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Have you been planning to try out other tampons before making a permanent switch to another tampon brand?

This list of free tampon samples and feminine hygiene product freebies is perfect for people like me who love receiving freebies and trying out new brands.

Companies that Give Away Free Tampon Samples

The following companies and brands provide free samples of tampons and other feminine hygiene products throughout the year. Make sure to bookmark these pages to be included in the next giveaways:

1. Kotex

Kotex has pads, liners, and tampons offered under its brand. But right now, Kotex is only giving away a Liner Combo Sample that includes all Kotex liners so you can find out which ones are right for you.

2. Poise

The company just ended the free tampon samples giveaway for its Impress line (the tampon-like product under the brand), but this returns every now and then. For now, you can get a pair of Poise® Very Light Absorbency Long Liners, Poise® Light Absorbency Active Collection Long Liners, and Poise® Moderate Absorbency Ultra Thin Pads.

3. Norton Hurley

Norton Hurley is giving out 150 FREE samples of their new line of COSMEA® feminine products (tampons, pantyliners, and sanitary pads included). You just have to fill out the form here and wait for the freebies sent to your home.

4. Libra

Get two free tampon samples from Love Libra. This promo is available in the US, New Zealand and a few other countries from around the world. And if you buy your next kit from the company, you’ll get a 10-percent discount instantly.

5. Rael Organic

You can get a free set of organic cotton tampons with BPA-free applicators. They’re ultra-slim, easy-to-use applicators and highly absorbent, organic cotton core. Get two regular and two super tampons. (Rael is also giving away TWO breathable organic cotton covers if you’re interested).

6. Yoni

Yoni doesn’t publish this anymore, but they give away tampon samples, pads or panty liners if you send an email directly to info@yoni.care and indicate that you prefer tampon products as the sample you wish to receive.

Don’t forget to include your address. Yoni may or may not reply to your email anymore and just send out the freebie.

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Where Else Can You Find Free Tampon Samples?

Sometimes, you need to give back to the company before you can get free tampon samples. For example:

Athena Club

Athena Club’s premium tampons come in different variants and are available as subscription-based or retail. This could get pricey real quick. But if you want FREE TAMPONS FOR LIFE, you can promote the brand and encourage friends (and friends of friends) to buy a tampon bag using your referral code.

Whenever one referral purchases a bag of Athena Club tampons, you get to receive one too! So if you want a 1 year supply of free tampons, then your goal is to get 12 friends to buy their tampons from Athena Club.

Follow companies on Social Media

Sometimes, you don’t need to pay for anything. The companies just ask for a bit of your time or effort in exchange for the freebies.

For example, liking and sharing the company’s Facebook page, or following their official Instagram account and tagging friends as a comment. Sometimes you are asked to “heart” a post as a raffle entry to a contest. The actual task to do depends on the company.

Go check out these companies, subscribe to their newsletters, and follow them on social media to be updated with freebies, contests and promos:

Note that these companies do not have a year-round sample request feature, but if you are updated with their promotions, you may just be able to buy discounted tampons or win free tampons.

Organizations Giving Away Free Feminine Products

If you are looking for free tampons because you are a part of the growing population that can’t afford monthly menstrual products, then you’ll need this list. The following organizations make it easier for you to get a hold of products to help manage your period:

  • SheSupply – This Texas-based, non-profit organization collects donations of period products to give away to those in need.
  • Alliance for Period Supplies – Launched in May 2018, with the support of founding sponsor U by Kotex®, the Alliance for Period Supplies is comprised of Allied Programs that collect, warehouse and distribute menstrual/period supplies in local communities. If you need period products, you just have to text 211 or visit 211.org to find a location giving out free tampons and pads.
  • Free The Period – This non-profit organization gives away free tampons, pads, and other period products on/off, depending on the supply of donations. This org prioritizes people who normally get their period products from schools (and no longer have that option for some reason).
  • Women In Training – Founded by 12-year-old twins Breanna and Brooke Bennett, Women in Training advocates for menstrual equity and menstrual education. The non-profit organization supports ages 10 to 18 who may need hygiene (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) and period products (like tampons, pads, panty liners, and so on).
  • #HappyPeriod – Hashtag Happy Period supports low-income, homeless and those living in poverty. Check the site to find the nearest drop off where you could get a period product kit.

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Other Feminine Product Freebies

Are you not a fan of tampons? Would you rather use napkins or menstrual cups instead? Here are some options for you:

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  • Free menstrual cup (in small or large sizes) from FirstGreener.com
  • BePreparePeriod.com soft cup – this isn’t technically free, since you’ll be paying 99 cents for a pair, but the price is definitely worth the trouble, especially if you’re just starting out with using menstrual cups.
  • DivaCup demo kits – You can only get a kit once (and it includes a brochure from the company), but a product sample would be a good introduction to the world of menstrual cups.

Roam around the web during World Menstrual Health Day (this happens on May 28) for free products that help women make their menstrual cycle as comfortable and hygienic as can be.

In 2017, Intimina gave away over 1,000 Lily Cups period cups within 24 hours.

If you’re looking for other freebies to bring your health and beauty to optimal levels, check out where to find free vitamins, free supplementsfree lipstick samplesfree hair samples, and if you’re expecting, these free stuff for pregnant moms and babies.

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