75 Free Bookmarks and How to DIY Your Own

If you’re an old soul like me and still prefer the weight, smell and feel of a book in your hands (than e-book readers and smartphones), then this post about free printable bookmarks should totally be right in your alley.

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To jumpstart your search for free bookmarks, I’m posting over 70 ready-to-use printable bookmarks and editable bookmark templates you can customize to match your taste. And if you want to learn how to make your own, I’ll let you in on 3 easy ways to do so.

3 Ways to Make Your Own Bookmarks

There are more than 3 ways to create your own bookmarks and have them printed out as much you’d like, but the following methods are the most common:

1. Make the Bookmark from Scratch

Ideal for those who are experienced in Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Procreate and other similar tools, creating a bookmark from scratch is very easy.
You just need:

  • the size of the bookmark (usually around 2-inch by 6-inch),
  • a design sketched or in your mind
  • a printer (preferably with colored ink)

The advantage to doing it from scratch is that there is no limit to the design you can create.

2. Use a Bookmark Maker

Bookmark makers from Bannersnack and Canva make it absolutely easy to create bookmarks even if you have no editing skills.

  • Choose a template.
  • Edit elements and switch it up to bring you style into the design.
  • Save the bookmark (often as PDF)
  • Print them out using your own printer.

Note that these bookmark makers may have some limitations. For example, you may only enjoy a couple of first designs free, but you may have to pay up after the 3rd or 5th free bookmarks.

3. Get a Bookmark Custom-made

If you don’t have the time or skill to make your own bookmark, but have the cash to hire someone else to turn your vision into a reality, then go to Fiverr.com to find artists who will be more than willing to take on your quick project.

75 Free Bookmarks You Can Print and Use Today

Get bookmark inspirations or download bookmark templates from the following sites:


  1. WeAreTeachers – Pretty, subdued colors with themes covering popular fiction books like Harry Potter.
  2. Blooming Homestead – Awesome, minimalist “keep calm and read on” bookmark.
  3. Delicious Reads – Are you a fan of “The Fault in our Stars” book? If so, this set of 8 bookmarks features famous quotes from the book.
  4. The Cottage Market – Inspirational quotes with dreamy colored bookmarks
  5. Design Sponge – Cool, 3D-looking diamond shapes in 3 different colors.
  6. Sash Kash Deviantart – Realistic owls in a dreamy, feathery style
  7. Jessica Marie Design – Classy, black and white bookmarks
  8. Twinkl – Hundreds of free bookmark templates you can download anytime.
  9. Lomond Paper Co – Black and white, timeless-looking floral bookmarks
  10. Smiling Colors – Printable bookmarks you can color, grown-up version.
  11. The Pretty City Girl – Cute two-toned bookmarks that are totally free.
  12. Carrie Elle – Pretty prints and patterns that are mixed and matched quite perfectly.
  13. The Graphics Fairy – This whimsical bookmark is designed with plants, flowers and 3D butterflies.
  14. Marilyn Nassar – Geared for the bookworm, this set of bookmarks feature quotes about book-loving.
  15. Hattifant – This cat silhouette-shaped bookmark is designed with traditional black and white flower doodles that is truly mesmerizing and one of a kind.
  16. Carla Schauer – This impressively-colored “You Rock” printable bookmark showcases multi-color crystals that really come alive with their 3D shapes.
  17. Think Make Share Blog – Want something a bit fancier? Download and print these geometric and pattern printed bookmarks then add a chunk of fluffy yarn as tassels. I guarantee you’d adore this project.
  18. Atop Serenity Hill – If you love doodles and watercolor, this bookmark is perfectly made for you. The printed bookmark is so pretty and vibrant that it looks like you’ve painted it yourself.
  19. Call Me Victorian – Anyone who is a fan of vintage art would love this blend of Victorian floral collage style. Plus, it’s free to print.
  20. The Walking Mombie – For adults who love animals, this is a grown-up bookmark version that showcases a cool multifaceted vibe.
  21. Inkstruck – This free floral printable bookmark is elegant and fun at the same time.
  22. Fox and Hazel – If you’re a plant mama, this succulent-themed bookmark set with a refreshing white and green color scheme is truly match-made in garden-heaven.
  23. Saturday Gift – For those who prefer minimalist bookmarks, this printable set in gold, white and brown is for bookworms who just need a class bookmark.
  24. Almost Makes Perfect – These are super-simple bookmarks with no picture or any text, but they’re just as beautiful thanks to the watercolor gradient design.
  25. Ordinary Girl Extraordinary World – If you’re an adult, but you still love the world of Harry Potter, this set of printable bookmark with watercolor-style Harry Potter elements are to die for!
  26. Pam Ash Designs – This trio of summer-themed bookmarks is breathtaking. It is super-vibrant and unique.
  27. Jessica Autumn – If you’re looking for Christ-center bookmarks, this set of feather and arrow watercolor printables might be what you need.
  28. Somewhat Simple – Print these free bookmarks as normal, but fold them into an origami to turn them into a corner-page bookmark.
  29. Papertrail Design – These adorable black-and-white striped printable bookmarks feature huge emojis smacked at the center.
  30. All Things Thrifty – This feminine bookmark set features colors that are dainty, prints that are minimalist, and text that is romantic.
  31. Elegance and Enchantment – This patterned set of bookmarks is simple, fun and useful.
  32. Hattifant – For fans of beautiful Mandala bookmarks, you don’t need to learn how to doodle Mandalas. Just print this out and either paint over it (or leave it be) – it’s totally up to you.
  33. College Life Made Easy – Ideal for kids and adults alike as long as they’re self-professed cat people, this “Live in the Meow” bookmark is pretty cute.
  34. Carla Schauer – Bright green, doodle art with a variety of shamrock scattered throughout this printable bookmark, you’ll definitely feel the St. Patrick’s day vibe.
  35. Hooked to Books – These adult bookmarks are designed with quotes from some of the best authors of our time.


  1. K12Reader – If you’re looking for coloring bookmarks, there are plenty of them here.
  2. Botanical Paperworks.com – This blog has a cool-looking coloring bookmark for back-to-school kids.
  3. The Simple Craft Life – More coloring books for kids here.
  4. Mr Printables – Adorable, cat-ears bookmarks. Will definitely please cat lovers.
  5. I Should be Mopping the Floor – Colorful, “reading” themed bookmarks for kids.
  6. Lia Griffith – Cute woodland friends with changeable text
  7. Birds Party – Gigantic Yellow pencil bookmarks for your kids going back to school.
  8. Carrie Elle – Have a kid who loves Lego Star Wars? These free bookmarks would probably make their day.
  9. 100 Directions – Red and blue, Dr. Seuss-inspired bookmarks for kids
  10. A few Shortcuts – Cute cartoon-style Harry Potter themed bookmarks
  11. Official Disney Blog – Free printable Disney bookmarks with classics like Peter Pan and modern animation like Frozen.
  12. Tally’s Treasury – Unique, square-shaped, monster page-corner bookmarks for kids.
  13. Prestes a Voar – Plenty of awesome bookmarks for kids here, with several superhero-themed, Minions, Star Wars, and so on for kids to enjoy.
  14. LeapFrog – Cute Dino-Mite bookmarks for your dinosaur-loving child
  15. Madame Citron – Adorable red riding hood and the fox themed bookmarks
  16. 123 Homeschool 4 Me – Another Star Wars-themed bookmark set, but just as adorable as the first one
  17. Simply Kelly Designs – This Cinderella-inspired quote and color theme will be probably more appealing to teens.
  18. Family Shopping Bag – My Little Pony free printable bookmarks
  19. Bust Out Your Crayons – Colorful bookmarks with the “Inside Out” theme
  20. Artsy Fartsy mama – Very cool, square-shaped cartoon Harry Potter characters depicted in these adorable bookmarks
  21. Sara Huesca – These Little Prince-inspired bookmarks may be in Spanish, but the watercolor-style design with dreamy backgrounds are gorgeous.
  22. Printabler – Superhero bookmarks, from Marvel heroes to DC that your kids would love.
  23. Rock Your Homeschool – Is your child a fan of baby Yoda? This set of coloring bookmarks can be a fun activity for your Star Wars fan.
  24. Pretty Simple Mom – This super-cute unicorn will melt many of your kids’ hearts for sure.
  25. Free Homeschool Deals – For children who love outer space and reading, this set of bookmarks will perfectly fit their passions.
  26. Views from a Step Stool – You don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to print these adorable love monsters. They’re free to print any day.
  27. 123 Kids Fun – Three pairs of cute bees in bookmark form can be printed to your heart’s desire. Choose just one, or print them all, it’s totally up to you.
  28. Tales of a Ranting Ginger – Got a child who loves robots? This set of bookmarks is cute and give a handcrafted 2D feel that’s appealing to kids.
  29. Easy Peasy and Fun – If you want to switch up the bookmarks for your kids depending on holidays, this website has everything from Thanksgiving Day to Halloween and everything in between.
  30. Meagan Gets Real – Do you have a kid who’s a fan of Doctor Who? He/she would go crazy with these adorable Doctor Who-inspired bookmarks.
  31. Hale Grafx – Get vintage with these Super Mario Brothers printable bookmarks.
  32. Tonya Staab – For kids who are currently eating up the Captain Underpants series, this Minecraft-style Captain Underpants bookmark is the perfect accessory to their reading.
  33. Mein Lila Park – This bookmark features an adorable Kokeshi Doll in traditional Japanese red dress.
  34. Artsy Fartsy Mama – If you love kawaii, this bookmark is for you. It features an adorable cloud with multicolor rainbow falling out of it like rain.
  35. Our Handcrafted Life – Another Star Wars-inspired set of bookmarks, but this time in the style of Funko Pops
  36. Ayelet Keshet – Female empowerment bookmarks for young girls – they’re printed black and white, and your kid has to color them.
  37. Printables Fairy – This bunny page-corner bookmark is very cute and easy to do. Just print the free template and follow the instructions to put together the origami bookmark.
  38. Our Kid Things – This set of bright and colorful printable bookmarks feature fun cartoon pineapple characters that are just too adorable!
  39. Hale Grafx – For Lego Movie fans, this bookmark is a treat with colors bursting all over and the adorable Unikitty in the middle of it all.
  40. Artsy Fartsy Mama – This huge set of bookmarks feature many of Disney’s princesses.

Want More Printable Freebies?

I’m sure there are HUNDREDS more free printable bookmarks out there. Do you have a favorite you’d like to share?

You can even add a ton of additional free books and free magazines to your library.

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