First Month Free: Cool Free Things to Try for a Month

If you’re looking for any service or subscription with first month free, there are quite a lot you can join, register for, and subscribe to.

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All of the cool things I’m going to list below will give you a free month (or two) worth of services, but will require you to choose a plan for the second (paid) month from the start and enter your payment details.

The benefit of having the first month free is that you can cancel the service right before the second month rolls in. Most companies honor the cancellation as long as you’ve ended the service on time. They are quite strict with payment after the due date though, so better have these dates saved in your calendar, or get your credit card charged with another month you’re not planning to use.

25 Companies Giving Customers First Month Free


1. Hulu and Hulu+ – Watch unlimited HULU movies, TV shows, sports, live events, and other entertainment. Needs  payment details upfront, but charges won’t appear until the end of your free trial. There are two kinds of free trial (depending on the plan you’re signing up for:

Monthly fees after the first month free ranges from $5 to $61.

2. Netflix – If you don’t know it yet, Netflix offers the first month free, then charges you $11/month after. For this fee, you get to watch unlimited movies, TV shows, original Netflix films, documentaries, stand-up comedies, and more.

3. Apple TV+Buy any Apple gadget (phone, laptop, TV) and you can get access to Apple TV+ free for 3 months. That’s more than any other streaming service here. If you’re a new subscriber (but didn’t buy an Apple product), you can still get access to the Apple TV+ for free, but only for 7 days. You’ll have to shell out $4.99 per month after the trial.

4. Amazon PrimeSimilar to other streaming services, you get full control of what movies, TV shows and other entertainment to watch, no matter how much or how little. The first 30 days is free, but comes at $8.99/month after.

5. WWE – Love wrestling? Watch historical events like Mr.McMahon vs. Stone Cold, or new pay-per-view events (without extra charge). New subscribers just need to sign-up to get access to a whole month of free WWE’s wrestling library. The succeeding months go for $9.99/month though.

6. Spotify – Listen to thousands of artists from all around the world. Subscribe to Spotify Premium with your credit card and receive the first 3 months free. You can cancel anytime you like.

7. YouTube Premium – Annoyed by ads on YouTube? You can use the site without ads by getting the premium version for uninterrupted video-watching. You can also download videos and listen to music 24/7.

8. Readly – Are you a fan of magazines? Get to read MAXIM, Playboy, Consumer’s Report, Reader’s Digest and a whole lot more by signing up for an unlimited 1-month (sometimes it’s only available as a two-week trial).

Food, Health and Fitness

9. CVS Pharmacy has a paid membership called “CVS CarePass” that gives CVS shoppers unique benefits., such as a $10 monthly reward, coupons for in-store savings, and free delivery for prescriptions. If you subscribe, you’ll need to enter your credit card, but the first month’s $5 membership fee will be waived and will only be debited after the first free month.

10.  Panera Bread has a paid membership club called “Unlimited Sip Club,” which gives customers free cups of coffee or teas, lemonades, and soda every two hours. If you’re near a Panera location, you can get unlimited refills as a club member.

Membership is free for the first month, then charged $10.99 automatically after 30 days.

11. Signup to any of the ten branches of 10GYM in Oaklahoma and get the first month almost free at $1/month. Succeeding months range from $11 to $25/month, depending on your preferred plan.

12. Enroll from any Edge Fitness Club for only $1 and receive one-month free access of the entire gym from spinning classes to weight training and other group exercises.

13. Club Fitness (locations in Missouri and Illinois) welcome new trainers to the club. The first month is FREE if you subscribe to a membership with Club Fitness.

INSIDER TIP: Get back into shape or lose weight. Most gym memberships are made free for the first month, no matter where you are.

If you’re looking for a gym membership with a first-month free promo, go check your nearest gym around December or January. Almost all fitness centers rely on people’s New Year’s resolutions to increase subscriptions at the start of the year.

Phone Service Providers

Free first month credits are a favorite promo among phone services. It’s easy to create and gives special treatment to new subscribers (whether transferred from another provider, or as a new subscriber completely).

14. US Mobile – Get unlimited talk and text, plus 8GB of data for 1 month. US mobile is giving away a month’s worth of their highest-priced phone plan to anyone who bought a Palm.

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15. Mint – New customers can get a whole month of service for free when they renew a three-month plan. This promo also becomes available for customers willing to pay 1-year plan upfront.

Mint’s regular trial only lasts 7 days, but if this is enough for you, check it out.

16. Dodo’s NDN plans have several first-month-free options. They’re very friendly with transfers and new subscribers, so check out their deals.

Books and Education

17. SkillshareFor those looking for a new skill to master but want to try out a particular line of work first, the 2-month free access to Skillshare Premium can be the thing you need to jump-start a new career. After the trial, courses are at $15/month.

18. GameflyChoose from over 9,000 games and videos. If you’re a first-time customer, you can choose from Gamefly’s library and keep the game as long as you want. The company then sends you the next game lined up on your waiting list.

19. ABC Mouse – Learning website for kids with over 9,000 learning activities. It is accessible on all devices and can be used by up to 3 kids at a time. You have to pre-pay the second month ($9.95/month), but the first month is on the house.

20. For kids 8 years old to 13 years old, ABC Mouse’s sister company, Adventure Academy, also offers the same one-month trial at no cost to you.

Internet Tools

If your business is on the web, or your job relies on apps, programs and other internet tools, this category may just be what you need.

21. Bbot (for Food Business) – If you wish to bring your restaurant and food business online, but don’t know the technicalities, leave the ordering, delivery, payment gateways, marketing, and integrations with Bbot. This platform offers businesses a free one-month trial before committing long-term.

22. DocuSign – Bring your business online with the ability to sign documents digitally. Not only will this reduce costs, but also increase business security and enhance technology. Try it out for a month without obligations (No need to enter you payment details first).

23. Shutterstock – Need royalty-free photos, vectors, and illustrations for your projects? You can get access to this massive stock photo site for an entire month.

24. Zendesk SupportProvide professional customer support for your online business. Zendesk can organize, track and prioritize customer tickets on your behalf. Succeeding paid months range from $5 to $200/month.

Here’s one more bonus: If you’re looking for a cloud hosting provider and want to try them out first, check out the 30-day Exclusive Hosting trial. Just tick the “Start Free Trial” button and begin. No need to enter your credit card details either.


25. Nuuly, a women’s subscription clothing rental service with $88-a-month subscription fee, gives customers 6 six items of their preference from more than 150 brands. What’s different is you can “rent” or “thrift” second-hand clothes from brands like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People.

Get a 4-week trial. You do need to provide your credit card info.

How to Use the First Month Free

You’d be surprised that this first month free scheme works beyond Netflix – it’s been a marketing tactic of companies for decades. In fact, even video rental stores like Blockbuster used to make their membership fees free for the first month.

There is a never-ending supply of apps, educational courses, phone plans, and other services that could make our lives easier, so why not try them out?

  • Some people go into these deals with the mindset that they’re just going to enjoy a month’s worth of free access and cancel quickly when that time is up.
  • Others are actually interested in the product and the free first month promo pushed them to eventually bite.

No matter which group of subscriber you belong, taking advantage of these free services can be an awesome experience.

Note that if you’re interested in subscription boxes with free first month, I didn’t include any on this list. Instead, check out the post I made about free subscription boxes here.

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