Free Unlimited Hot or Iced Coffee from Panera All Summer Long

Panera recently held a twitter contest that resulted in UNLIMITED FREE COFFEE all summer long!

This includes both hot and iced coffees in any size or flavor! Tea is also included.

You can stop in every 2 hours to refill or drink as much as you want for free while you’re dining in the store.

To get started, head here and sign up for a Panera Coffee Subscription.

These typically run $8.99 per month (which is an insane deal as it is!) but if you sign up before July 4th, it’s free until September 7th.

Make sure you read the fine print because you will have to put down a credit card number. It WILL NOT be charged as long as you cancel your subscription before that September 7th date.

You can cancel any time by logging into your account online, through the My Panera app, or by calling Panera customer service at 1-855-372-6372.

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