Insider’s Guide on How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Amazon may be the biggest online retailer in the world right now, but it doesn’t mean you just shell out money its way all the time. Sometimes, you have to get back some cash you used for shopping and learn how to get free stuff on Amazon.

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Yes, it is possible. Even if you don’t have Amazon Prime.

12 Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

You can stay in Amazon and take advantage of the popular and not-so-popular freebies available on the giant retailer’s site, or use other third-party sites and tools to get Amazon stuff free of charge.

Within Amazon

1. Register for Amazon Drive and Get Free Cloud Storage

You don’t need to be a Prime subscriber to get 5GB worth of photo and video cloud storage on the house. That’s about 1,500 photos and hundreds of videos and documents in one location saved.

But if you want free and unlimited with full-resolution photo storage, you have to get Amazon Prime for this freebie.

2. Get free Amazon eBooks Any time of the Year

Kindle owners should definitely take advantage of this. If you have this Amazon device, you should check out the Top 100 Free Kindle ebooks under a wide range of genres from romance to cookbooks, novels from classic authors to up-and-coming authors.

3. Free Apps and Games for your FireTV tablet

If you have an Amazon tablet, you can check out freebie games and apps available FREE.

It isn’t as extensive as Google’s Playstore, but there are over 120+ pages that it is impossible to run out of stuff to try.

4. Get a FREE Audiobook

Try out Audible, the exclusive supplier of digital audiobooks for Amazon. When you sign-up for a Premium Plus Plan, you get access to the Plus catalog (including Audible Originals, audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive content) for 30 days for free, plus 30% off premium selections and a free audiobook.

You get to keep that copy forever too, so there’s no rush in listening to your audiobook. Be sure to cancel the plan before your free trial ends if you don’t want to be charged.

5. Download free songs from Amazon Music

If you don’t have the cash to pay for music, but you love discovering new and old songs, you can get free mp3 singles and albums, sort them by album, artist, genre, new releases, and downloaded free from Amazon Music. You don’t need Amazon Prime for this.

6. Get Free Stuff for Creating Your Wedding Registry on Amazon

Signing up for Amazon Wedding is the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only do you get exactly what you want from your friends and family but you also get free stuff from Amazon for selecting certain products.

The specific offers may vary, but currently, you can get a free Pop and Serve Popcorn Maker if you register for at least $150 worth of Cuisinart products. You can also get a free polishing cloth and a set of 2 champagne glasses if you register for at least $500 worth of Riedel gifts.

7. Get Free Baby Stuff by creating your Baby Registry on Amazon

Once you’re on the family way, you can get even more free stuff from Amazon.

Remember our post about free baby items? One popular deal comes from Amazon.

If you create a baby registry with Amazon and your friends or family purchase $10 worth of products from your list, Amazon will send you a FREE welcome box (valued at $35) that comes with 10+ baby items from diapers to baby wipes.

8. Free Amazon Prime Subscription

If you are a student or have a student email address, sign up for Amazon Prime Student and get Amazon Prime and all the perks FREE for six months and for 50% off afterward.

You’ll get other perks, too, such as free GrubHub+ Student membership (for as long as you have Amazon Prime), a 3-month free subscription to Calm, and a one-month free membership to Course Hero.

9. Get Free Amazon Gift Cards with Trade-In and Amazon Cash

Who doesn’t like free gift cards, right? Amazon gives away this freebie through these two methods:

  • Amazon Trade-In: Get on with your spring cleaning but don’t throw away electronics, video games, books, and other stuff that are still usable. You can send them to Amazon’s Trade-in program and see if they can still be exchanged for cash. Send the items to their warehouse with a free prepaid UPS shipping label. Wait 2 business days and if Amazon deems your stuff passable, they will send you an Amazon gift card. If not, the items won’t be sent back anymore. Instead, Amazon will recycle them for you.
  • Amazon Cash: This program is similar to Apple Pay. Once you sign up, you can use Amazon Cash to pay in stores like 7-11 and use it to pay CVS without a physical debit or credit card. Amazon launches promotions from time to time to entice their customers to use Amazon Cash. For instance, early this year, first-time customers earned $5 on their Amazon Credit when they top up their Amazon Cash with at least $20 at an Allpoint+ ATM. Watch out for awesome Amazon Cash deals.

10. Become an Amazon Vine Voice and Get First Dibs on Products that are Not Yet Released

The Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program, reserved for the most trusted reviewers on Amazon.

Writing helpful reviews increases the chances that you’ll be invited to the program.

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If you’re lucky to be invited, you’ll receive free stuff in exchange for your reviews. What’s great about the products Amazon will be sending you is that many of them are not yet released to the market, so in effect, you act as product testers.

From Third-Party Sites

Aside from the free stuff given away by Amazon, some third-party sites also have programs that could lead you to more Amazon freebies.

11. Receive Free Amazon Stuff in exchange for Reviews

As a product reviewer, you need to have an Amazon account and a profile page. Depending on which program you join, the procedures may differ a little, but the concept is the same. Some examples include:

  • AMZDiscover: AMZDiscover collects information on Amazon buyers who have published reviews on products they’ve bought. You can also sign up as a reviewer and give AMZDiscover a list of categories you’re interested in, and AMZDiscover will then send you possible products to review.
  • Cashback Base: You’ll be paid in merchandise for leaving reviews on Amazon products.
  • Get free Amazon products on here if you’re an influencer or have a significant following on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media platforms. The brands will choose you on Tomoson, and not the other way around. Note that getting chosen isn’t a given, but once you are, you’ll be receiving products for free left and right.

12. Scout Facebook Groups for free Amazon products

Go to Facebook Groups and look for Review groups. In these groups, you’ll find people from both sides of the pond – sellers who want legitimate reviews of their products, and reviewers who want free stuff or gift cards in exchange for their product reviews. Some examples include:

Word to the wise, though: like all transactions online, please be careful in giving away your sensitive information, such as credit card details, address, birthdays, and so on.

Note that Amazon frowns upon these groups, but they exist. It is for this reason that Amazon built the Vine program, but since it is by invitation only, reviewers remain on Facebook.

Do You Know other Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon?

Are you looking for a particular Amazon item for free? Cologne or perfume? Free toys? Free clothes? Food? If so, your best bet is to look for appropriate Facebook groups (there are toys-specific FB groups, US-exclusive Amazon freebies, and so on).

Amazon Prime members not only have two-day free shipping, but you can also get dibs on Prime product samples, and a ton of promotions exclusive only to Prime members.

How about you? Have you received free items from Amazon in the past? Did I miss anything else? I’d love to know your secret and add it to this list.

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