Free Cat Food Samples and Other Cat Freebies

If you’re a cat person and felt a little left out with my free dog stuff post, this one’s for you!

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I’ve handpicked all the goodies made free by the cat supply industry once a year, every month, or even just occasionally.

Free Cat Food Samples

Let’s begin with free cat food since this is the most consistent, highest expense you probably have.

  • PawTree PawPairings – This brand is like a McCormick for cats and dogs. Ideal for picky eaters, this seasoning goes with any other cat food, whether you’re giving pellets or natural food. They’re made of a mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Essence Pet Foods – You can receive a 4-pound of Essence Pet Foods after filling in the form, but you can only claim it from one of the many Bentley’s Pet Stuff locations near you.
  • Ageless Paws – Maybe your feline friends would love freeze-dried treats, you can try out this freebie from Ageless Paws. Each customer gets a .3-ounce sample, but you’d have to shoulder $3.99 for shipping and handling.
  • Farmina – The company gives away free cat food (and dog food), but sometimes closes the sample request form. Bookmark the site and check back once it opens.
  • Fussie Cat – You can indicate it on the form which variant you like from Salmon, Salmon&Chicken, Chicken &Turkey, Guinea Fowl &Turkey Meal, Quail & Duck Meal.
  • Kennedy’s Biscuits – These cat and kitten biscuits have complete amounts of fiber, essential fatty acids, and much-needed protein, so if you’re looking for extra treats, fill out the form and pay for shipping.
  • Meowijuana catnip samples – This award-winning product is giving away a set of cat freebies, which includes four 1-gram bags of catnip, one 12-gram bag of Salmon-flavored treats and a 2-inch circle sticker. The kit is normally free as well as the shipping cost, but you can expedite it by paying $4.
  • Vermont Pet Food – Not anyone can get cat freebies here, but if you register and fill in your details, you can receive some samples.
  • Open Farm Pet – Free samples are available at local Open Farm resellers, which you can learn about if you email for the location nearest you.

Nutrish, the pet food company owned by Rachel Ray, gives away cat food and treats for very cheap when you decide to switch brands. It isn’t free, but if you’re shopping around for other cat food to try, then this deal is pretty good.

For a dollar plus shipping cost, Life’s Abundance will send you a small pack of premium dry cat food, gourmet cat treats for skin and coat, as well as the company’s Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Food.

Purina also has a similar promo, but the coupon only pays for $5 of any product you choose. And they made it interesting with the “28 day challenge.”

Canadian brand PetCurean lets you save $5 off any cat food and treats as well.

If you’re a member of the PetSmart Treats Program, your cats could get a free surprise on their birthdays.

You can also request free cat food samples directly from major brands like Friskies, Whiskas, Purina, Fancy Feast, Alley Cat, and many others. Sometimes, these companies do not indicate whether or not they’re providing samples, but there’s really no harm in trying.

Free Cat Stuff

Other Free Cat Stuff

From free supplements to toys and other cat stuff, take advantage of these freebies for your feline babies:

  • Carlson Pet Products – If you’re up for answering surveys or joining online focus groups, you can receive and test pet products like cages, crates, pens, and other similar accessories.
  • Diagel – This orally-given gel helps cats and dogs with digestive upsets. It promotes bowel health and GI function of pets of all ages.
  • Synacore – This product from Van Beek Natural Science consists of a uniquely formulated synbiotic containing probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and vitamins. The form is a bit comprehensive and the cat supplement freebies are going to be sent to your pet’s clinic instead of your home.
  • Petpads – Fill out this form to receive free PetsWorld training pads and waste bag samples.
  • – There are some cool cat freebies posted on this site, such as a set of adorable cat toys, or brush gloves for cat grooming.
  • Nupro Supplements – If you’re looking for cat supplements, you can try out Nupro Natural pet supplements by calling 800-360-3300.
  • Cat It – This grooming kit set looks super chic in its own container and includes essential brushes and tools to take care of your cat’s beautiful fur. You have to register to get yours.
  • Arm & Hammer – Join the ARM & HAMMERTMKitty Krew community to get kitty litter or other cat product freebies.
  • ASPCA – It may take 4 to 6 weeks for you to receive this, but filling up this form gets you a FREE ASPCA Pet Safety Pack Kit that includes a pet rescue window decal and ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet.
  • Fauna Care – For cats and other pets who usually gets cuts and scrapes, Fauna Care is giving away a free sample of Silver Spray in exchange for a review (and before/after pictures of the wound).
  • Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter – If this is your cat’s brand, save a receipt next time, fill in the form and attach a photo of the receipt so you could get up to 40 pounds of free Dr. Elsey’s cat litter.

Banfield Pet Hospital and PetSmart offers new clients a free office visit and veterinary consultation. Fill out this form to see more details.

The Bottom Line

Compared to dog freebies, there are lesser free cat food and other stuff available online.

The good news though is that you have other reliable sources (aside from the list I’ve shown above). First is your vet – you can find samples of cat supplements, medicine, grooming tools and other items that would promote excellent health and healing of your cats.

When it comes to free cat food, treats, and other edibles, your best bet is to visit your local pet shop. In most cases, pet food companies send out freebies to pet shops exactly so pets of new customers could try out their products.

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