15 Sites that Give Away Ready-to-Hang Free Posters

If you’re trying to spruce up a plain boring wall in your office, garage, or any other room, check out these free posters you can get by mail.

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They’re not paintings and other works of art, but they’re pretty awesome nonetheless.

For those who would prefer to create their own posters, skip to the bottom of this post where I’ll show you how to get ready-to-print posters edited to fit your style and then printed out from the comforts of your own home.

15 Free Posters to Claim

During my research, I’ve discovered that many of the free posters that you can request delivered to your home are educational.

From teacher resources to planting guides, check out the free, ready-to-hang posters you can request as well:

1. Contact Lenses are Like Underwear

This 11×17 poster was created as part of a CDC program to promote healthy contact lens wear-and-care recommendations in teens.

Perfect for a school setting, or as a poster for a teen’s room.

There are other free posters similar to this contact-lens-inspired poster.

 2. Free WWF Fundraising Pack

The World Wide Fund for Nature, formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund, is giving away a pack of freebies that includes a fundraising ideas booklet, posters, collection boxes, stickers, and other promotional materials.

You have to fill out the form and state how you’re planning to raise money for the organization.

The WWF Fundraising pack usually arrives about 5 weeks after filling out the form.

3. Discover the World posters

This is exclusive to teachers.

There’s no going around it since the address you’re supposed to provide on the form must be a valid school address, valid e-mail address, and valid school name.

Choose from several awesome geography and science themes.

If you’re from the US, these free posters may take longer to arrive since they’re originating from the UK.

4. Smithsonian Institute Jazz Month Posters

The Smithsonian Jazz celebrates the men and women who shaped jazz history each year with a commemorative poster.

If you’re able to request one for the current year, the poster could be sent to your address directly.

However, past posters are just available digitally.

You can download and have them printed yourself though.

5. USDA’s Free Posters

The United States Department of Agriculture has a ton of free posters available.

Topics range from soilless planting to pollination guide, and water conservation.

You just click “add to basket” to the posters you wish sent to you.

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Watch out for the restriction: USDA indicates how many posters you can get for each design.

6. SleepEducation.org Poster

The program was created by The American Academy of Sleep Medicine as part of the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project.

This “Healthy Sleep Duration” poster is good for kids and adults alike, especially for those suffering from lack of sleep.

Only US addresses can receive the complimentary, 16 x 22 inch poster.

You can request your free poster by sending an email message to info@aasm.org with the subject line “Free Healthy Sleep Duration Poster.”

Don’t forget to include your name, school/office, mailing address, and number of posters needed (limit of 10 per contact).

7. National Poetry Month 

Visit Poets.org each year around February to March, so you could get first dibs on the organization’s annual poster design.

If you don’t make the cut-off, a downloadable PDF version of the poster will be made available instead. Just print it yourself.

8. TNT Fireworks

Become a TNT Club Member and you’ll get exclusive freebies from this famous US brand of fireworks.

A kit include a free TNT Fireworks poster, stickers, magnets, temporary tattoos and more.

You don’t even need to purchase anything to join, but you must be at least 13 years or older.

9. Dr. Arbor Talks Trees

Created by the University of Illinois Extension, the “Arbor Talks Trees” poster is exclusive to teachers.

Note that the form requires you to indicate a school name so these are only available for educators.

10. Everyone is Welcome Here

Made by WeAreTeachers.com originally for teachers, even if the message can be relatable to everyone.

Available in 5 x 11 and also in 11 x 17, teachers must fill out the form by clicking the ‘Get My Poster’ button.

11. Tony Hawk “Be tobacco free!”

In 2002, Pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to produce this free poster.

With Hawk on a skateboard, the poster teaches kids about the dangers of using tobacco. Add this 16″x20″ poster to your cart and checkout.

12. PETA posters for teachers and schools

You can request one or all posters made by PETA in hopes of teaching kindness to students.

The 11×17-inch posters are grouped by age-appropriate sets, from elementary to high schoolers.

If you can’t wait for the printed copy, you can also download them digitally and print them yourself.

13. Lysol’s Germ Education posters

Designed for students and teachers going back to face-to-face schooling, Lysol created a set of 4 educational posters teaching about germs and how they are spread.

You can request up to five for every household.

They’re available while supplies last.

If you can’t request a printed copy, Lysol has offered the poster designs free for anyone to download and print.

14. Champlain College’s Inspirational Posters

If you’re looking for inspirational posters with modern designs, the posters created by Champlain students, staff, and alumni look awesome.

Printed copies of the 8×10 posters are intended for high school students and are limited to one per person.

Simply complete the request form and answer the questions required by Champlain College.

If they run out of printed posters, you can freely download a copy and have it printed yourself.

15. Calisphere

If you love everything about California, from history to popular destinations across the state, Calisphere is giving away free posters for students, teachers, and librarians.

Calisphere mails these 14.75 x 24-inch posters at no charge!

Just send an email with your name, occupation, mailing address and preferred design to oacops@cdlib.org.

Shipping takes up to 6 weeks, so please be patient.

Looking for Free Movie Posters?

The Ransom Center’s movie poster collection consists of an estimated 10,000 posters and spans the entire history of film from the silent era to the present day.

While the search feature of the digital collection isn’t very user-friendly, film buffs would definitely LOVE the massive selection that you can get for free.

* Note that these free film posters are not sent by mail. You have to print them on your own. Fortunately, there’s a size guide available for every poster.

How to Make Your Own Free Posters from Scratch

If you didn’t like any of the free posters above, the good news is you can create your own posters from your home.

Yup, as long as you have a printer, of course.

Here are things you’ll need:

Poster Design

You don’t really need to create a poster from scratch.

NASA has a couple of awesome galaxy posters ready to be printed.

You also have an unlimited choice of designs from free stock images sites. Here are some of my favorite free poster designs: Feed my Soul, Little Gold Pixel, and Burlap + Blue.

Note that if you’re going to use other people’s work, make sure that you ask permission.

Most artists who give graphics freely usually include a notepad that discusses copyright and scope of permission.

If you’re going to be using typeface/font, you can try out a bunch of fonts and download the ones you like from sites like DaFont.com or FontSquirrel.

Poster Maker

Depending on your personal skills in graphic design, you can use a program like Adobe Photoshop and do it totally from scratch, or choose a drag-and-drop poster-making website (or app) to help you build your design.

Web-based poster makers you can check out: Canva or PosterMyWall.

App-based poster makers like Flyer Designer or Poster Maker allow for quick poster-making.

Printer and Paper

If you’re printing your own poster from home, equipment is probably the trickiest of all.

While the standard printer can easily print out documents, it isn’t the same for the printing of color-heavy, graphics-heavy posters.

You must also consider the paper you’re going to use. Anything too thin can blur the design, while anything too thick could jam the printer.

80 GSM fluorescent papers produce stunning colors, but they’re known not to last long.

If you want a longer-lasting poster, pick at least 170 GSM PVC poster paper.

Of course, if your goal is to print a poster that will withstand outdoor heat, cold, or harsh weather, you’ll need to print the poster on plastic instead (and spend more money as well).

For more printable freebies, check out this guide on how to receive free stickers and free magazines by mail.

Even More Freebies