6 Legit Ways to Score Free Sunglasses

Are you wondering if you can get free sunglasses with your swimsuit purchase? Or as part of a promo at the optical shop?

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Can you really get a pair of sunglasses that are truly free? What’s the catch?

In this post, I’ll talk about what has worked for me.

Get Free Sunglasses Through These 6 Methods

Getting free sunglasses isn’t a secret offered only to the few. If you do a bit of due diligence, you can actually take advantage of these freebies whenever possible.

You just have to be aware of the following techniques:

1. Use Your New Customer Privileges

If you regularly order contact lenses or eyeglasses, I’m sure you have a favorite store to buy them from by now. That’s all fine and good, but if you’re looking for freebies, explore other stores and take advantage of their promotions to reel in new customers, such as:

  • Buy 1, Get 1 — Buy your prescription glasses, then either get another pair of eyeglasses, contact lenses, or free sunglasses. For instance:
    • UK-based 20 20 Opticians currently gives away free sunglasses for every pair of glasses you buy.
    • Duncan & Todd Group also has a similar promo. You just buy one pair of glasses, then get a pair of prescription sunglasses free. First pair of glasses must include frame and lenses. First pair can be from all stock. Free sunglasses (2nd pair) from Spectrum range only and includes Caledonian single vision lenses.
  • First pair free — Some stores actually give away a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses completely free. Others shoulder everything, while many of them let you pay for shipping and handling fees. Here are some examples:
    • Kits free sunglasses – When you sign up to receive exclusive offers and & updates, you can get your first pair of KITS sunglasses free. While the sunglasses style included in this promo is limited, the value of each pair is up to $69. You just pay for shipping.
  • Discounts — New customers often receive discounts of up to 50% or more during their first purchase. While free stuff is best, high-quality yet inexpensive glasses may be second-best.
    • Shades Club regularly has a raffle that gives new e-mail subscribers discounts from 5% to 20% for their first pair of sunglasses.
    • Connecticut-based Spector Eye Care  encourages parents to get their children an eye exam at the start of the schoolyear. Everyone who does so are given a free pair of kids’ sunglasses.

Note that there are usually limitations to these freebies, so read the fine print. They are also exclusive to new customers.

2. Subscribe to Sunglasses Subscription Boxes

If you’re a fan of either the subscription box model or sunglasses in general, then you’d love exploring the world of subscription box sunnies!

As you might have guessed, the sunglasses subscription box programs offer you different plans. Once you subscribe to a plan, the company will then mail you your order automatically each month.

Here are some of the sunglasses subscription boxes you can subscribe to:

Most of these providers would require you to enter your card upon subscribing, so you will also be charged automatically each month.

However, note that not all companies do this. Sometimes, they offer other deals (slashed prices, discounts, etc.) instead, so you can get almost free sunglasses.

As you can see, sunglasses subscription boxes aren’t free, but if you compute the amount you pay for the number of pairs you get, it’s usually a steal!

3. Join Referral, Loyalty, and Affiliate Programs

The beauty of eCommerce is that sunglasses can still have their own referral, loyalty, and affiliate programs. Depending on the company, these programs let customers earn either points or cash, which you can redeem by spending on the shop (or withdrawn via PayPal or other payout options).

Some companies use their own affiliate program. However, you’ll soon find out that many companies prefer to go with an already established third-party affiliate program.

For example:

Referral and loyalty programs usually pay in rewards or points, which you can then redeem for free products from the store.

Participating in these programs means you could earn free sunglasses for yourself once you earn enough points.

4. Find Contests and Giveaways

For those who really want to collect as many free sunglasses as they can, I suggest you find as many eyewear shops as you can find, join their newsletters, follow their social media platforms, and keep updated with their promotions.

Contests and giveaways can be:

  • Hosted by specific brands (which means you can only get sunglasses from the sponsored brand), or hosted by the shop (which means they will decide which sunglasses to give away as prizes).
  • Done completely in one platform. For example, an Instagram contest for the best-looking flat lay shot or a Pinterest contest for the best infographic.
  • A popularity contest. Post a picture of yourself wearing your favorite sunglasses, then the photo with the most likes or hearts wins the prize.
  • A game of chance. Sometimes, companies will opt to raffle the prizes off randomly. As such, anyone who registers, sends an entry, or even just likes a post can join the giveaway.

The problem with joining contests and giveaways is that you’d have to be active online.

Most companies announce these promos via e-mail a few days before the actual start of event. If you aren’t checking your mail regularly, then there’s a big possibility you’ll miss the chance of joining such promotions.

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5. Explore Clothing Stores

Aside from eyewear stores and optic shops, you can also explore clothing and accessory shops when hunting for free sunglasses.

In 2019, 5th & Baldwin gave away hundreds of super-cool, retro sunglasses to lucky people who were able to “buy” them. During this promotion, the company, famous for their 100% UV-protected polarized sunglasses, simply replaced their polarized lens with a basic UV lens to get the price super-low enough to give their customers a free pair of sunglasses for just the cost of shipping.

It’s a pretty cool deal, especially since all the buzz helped bring more people (and new customers) to the company.

6. Use Your Vision Insurance

If you have vision insurance, you know that it’s usually a “use or lose” benefit. That is, if you don’t get an eye checkup or buy eyewear with it, you won’t get it in cash and it doesn’t get added on to the following year’s coverage.

So use it!

Even if you don’t use prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, your insurance might still cover protective sunglasses. A lot of optical shops cover frames and lenses for sunglasses through your insurance, even if they’re not corrective.

Free Sunglasses Limitations

Like with any freebie, you can’t be too choosy when trying to have some free sunglasses sent directly to your home. In most cases, you have no control over the type, brand, or quantity of sunglasses you could get.

Sometimes, to be able to receive free sunglasses, you must pay shipping and handling costs.

Getting free stuff is never that easy, but if you follow these methods, you’ll have a better chance of taking a new pair of sunglasses home.

And if you’re after prescription eyewear, be sure to check out this list of places to get free eyeglasses and how to score free contact lenses.

Ever scored free sunglasses before? Tell us how in the comments!

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