20 Ways to Get a Free 2020 Calendar Sent Direct to You

There are so many companies, organizations, even influencers who give away free calendars by mail every year. Unless they decide to create their own calendars with family photos (like I sometimes do), I don’t understand why people need to pay for their calendars.

If you’re looking for free calendars for 2020, I got you covered with this massive list.

** Note that at the time of writing, these deals were still live. I’ll try to update them as regularly as possible, but it is possible that the free calendar offers would lapse anytime in the first quarter of the year.

Request Forms for Free Calendars by Mail

With the sources below, you only have to fill out forms with basic information like name, address, and if you’d like to be included in the company newsletter. I’ll indicate if you need to pay for shipping cost, or other requirements.

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  1. Unity Online’s 2020 Calendar: Every Day a New Blessing
  2. Frigo® Emily Ellyn 2020 Calendar
  3. BioSpace 2020 Hotbed Calendar
  4. Delallo 2020 Calendar Giveaway
  5. 2020 Basin Life Desktop Calendar (Available only to people living in the Canadian Columbia Basin)
  6. Beauty and the Bolt 2020 Calendar (Only for teachers)
  7. Wichita State University College of Fine Arts Printed Calendar
  8. 2020 HOPE Health Calendar (Only for companies; Digital copy available)
  9. Tauck’s Travel Free 2020 Calendar (You must choose a Tauck’s Travel brochure to be shipped with the calendar)
  10. CreatePhotoCalendars.com’s 2020 Calendar Free Sample
  11. Mettler Toledo’s 2020 Rainin Art of Pipetting wall calendar
  12. Bob Kerby’s Longhorn Studio and its “World Famous Range Riders Calendar” 2020 edition
  13. The Jackson Laboratory’s 2020 JAX Calendar print (Need to verify your info via e-mail)
  14. 2020 General Shale Wall calendar
  15. Milk 2020 Calendar (Only for Canada)
  16. Pillsbury 2020 Calendar (This was a giveaway and the company sent 500 of this calendar to lucky customers. Now they made the design printable so anyone who wants to DIY can just print it out.
  17. Cherry Creek Cabins 2020 Calendar Available only to residents of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and the Military (AE, AP, AA)
  18. Shamrock Printing’s Free 2020 Wall Calendars (Valid from November 25 2019 to November 24, 2020 until supplies last).
  19. Chapman’s Free 2020 Calendars (Available only to Canada residents, 3 per household maximum)
  20. Free 2020 “University of North Carolina” Calendar

Other Ways to Get Free Calendars

Aside from filling out 2020 calendar request forms, some companies may request you to follow a different set of instructions.

Here are several examples:

  • Message company social media directly – Sometimes, free calendar giveaways are kept low key. Instead of publishing a request form page, companies just wait for people to request for freebies. Such is the case of the 2020 Gatorade Beat the Heat calendar, which was so popular on Twitter that they ran out by August 2019. At the time they were available, you only had to send a DM (direct message) via Gatorade’s Twitter account, send your request for a free 2020 calendar, and leave your name and address.
  • Join contests and sweepstakes – One effective way companies make their customers and fans interact with their brand better is by hosting contests, games and sweepstakes. Late last year, Betty Crocker asked people to join the sweepstakes to become one of the 500 given the 2020 Betty Crocker Calendar (with some of the best recipes from the legendary brand).
  • Visit the stores – Sometimes other companies do the printing and just dump them onto other businesses to give away. For example, Florida Water: Lanman & Kemp Barclay made their own 2020 calendars and brought it to the Eclectic By Nature shop to distribute.

Aside from receiving free calendars by mail, you can also get your copy of 2020 calendars from traditional sources, such as your local Dunkin Donut branch.

Note that the availability of calendars vary from branch to branch. These giveaways also become available as early as November and as late as February, but rarely go beyond these months.

Other popular sources of free calendars annually include:

  • Car dealerships (like Toyota, Ford, and GM, among others) and auto parts stores like NAPA, Autozone, AdvanceAuto.
  • Local banks – Banks often prepare calendars but don’t usually volunteer in giving them out. But if you ask for a calendar, you could be lucky enough to receive one.
  • Real estate agencies – In the past, realtors, brokers and real estate agencies were all about every kind of promotional materials from bench ads to printed freebies. Today, only the major agencies still keep up with such promos, but you’d have to visit their office if you’d like to collect a current calendar for free.
  • Chinese restaurants – Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve heard that Chinese businesses prepare custom-printed wall calendars each year and give them away to fellow Chinese businesses and loyal customers for promotion (they’re known as “calendar advertising”). The best thing about these free calendars is that you’re guaranteed that they’re available up to February, since Chinese New Year falls between mid-January and mid-February.

Even your church has free calendars annually and give them out to anyone who asks whether you follow a Catholic, Protestant, or any other belief system. Like the ones being given away by St. Paul Church, the 2020 free calendars were donated by individual and business members of the church.

Free 2020 Calendar Printables

If you have a printer, you can also do the printing yourself. Many blogs and graphic designers give away free printable calendars without charge.

The Bottom Line

Free calendars by mail are distributed around December, so by the time the New Year rolls in, everyone is ready with a new calendar. As such, it is best to get your freebies at the end of each year.

If you were busy and forgot to get free calendars from your favorite brands or stores, you can still try the lists I’ve compiled above. And if their promos have ended, you can always have readily-available calendar templates printed on your own. There is virtually an endless supply of free printable calendars, so there really is no excuse to spend money for a full-priced a calendar.

If you’re looking for other printed freebies, you might be interested in my list of free magazines, free address labels, or free stickers.

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