The Easiest Ways to Get Free Food Samples

Getting free food samples is the best way to try out newly launched products. And those that are sent directly to our doors? Those are the best ones!

Feeling left out and want to get in on the fun?

Here’s how you can get free food samples by mail, too!

  1. Join Freebie Sites – There is a plethora of sites dedicated to sharing up-to-date freebies from companies. If you hunt these yourself, you won’t have much time left for anything else. The best way to do this is choose a few legitimate freebie sites. These are the ones companies automatically go to share news when products are up for grabs as free samples.
  2. Sign up to newsletters of your favorite brands – Companies offer freebies and samples to its customers all the time. One way companies lure people into becoming loyal customers is by giving them free stuff first. This is the reason why companies always encourage website visitors to sign-up to their newsletters.
  3. Send a food sample request directly to company websites – Go to the website of your favorite brand. For example, visit the official Nestle site. If there is no option to join a newsletter, you next bet is to find the contact form. It is highly unlikely for company sites to be live without a working contact form, so use this opportunity to ask for free food samples.
  4. Visit Costo, Walmart, Target, and other similar stores – If you’re going grocery-shopping anyway, why not stop over the food sample carts and check out what’s available. There will always be samples ready (not after 5 pm though), but they offer more samples on weekends and holiday season.

Companies that Give Away Free Food Samples Occasionally

Sometimes, all you need to do is ask. Visit the contact page of your favorite food brands, such as Kraft or Pillsbury and simply ask.

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Request to be included in the list of people who are open to receive free food samples by mail or coupons for new and/or existing products. Include your physical address and wait. You may be surprised at what shows up at your door.

You can also try giving companies feedback on their products and they will issue some free samples or coupons as a thank you for your time. I know Campbell’s once issued me a stack of coupons for free soup when I called them to let them know there was a problem with one can that I had previously purchased.

Above all, be nice. Praise goes a long way to getting what you want.

  1. Yogi Tea doesn’t publicize that free samples are offered, but if you ask  via the Contact Page, the company will send you either a free organic teabag sample by mail or a coupon for a free box of tea redeemable at the closest supermarket.
  2. Betty Crocker sends out some goodies to its newsletter subscribers, so make sure you leave your e-mail address there. The free food samples can be in the form of vouchers or discounts as well.
  3. Proctor & Gamble has more bath and beauty products, but it is also the mother company of Nestle. You need to join the site using your Facebook account to become a “Bzz Agents” and wait for the company to send you review requests. When a product is available, accept the gig and P&G will post the free products to you to try.
  4. Minute Rice – Are you a fan of rice? Become a member of The Riceipe Club® Make sure to tick the box ” Product Taste Tests/Customer Surveys” and check if you qualify as a product tester. If you are, wait for your free product and answer a survey afterward.
  5. McCormick Testing – Sign up to become a tester for McCormick by filling out a profile. Wait for a few days to learn if your application is accepted or declined. If you’re accepted, you’ll be sent an email confirmation, followed by McCormick spices and seasonings, which you will use for your recipes as you see fit. Answer a follow-up survey.

Of course, this is no guarantee that you’ll be sent free stuff, but you don’t spend a cent sending a message their way, so there’s no harm in trying.

If you’re active on social media, follow all your favorite brands to be updated with promos and possible freebies. You don’t have to follow all of their social media platforms – just choose from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or any other platform you hang out the most.

If you can go out, check out what Costco has to offer. Costco is known to have some of the best variations of food samples, especially during weekends and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas where there are plenty of partying and eating involved.

Other big box stores like Walmart and Target also have both online free food samples, and in-store that’s similar to Costco’s.

Free food samples by mail

Sites to Join for Free Food Samples

Here are several sites to join or bookmark. What’s great about these sites is that they update the listings almost every day, and remove them when samples have expired.

  • Tryspree – Sign up once, click one button and you’ll receive samples automatically. In cases where companies require additional permissions, Tryspree lists them down on the site for you to browse and try out manually.
  • I Love Free Things – The site describes itself as the “link between companies and consumers,” probably since they stick to posting the most popular samples at any given time.
  • Sweet Free Stuff– If you don’t have time browsing through websites, sign up for the newsletter of Sweet Free Stuff and receive info about free food samples (and other items) on a daily basis. Just delete the email if you’re not interested and only click when you fancy something posted in the newsletter.
  • Smiley360 – This is a product review site, so you’re expected to provide feedback after you’ve receive free samples. It’s a huge community, but everyone has a chance to join and review products. Just register to the site, choose offers from major brands, and share an honest feedback about the received products.
  • Sample Source – Like most of the sites here, Sample Source is only available for Canadian and US residents. It revolves around the “try before you buy” concept, so it’s a perfect resource if you’re search for free food samples. There’s also other free products here, from health snacks to drinks, so check the site regularly.
  • My Free Product Samples – You don’t have to write reviews or sign-up to the site. You can see the product samples with no strings attached.
  • – This coupon site is one of the oldest couponing resource, but sometimes, you’d find rare gems that not only give buyers like you a good discount, but actually give out food samples completely free.

Where do you find free food samples?

Where are some of your favorite places to get free food samples? Do you walk the mall food court? Costco? Email companies directly and ask them?

Any insider tips! Please share below!

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