5 Ways to Get Free Household Products

Receiving free household products is one way to bring down grocery expenses.

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You won’t notice the savings overnight this way, but checking out freebies of items that you regularly use in the house is a good habit.

Why pay for items you can get completely free legitimately, right?

I know 5 fool-proof methods to do exactly this.

Some require a bit more effort than the rest, but all are worthy of checking out and turning them into a money-saving habit.

5 Ways to Find and Request Free Household Products

You can pick and choose which methods work best for you, or you can do all of them simultaneously.

It’s totally up to you.

1. Stalk the Brands

In every household, it’s inevitable that you develop a loyalty to certain brands.

You may use dishwashing pods from Cascade and no other.

Or washing machine cleaner tablets by Tide and nothing else.

List down all your favorite brands and products, from laundry detergent to trash bags and everything you use day in and day out.

Include the brands that you buy whenever your favorite grocery store is out of stock with that particular product.

Once you have your list, stalk them online:

  • Go to the official site: Do a Google search of the brand and find its website. Join the newsletter or any rewards program they have.
  • Download the app: Most big brands already have an app developed and listed on both the Google PlayStore (for android) and Apple Store (for iOS). If you don’t have time checking out your email for vouchers, promos and giveaways, their app is a good alternative because it would send you notifications through your phone.
  • Follow the brands on social media: In most cases, the site will place a link to their respective social media platforms. Follow the brand’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Contests and giveaways are often posted on social media because of their tendency to spread more quickly and organically.

Sometimes, getting free household samples by mail is as simple as requesting from the brands directly.

Try sending an e-mail with “sample request” as your subject and your mailing address included in the email body.

Some companies don’t respond, but do send stuff over.

There’s nothing to lose if you try.

2. Try Before You Buy at SampleSource

SampleSource is a free sampling program that sends out free sample boxes about three times a year (one per season except for winter).

Here are some of the things you should know about this program:

  • Register and wait. Anyone with an e-mail address can join SampleSource.
  • Fill out a profile. SampleSource asks you to fill out a profile, so that they would send products that you like. It helps them understand your shopping habits and brands you’d most likely enjoy to receive.
  • You won’t receive updates about incoming samples. You will be included in the batch of freebies on a first-come, first-serve basis, as long as you’ve already signed up and shared your profile.
  • Not exclusive to free household products. SampleSource also gives away food, toothpaste, baby supplies, men’s grooming items, including household items in one box.
  • They don’t send sample boxes in the winter. Because most boxes include food, they don’t send box samples in the winter to avoid food that may freeze and get wasted in the mail.

Note that the samples are only available until supplies last, so if your profile doesn’t match the brand currently offered, you will be skipped for this batch.

The best thing about SampleSource is that you don’t have to do anything other than sign up.

You’re not even required to post a review of the products you received.

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You just have to be residing in either Canada or the United States to participate.

3. Become an Influencer

This requires a bit of effort after you’ve received the free household samples. You also need to maintain a blog or an account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

As an influencer, your job is to “influence” your friends, family members, and other people in your circle about certain products that you’ve received.

Sites like Influenster, Smiley 360, BzzAgent, etc. send free samples of products from various brands to anyone who joins their programs.

Every site has different rules, but the idea is mostly the same:

  • After receiving and using the product, you must review it and share your feedback on any platform like your blog or social media. Some sites only require you to answer a survey instead.
  • The more reviews you bring out into the world, the higher your chances of receiving more samples
  • Samples are mixed – there are free household products, food, beauty, clothes, baby items, and so on.
  • You do not need to pay anything for the products

The sites I listed here accept anybody as influencer.

Other companies prefer online celebrities with a huge following and pay not only in products but also in cash.

4. Turn Rewards into Free Household Products

This technique is quite a long process, since you need to fulfill multiple tasks first before earning enough points to have your “money” converted into gift cards or sent via PayPal.

From here, you can use your real money to buy household products at Amazon, Target or any other store of your choice.

These programs can be in the form of:

5. Download apps and earn money

Some apps let you earn cash or gift cards for completing certain tasks.

Like on method 4, you do the task, earn enough points, and only then will you be able to use those gift cards or PayPal money to “buy” household products. Because you don’t pay for anything to download the apps or begin the tasks, you’re essentially getting free cash.

For example:

  • S’more – Download and give access to the app, which will change your lock screen display into whatever they like.
  • ReceiptPal – Scan your receipts and earn points.
  • Shopkick or Drop are shopping apps that give you points every time you scan your receipts.

The terms will vary between app or programs, but the concept is the same.

Other Tried-and-Tested Ways to Get Free Household Products

If you prefer to shop for your household products at your nearest Target or Walmart, you can still take advantage of these techniques.

  • Target gift cards – Pick and choose from 30 legitimate ways to earn free Target gift cards. You don’t have to do all these methods, but just go with the ones that would make most sense to your situation. Once you received your Target gift cards, you can use it normally at any Target branch near you and shop for household products along with other essentials you might need.
  • Walmart gift cards – Many of the methods of obtaining Target gift cards can also be used to obtain Walmart gift cards. If you prefer to shop your household products on Walmart, make sure to check this link.

Here’s a way to get free Costco membership. It wouldn’t give you free household products directly, but the savings you’ll get from low warehouse prices (even with branded products) can make a significant impact in the grand scheme of things once you compute your expenses.

For those who are trying to save money by cutting down expenses here and there, or those who just recently moved out of their parents’ houses and living it on their own for the first time, savings like these can mean a lot.

While you’re here, you may want to check out the how to get free cleaning supplies.

I hope these guides serve you well.

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