13 Places Where You Can Find Free Eyeglasses

The average lifespan of a pair of glasses is between 1 to 3 years, so being able to grab free eyeglasses every now and then is a treat for people who are bound to wear them throughout their lives.

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If you invested in a high-quality brand with durable lenses and special coatings, plus you know how to take care of them, there’s a good chance your glasses could go beyond the three-year mark.

But if you need new eyeglasses now (and you’re trying to find a free eye exam and free eyeglasses near you), I hope this post could help you save a bit of cash.

Companies that Give Away Free Eyeglasses

Almost every company is going to make you pay shipping and handling fees. There are no real options to get completely free eyeglasses. With that said, the shipping and handling fees are pretty minimal and make all of these deals worthwhile.

1. Firmoo

This company always make their “free eyeglasses” promo available from time to time, but the frame choices are limited (you can only choose from the promo page).

In addition, only new customers are eligible, which means they only offer “first pair free glasses.”

Note that single vision 1.50 index lenses are free for you, but upgraded lenses are available at an extra fee. You’ll also be shouldering shipping and handling fees.

Also check out Firmoo’s other promotions – they regularly have buy-one-get-one sales or other awesome deals.

2. Glasses Shop

You can get your first pair free by using the code “FIRSTFREE” at the checkout.

This promo is only valid one per customer and prescription. What’s cool about this promo is that it already includes 1.50 Single Vision Lenses, Anti-Scratch Coating and protective case with microfiber cloth free.

You do have to pay for shipping and handling fee.

Note that if this promo isn’t available when you visit the store, the company offers 50% discount for new customers as well.

3. Glasses USA

This company usually makes the first prescription glasses of every customer free of charge.

However, if the promo has ended when you check this out, you can always use the coupon code “WELCOME50” to get 50% off your first pair.

You can also get a pair of free prescription glasses if you buy $150 worth of contact lenses. Just use the promo code “FREE-GLASSES.”

4. Finest Glasses

This company offers free frame + free lenses to new customers. They have frames available for men, women and kids.

Unlike other companies on this list, Finest Glasses provides prescription lenses for free as well, but only 1.50 – 1.57 Index single vision lenses.

What they don’t shoulder are the eye exam and shipping fees, so you must first get your prescription information elsewhere. Lucky for those who already have their latest prescription info ready – they just have to pay shipping cost.

5. Nationwide Vision

This company usually has several special offers available at any given time. If you’re a new customer, you can choose promos, such as:

  • Buy one pair and get the second pair 50%, or
  • Buy 4 boxes of contact lenses and get a free pair of eyeglasses. This promo includes any frame up to $69 and single vision plastic lenses. You’ll be charged extra for high-powered prescriptions of 4D. sph. or 2D. cyl. or over. Requires current contact lens prescription.


ABBE is an online eyeglass provider. To get free frames, you just use the code FREEABBE. It is valid for those with index 1.50 clear single vision lenses (upgrades will be charged). Plus a customer can only use this promo once.

The store also has a buy-one-get-one-free offer.

You’ll need to provide a valid prescription from an eye doctor when you order.

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7. Kits

Kits offers more than 200 styles of their in-house brand frames free to first-time purchasers.

To receive single-vision prescription lenses, just use the code FREEKITS. You do need to get a prescription from your own eye doctor first.

Free Eyeglasses Through Charities

For those who are financially unable to buy prescription glasses, you might be eligible to receive free eyeglasses from charity groups such as:

8. InfantSEE

InfantSEE is a program by the American Optometric Association and participating doctors from around the country.

It provides a free eye exam to babies (aged 6 and 12 months) to identify vision problems before they become serious.

If the exam deems your baby needs more treatment, InfantSEE could also help you get it. This program is also offered to families who cannot afford them otherwise.

9. Vision to Learn

As its name suggest, this program is dedicated to helping  K-12 students have better eye sight via to provide vision exams and free eyeglasses.

Vision to Learn partners with eye clinics and school systems in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

10. New Eyes

This non-profit org provides single-vision or lined bifocals to people whose monthly income is less than 250% of US Poverty Guidelines.

You can choose to apply independently or have a health care worker or social worker assist you.

11. Sights for Students

VSP Eyes of Hope is a program from the vision insurance provider Vision Service Plan, which issues vouchers to kids and adults that cover the cost of eye care and glasses.

12. The Lions Club International

This massive charity partnered with Johnson & Johnson to offer the Sight for Kids program.

13. Community Health Plan of Washington

Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) offers free glasses (frames* and basic lenses) to all their members age 21 and over. This program is made available through VSP vision care health insurance.

If you’re feeling generous and want to help out, there are programs like EyeBuyDirect’s “Buy One Give One,” where you can order your prescription glasses normally and then the company donates another pair for someone in need (from everywhere in the world). Diff Eyewear also has a similar Buy One, Give One promo, but they focus on giving away reading glasses.

Free Glasses

Buy 1 Take 1 and Other Eyeglass Promos

Some companies request you pay for the lens, but give everything else (grading + special coating) free of charge.

Which parts or features of the eyeglasses are included will depend largely on the company sharing that deal. For example:

  • Free frames from Googles4U – Buy the first pair and get the second one free. You can also win free eyeglasses if you sign up for their newsletter.
  • WarByParker’s “Home Try On” Program – This company has a cool program: you pick 5 frames and they’ll mail them to you free. They will give you five days “try them at home” and once the 5 days are up, you just mail it back with the prepaid return label. And when you’re ready to buy your chosen frame, just go to the store any time.
  • Liingo Eyewear – Offers the same 5-day in-home, try-on promo as WarByParker.
  • See Eyewear – Buy 5 pairs of prescription glasses and they’ll throw in the 6th pair free of charge. The purchases doesn’t have to be in one go, but it must be within 30 days.
  • Zinff – Choose two frames from the Zinff collection, select lenses step by step, and use the code “BOGO” when checking out to take advantage of the company’s Buy 1, Get 1 free promo. If you’re new to this store, you may also get your first pair of eyeglasses at super-cheap prices.
  • LEOptique – Buy two complete pairs of eyeglasses for $16.90 if you use the checkout code “BOGO50.” If you’re a new customer, you could also get your first frame 50% off.

Where to Find Free Eye Exam

Most optical shops and charities giving away free eyeglasses do not provide free eye exams.

If you found free eyeglasses, but need an updated eye check first, check out this list:

  • Eye Care America – Run by American Academy of Ophthalmology, this program offers free eye exams through a network of participating doctors.  Note that this is only offered to those uninsured and over 65 years old (people with risk of glaucoma).
  • Local or state vision clinics – You need to provide proof of residence to get a free eye exam within your designated city or state. This is usually available at the health department of your town.
  • Schools – Most schools have clinics and could provide students with vision screening. If you live near an optometry school, you have a bigger chance of getting a free eye exam there.

Is There a Catch to Free Eyeglasses?

The cool thing about optical shops is that they will tell you pointblank what fees are involved in their specific promos. As such, if ever there’s a catch with the free eyeglass promo, it’s highly likely that it is written somewhere, so make sure to double check.

If your eyesight isn’t the best, but you are not a fan of eyeglasses, then you should definitely check out my post about how to get free contact lenses.

For those with good vision, but is looking for freebies, you can also get other free samples for your dresser like perfumecologne, or makeup.

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