than willing to hand you over a handful of condoms. After all, STD clinics are there not just to treat individuals with STIs, but also to educate them about safe sex practices.

3. Check Out The Planned Parenthood Health Center in Your Area

Planned Parenthood health centers provide no-cost family planning services to low-income men and women, including teens. As such, giving out free condoms is already part of their standard operating procedures or their reason for being there.

4. Visit Your Local Health Department

Check out your local health department’s website, call them, or visit them personally, and ask – “Where to get free condoms near me?” They would definitely get the message and offer you some free condoms, instead.

5. Use CondomFinder.org

If you haven’t tried it, then, I suggest that you do it now – visit CondomFinder.org, and enter your zip code inside the allotted box. Once you are done, it will show you the nearest place in your area where you can get free condoms.

6. Visit Your Campus Health Center

Not every campus offers free condoms, especially if you are studying at a Catholic school. However, it won’t hurt to ask. Health care professionals are well-trained to handle these intimate matters, so you don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed of asking.

7. Get Free Condoms by Mail

If you don’t want to swing by your doctor’s office, or you simply don’t want to ask for condoms in person, then, this is a great alternative. There are a lot of online resources that give out condoms by mail. Although some only send within a certain location, there are still websites that ship free condoms by mail anywhere you are in the world.

Feel free to check out below some of the sites that you can request for free condoms online.

Where to Get Free Condoms by Mail?

8. Free Condoms Online via TeenSource.Org

If you are 12 to 19 years and live in California, you can request free condoms by mail by simply filling out this short form, and hit the “Get Your Condoms!” button.

9. OHIV.org

Residents of the state of Ohio ages 16 and beyond can request condoms with free shipping by simply completing the request form, and sending one’s order. They can also choose from three packages that contain several sizes and quantities of condoms, and different inclusions.

10. Washoe County Health District

This offer is only available for residents of Washoe County. And while they only send 10 condoms inside discreet packaging per mail, you are free to submit more requests if you feel the need to do so. The condoms are sent with a lube within two days after sending the request.

11. Public Health Athens

If you are 16 years or older and live within the counties of the Northeast Health District in Athens, Georgia, then you can get condoms by filling out this form.

12. Hope & Help

“Protect Your O” is a free condom monthly home delivery subscription available in some counties in Florida. Individuals who sign up for the monthly package will receive free condoms regularly unless they cancel their free subscription.

13. Detroit Health Department

Residents of Detroit, Highland Park, and Hamtramck can order free condoms by mail in a discreet brown envelope. To sign up, qualified individuals can fill out the form on the website.

14. Sex is DC

Residents of Washington, DC can request regular size free condoms and lube by just completing the request form and waiting for the condoms to arrive in an unmarked envelope.

15. Pride Center VT

Members of LGBT living in Vermont can request condoms by mail by simply filling out this form.

16. Berrien County

The Wear One campaign by the Berrien County Health Department was developed to increase condom availability, and promote the use of a condom. There are certain locations where you can pick up the free condoms personally. You can also complete the request form on their website to have the free condoms sent to you via mail.

And although this program is by the Berrien County Health Department, they didn’t say that they only send out free condoms in their area. So, feel free to send out a request.

17. Nice Package Free Condoms With Free Shipping

Order your free Nice Package Condom Date Night Variety Pack, complete the shipping details, and wait for your free condoms at your doorstep.

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18. Positive Connections

Positive Connections is sending free condoms, dental dams, and lubricants to addresses in the state of Kansas. To request these STI prevention supplies, simply fill out the form on their page. Take note that you can only request condoms for yourself; requesting them on behalf of another is illegal.

19. Door 2 Door by NYC Condoms

NYC Condom Availability Program is delivering high-quality safer sex products to addresses in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. People can only order once in 30 days. Each order is limited to two choices, and each choice comes in a quantity of 30.

To send a request, read through their guideline, click next, and answer the questions on each page.

Where to Get Free Condom Samples?

20. Cozy Condoms

Here’s your chance to get free condom samples from Cozy Condoms. This offer is valid for anyone 18 years or older. If you are qualified, you can send your request by completing the form on their website. The free condoms will arrive at your shipping address in 2 to 3 weeks.

21. Moments Condoms

Feel free to send out a request for free condoms by adding the desired condom pack to cart and proceed to checkout. Each order is only limited to two packs of three.

22. MyONE Perfect Fit Condoms

If you are having issues with regular size condoms, then, you’d definitely love to request free condom samples from MyOne Perfect Fit Condoms. You just have to pay for the $2 shipping, and they will send you 2 free condoms to try.

23. Wink Complimentary Condom

Get your complimentary Wink Condom by filling out this form, and signing up for their mailing list. This offer is only available for individuals 18 years or older.

Final Thoughts

With the resources listed above, it’s clear as ice that it’s not expensive to maintain regular stocks of condoms and other safer sex products for personal use. Feel free to try the sites on this list, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have other suggestions or recommendations.

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