14 Ways to Get Free Clothes Today

Clothes are one of the basic necessities in life (aside from food, water, shelter), so being able to get free clothes from different sources can be a pretty rewarding thing.

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Imagine reducing your fashion budget significantly by finding out where to bag free clothes. That’s a savings of $1,833/year, the average amount spent by Americans on new clothes and the latest fashion according to the latest U.S. Consumer Expenditures report.

One of the easiest ways to get free clothes is to become a brand ambassador/influencer. Sites like Toluna and Survey Junkie pay you in cash to work directly with companies like Nike, Samsung, Amazon, and Disney to improve their product lines.

Playing the Long Game with Cashbacks and Rewards

If you look around, one of the most recommended ways of getting free clothes involves some sort of rewards or cashback. For example:

1. Referral points

If you refer friends to buy from Rue La La, you can earn credits that you can save and get free clothes once you’ve reached the minimum credit amount. Other similar referral programs include:

The dollar value of credits you can get ranges from $10 to $30 per successful referral.

2. Surveys

If you have time to spare, you can answer surveys from Swagbucks, MyPoints, and other legit survey companies.

The points you earn from every survey completed will be saved in your account, which you could exchange for cash (usually paid via Paypal) once you reached a certain amount. This fund, which you earned from doing virtually nothing, can then pay for your new clothes.

3. Get-Paid-To Sites

If you’re not a fan of surveys, you can do other things like taking quizzes, playing online games, shopping online, completing offers, or even as basic as browsing the internet.

InboxDollars is one such site that asks members to do such tasks in exchange for points, which you can then convert into gift cards or money.

4. Loyalty programs

Like referral points, many brands create loyalty programs to encourage customers to buy more in the future.

Every time you buy from their store, you earn points, which you could use to get free clothes in the future. Two great examples of this are Nordstrom’s reward program The Nordy Club and Kohl’s Rewards.

These methods of turning rewards, points, or cashback into real cash are legitimate. I know many people who have exchanged their rewards for money just by shopping with a particular app, answering surveys, referring new customers to certain stores, and doing various tasks.

However, your patience will be tested because it could take days, weeks, or even months before you can earn enough for a payout.

Only then will you be able to use your cash for new clothes or whatever items you wish to buy them with.

6 Dependable Places to Get Used Free Clothes

If you’re not picky and just want to get free clothes even if they’re preloved or secondhand, you have several options, including:

1. Swap Your Clothes

Clothes swapping is becoming more popular recently.

Not only do you get rid of clothes you no longer wear, but you keep them out of landfills because they go to people who want to wear them. Plus, your wardrobe gets an update.

This method is available both online and offline. Rehash Clothes, for example, lets you swap your clothes with other members.

Similar sites include Swap.com, Swap Society, or Vinted.

2. Get Stuff From Thrift Stores

Sometimes, even thrift stores offer free clothes piled on a rack or box. They’re usually labeled “free” but not neatly presented, so you might have to sort through a ton of clothes to find some that fit your size or preference.

Even if you don’t find any free clothes at the thrift store, there will be clothes at dirt-cheap prices that might as well be free.

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3. Visit Free Clothing Closets

If you’re struggling financially (such as loss of income) or facing emergencies (like a fire), there are clothing banks that give away free clothes.

Check non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army, Community Clothes Closet, and Operation Warm, which has been providing over 2 million coats to children in need since 1998.

Some organizations may require you to fill out paperwork before receiving items.

4. Free Clothes From Craigslist

You know how they say fortune favors the brave? Well…

Check your local Craigslist and browse the “free section” for potential listings of free clothes. If you find something interesting, message the poster and send your interest.

Most of the time, meetups are needed to close Craigslist deals, so make sure to meet in a crowded place or bring a friend when picking up the free clothes.

5. Garage Sale Hunt

Like thrift stores, garage sales may also have cool clothing priced super-low or even for free. Check neighborhood bulletin boards and look out for upcoming garage sales near you. Don’t hesitate to haggle prices if you’re trying to buy a piece of clothing for sale.

If you have time, you can even go on a garage sale marathon by filtering yard sales near you via this handy site, Garage Sale Finder.

6. Visit Freecycle.org

This online network is similar to Craigslist because it is divided by local chapters, but Freecycle.org only focuses on items that are up for grabs without paying anything.

4 Ways of Getting Free Clothes by Mail

If you prefer brand new clothes, but don’t want to put in the effort with cashback and rewards, these three options are your next best bet:

1. Become a Fashion Authority

This is a long-term plan.

If you have a knack for writing, a unique sense of style, and a great social radar, you can start a fashion blog or promote an Instagram account that’s focused on everything fashion.

Once your online space (whether your website or social media) becomes popular and gathers fans, brands would soon take notice and send you free clothes by mail. In most cases, a review of the free clothes (and the free publicity that comes with it) is all that companies want from you.

2. Watch Out for T-Shirt Giveaways Online

If you’re on Instagram, stalk apparel companies by following their accounts and joining giveaways. The cool thing about the fashion industry is that big or small brands use giveaways to promote their clothes, so take advantage of these contests.

If you’re finding it hard to look for brands, you can also follow the subreddits Freebies and Giveaways.

For those who don’t have time to hunt for companies and join contests or giveaways, here’s how to get free t-shirts in the mail.

3. Become a Product Tester

Some companies require the help of ordinary consumers in trying out new products.

To receive free clothes (and be able to wear them for weeks or months at a time, or even keep them for yourself), you can look for product testing programs like the ones offered by Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Saucony, Glamorise, or Carhartt, among others.

4. Ask Top Brands For Free Clothes

Sometimes, all you need to do is ask, and you shall receive.

Think of a few companies that you want to get freebies from and head to their websites, where there’s normally a contact page and other contact information.

Let them know how much you love their products, how long you’ve been buying them, and ask them if they would be interested in sending you, their loyal customer, free clothes or swag you can try out. Be as specific as you dare. Include your shipping address if the form doesn’t already ask for it.

You never know that you might get! Best case scenario, you get what you ask for. Even if you don’t, you might still be sent coupons for discounts or free shipping on your next order.

Other Ways to Get Free Clothes

In the past, t-shirt printing companies that produce misprints giveaway these items, instead of throwing them away. However, because of the internet and how some people actually hunt for and buy misprinted t-shirts, even these are sold for regular prices.

If you’re a college student, you can try to get a hold of free hoodies, shirts, or jackets from the school where you’re currently enrolled in.

Clothing subscription boxes also exist. Although none of these offer the first month free, most of them have giveaways for free stuff. For example, Enjoy Leggings host weekly giveaways of leggings, Society Socks’ unique donation program lets you share socks to those in need, and Wantable’s 5-day clothes tryout before buying.

Final Thoughts

Clothes are an essential item, for sure, but if you buy brand new every time, the spending can go up to a few thousand dollars a year.

Whether you choose long-term game plans like blogging or cashback, or prefer to do it old school and get free clothes from yard sales, thrift stores, or swap clubs, isn’t it great to know that there are sources like these available for anyone in need of clothes?

Did I miss something? Feel free to add to our list of resources for free clothes.

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