20+ Free Bags You Can Find Online Today

If you can get free bags, why would you even need to spend? Unfortunately, even if you find lists of free bag providers online, many of them are just too good to be true.

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This post will show you what kinds of bags you can get online, which brands have regular giveaways, and how you can save money with free totes, eco bags, and even loot bags.

Plus, I’m going to share with you important guidelines that you need to follow if you plan to hunt for freebies.

Where to Get Branded Bags Free

Luxury bags are the hardest to find because they are made of high-quality materials that reflect their price tags, so it’s understandable that you won’t find freebie luxury bags like Louis Vuitton and Gucci anywhere.

However, this doesn’t mean ALL brands do not give away some of their bags. Here are examples of brands you should follow and watch out for:

  • DSW Weekender free bag –  Those shopping for branded clothes or shoes should check out this freebie. This freebie bag requires a purchase (any $49 purchase or higher). To redeem, add the Free Weekender Bag to your shopping bag and use the offer code BRINGBACK. This should automatically reprice the Weekender Bag to $0 in your cart.
  • Victoria’s Secret bag – You’d need to use your PINK credit card or buy something worth $85 to get a free signature black and pink tote bag.
  • Marks and Spencer – Register to become a member of Marks & Spencer Rewards membership ‘Sparks’ and get a free bag on your first order.
  • Macys free bags with purchase. There’s always free bags available on Macy’s online store. It’s just tricky to find them at first. Here are examples:
    • A|X Armani Exchange drawstring bag – Receive a FREE Backpack with any A|X Armani Exchange $65 purchase. This is a Macy’s promo, so US residents only.
    • TwelveNYC tote bag – Get a free tote bag if you purchase any $150 women’s coat.
    • IT Cosmetics – Receive a FREE Cosmetics Bag with any $40 IT Cosmetics purchase.

You can join Bagbirdy.com and get a chance to win a free handbag, wallet, and other nifty trinkets. Each month one winner is chosen. Anyone can win, as long as you live in the US. Announcements are posted on their Facebook and other social media accounts, so follow Bagbirdy from there.

Free Backpacks and Gadget Bags

Like luxury bags, you can get free backpacks as prizes for contests, giveaways, and other promos. You won’t lose anything if you try your luck.

  • Kipling’s Win-a-Bag – Fill up this form and wait for the promo to end to see if you win.
  • Kewlus Cobra Bag – Some free bags online are given away via raffles. For a chance to win the top-of-the-range KS3 Kewlus Cobra Bag, enter your details on this form, including a link to a 15-second (or more) video of you doing any kind of martial arts training on either TikTok, Instagram or YouTube. Include these tags: #kewlus #winacobrabag and #cobrabag with your video.
  • QualiGifts – Fill-out this form to request a customized drawstring backpack. Only available in the United States and Philippines, but limited to just 1 free bag per household.

Some tactical gear companies also offer free tactical bags, but you’d have to shoulder shipping fees. Examples of these are: Tactical Op Backpack and MCG Tactical OX Bag.

Free Bags for School

Are you looking for free bag giveaways for students?

If so, check out programs like Verizon’s School Rocks Backpack Giveaway.

Since 2013, the School Rocks Backpack Giveaway has provided more than 1.3 million backpacks to children across the U.S.

Each bag includes pencils, paper, pencil boxes, folders, rulers and glue.

The event happens annually, around end of July at TCC stores nationwide. Each year, the event gives away 120,000 backpacks.

Free Tote Bags and Other Reusable Bags

This type of bag is the cheapest to manufacture. They’re usually used for promotional purposes, so totes and other reusable bags are given away generously. Even the local supermarkets and your favorite boutiques give away these bags with purchase.

Here are some free reusable bags:

  • Earthbound Farm – Every April for Earth Month, the company gives away a reusable bag as part of a survey, contest, or raffle.
  • National Geographic tote bag – Subscribe to 12 months of printed National Geographic magazines and get access to 1-year digital access of NG.com for $19. You get a free tote bag if you’re from the US, UK or Canada.
  • Moomin’s – Purchase any items from Moomin.com (with a minimum purchase of 100 euros) to get a free tote bag, which you can’t buy separately.
  • Subscribe to Bon Appetit for a free tote – If you’re a foodie and you’ve been thinking of subscribing to this famous food magazine, use this link to pay for your $15/year subscription and get a free tote with your first magazine.
  • The New Yorker tote – Subscribe to either the digital or print The New Yorker subscription plans (ranging from $6 to $99.99) and receive a free tote directly at your doorsteps.
  • Demco free tote – Trying to get organized at home? Get a free tote bag and a selection of Demco products with a $125 purchase. Limit one redemption per customer. Offer valid online only, while supplies last. US residents only.
  • Kate Spade Surprise is offering a free tote bag with $175+ purchase.
  • Marlboro Tote bag – If you have a Marlboro account, check your inbox for a free Tote Bag offer! Log into your account, go to “Stories” ‘Team Marlboro’ page to claim yours. You don’t need to purchase anything, but it’s only available for 21 years old or older.
  • Scout Bags – Buy any item from the store ($80 or higher) and receive a free tote bag. You don’t need to checkout with a code.

3 Important Things You Should Know about Free Bags

1. Loot bags are entirely a different thing.

Loot bags include several items like candies, toys, and other kiddie items given away at birthday parties. The grown-up version, called swag bags, has the same concept except the items inside are geared toward the older audience.

Swag bags serve as promotional materials. The brands of the items may or may not be involved in the giveaway. For example:

  • BN Labs Swag Bag – Fill out the form and upload a high-res selfie (in jpeg or png) to get your free swag. You can also turn your Instagram profile public and tag @bnlabs on your uploaded photo.

2. Always double-check promotions.

There are some companies that have been included in “freebie lists” like this, but actually do not authorize it. A good example of this is Gorilla Totes’ announcement that read:

Gorillatotes.com did not authorize to be listed on free sample websites. Samples are only for customers interested in placing wholesale orders (150 or more tote bags). Please also fill out the quote request form for pricing.

3. You Can’t Control Shipping Times

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The problem with freebies is that you can’t really control when the free bags would arrive.

If you need free bags quickly, you might have to shell out cash and go to Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and other similar stores.

If you need bags in bulk at the cheapest price, you’ll find AliExpress to have the best deals at dirt-cheap prices. However, you need to be careful of scams. Choose only to buy from verified sellers with solid feedback history.

With these tips in mind, I hope you get lucky and win if you’re planning to join a giveaway, Sweepstakes or contests. If you plan on spending cash to get the free bags, make sure you’re shopping from a trusted store.

If You Don’t Have Time Hunting or Waiting for Free Bags

If the giveaways above is taking too much time to ship, or you don’t have money to purchase first to get a free bag, your best bet is to earn free gift cards.

Do the tasks listed here so you can get a free visa card, which you can convert into cash and use for purchasing the bag you really, really want to have without spending a cent from your own cash.

And if you need other things for your closet, check out this guide on how to receive free clothes.

Even More Freebies