10 Free Cat Food Samples and Other Cat Freebies

If you’re a cat person and felt a little left out with my free dog stuff post, this one’s for you!

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I’ve handpicked all the goodies made free by the cat supply industry once a year, every month, or even just occasionally.

Free Cat Food Samples

Let’s begin with free cat food since this is a consistent, recurring expense.

1. Inception Pet Foods

Their dry recipes contain at least 70% animal proteins and have no corn, potatoes, legumes, wheat, or soy. Inception Pet Foods send out coupons and samples of their Inception Cat (2oz) or & Inception Dog (4oz) for free.

Just send a request with your name, address, and contact info to contact@pets-global.com. After submission please give 2 weeks for your samples to arrive.

2. Essence Pet Foods

You can receive a sample of Essence Pet Foods after filling out this form.

3. Taste of the Wild Pet Food

You can request free cat food samples by calling 1-800-342-4808 or visiting a local retailer.

4. Farmina

The company gives away free cat food (and dog food), but sometimes closes the sample request form. Bookmark the site and check back once it opens.

5. Nutro

Select “Coupons or Samples” as a Reason for Contact, fill out the form with your information, and enter a few details about your cat as well.

6. Fussie Cat

If your cat is a fussy eater, Fussie Cat’s Physiologically Correct recipes might just be the answer. Fill out the form to get two bags of free cat food samples. Choose two from these variants: Salmon, Salmon & Chicken, or Chicken & Turkey.

7. Dave’s Pet Food

Sign up for recipe change alerts for a chance to get free cat food samples.

8. Open Farm Pet

Free samples are available at local Open Farm resellers, which you can learn about if you email support[at]openfarmpet[dot]com for the location nearest you.

Once you receive the samples, let them know how your dog likes Open Farm by posting a picture on social media of your dog with their sample bag and tagging the company, @OpenFarmPet.

9. Young Again

Email your request for free cat food samples to info[at]youngagainpetfood[dot]com

10. Nature’s Logic

Fill out the form and get a coupon for 2 free cans of cat food, which you can redeem at your local retailer.

You can also request free cat food samples directly from major brands, such as Smalls, Whiskas, Meow Mix, and Blue Buffalo, among others.

BONUS: If you live in North Carolina, make sure to fill out the form on The Pet Pantry to get a bag of samples from brands like Orijen, Nature’s Variety, Taste of the Wild, and Earthborn.

Almost Free Cat Food Samples

The following aren’t really free, but they’re at a very low cost and are worth checking out.

Nutrish, the pet food company owned by Rachel Ray, gives away discounted cat food and treats when you decide to switch brands. It isn’t free, but if you’re shopping around for other cat food to try, then this deal is pretty good.

Feed Pet Purveyor is a Florida-based shop that prides itself on its high-quality, healthy selection of food and other pet essentials. Order from their wide selection of pet food samples and pay $1 to $7 processing fee per sample (free shipping).

For a dollar plus shipping cost, Life’s Abundance will send you a small pack of premium dry cat food, gourmet cat treats for skin and coat, as well as the company’s Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Food.

If your cat loves treats, they’ll probably love Ageless Paws Freeze-Dried Treats. Their sample bags cost $2.99 each, free shipping and handling.

Meowijuana is giving away a set of cat goodies, which includes four 1-gram bags of catnip, one 12-gram bag of Salmon-flavored treats, and a 2-inch circle sticker, all for $1. You do have to pay for shipping and handling, which is $3.20.

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition continually posts special offers and coupons on their site. Currently, you can get $5 off any bag of Hill’s Science Diet or Bioactive dry cat food bag.

Purina also has a similar promo, but the coupon only pays for $5 of any product you choose. And they made it interesting with the “28-day challenge.”

If you’re a member of the PetSmart Treats Program, your cats could get a free surprise on their birthdays.

Canidae currently does not offer samples of products, but they encourage you to keep an eye out for promotions from their retail partners. Call 800-398-1600 to find a store near you that might have a trial bag or have specific questions about a promotion.

Other Free Cat Stuff

From free supplements to toys and other cat stuff, take advantage of these freebies for your feline babies:

  • Nupro Supplements — If you’re looking for cat supplements, you can try out Nupro Natural pet supplements by calling 800-360-3300.
  • Catit For You — Register as a member to get a chance to try out their products and keep them.
  • Arm & Hammer — Join the ARM & HAMMERTMKitty Krew community to get kitty litter or other cat product freebies.
  • ASPCAIt may take 4 to 6 weeks for you to receive this, but filling out this form gets you a FREE ASPCA Pet Safety Pack Kit that includes a pet rescue window decal and ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet.
  • Fauna Care — For cats and other pets who usually get cuts and scrapes, Fauna Care is giving away a free sample of Silver Spray in exchange for a review (and before/after pictures of the wound).
  • Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter — If this is your cat’s brand, save a receipt next time, fill out the form and attach a photo of the receipt so you could get up to 40 pounds of free Dr. Elsey’s cat litter.
  • PetSafe — Join their testing panel for chances to keep the products you test, plus a chance to win free PetSafe products.

Banfield Pet Hospital offers new clients a free office visit and veterinary consultation. Fill out this form to see more details.

The Bottom Line

Don’t just feed your cat all the freebies you get. Double-check for recalls and withdrawals of cat food brands – it’s published on the FDA website or at the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Compared to dog food and other dog-related freebies, there are fewer free cat food and other stuff available online.

The good news though is that you have other reliable sources (aside from the list I’ve shown above). First is your vet: you can find samples of cat supplements, medicine, grooming tools, and other items that would promote excellent health and healing of your cats.

When it comes to free cat food, treats, and other edibles, your best bet is to visit your local pet shop. In most cases, pet food companies send out freebies to pet shops exactly so pets of new customers could try out their products.

Even More Freebies