40 Places Sending Out Free 2024 Calendars by Mail

It’s the time of the year again to get your free 2024 calendars by mail before everybody else.

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Believe me, out of all the free stuff on this site, free calendars run out the quickest.

Many companies begin giving away calendars around November, so if you’re looking to replace your free 2024 calendar, then I’ve got you covered.

It’s never too early to get yours! You just have to know where to find them.

Free 2024 Calendars by Mail

Most of the free calendar giveaways ask you to fill out a form.

Make sure to enter your complete address properly – you wouldn’t want your freebie sent to some random house now, would you?

1. METTLER TOLEDO – This artsy free calendar, titled “Rainin 2024 Calendar: The Art of Pipetting” is free for anyone who fills out the form completely.

It’s the 12th year of this program. If you haven’t been able to snatch one throughout its existence, it’s about time you get one!

2. Ebix’s Personal Best – Receive your sample of 2024 Journey Calendar by simply completing all information on the form.

It’s a free digital calendar giveaway, so no printed calendar will be sent over to you. But the company has a Journey US and Journey Canada version you can choose from.

3. Thrivent Magazine – Thrivent has been giving away free calendars for 2 decades. You have to be a member of the Thrivent community to get your 2024 calendar free.

To request a copy, fill out the form on this link, email mail@thrivent.com or call 800-847-4836 to get a free one while supplies last. The 2024 theme is “Perspective.”

4. Union PacificUnion Pacific or Predecessor Railroad retirees can get a free copy of the 2024 calendar.

Just fill out your name, address, and retiree number to validate your request.

5. Senior Health Calendars – If you’re a senior (or have a close family or friend who’s a senior), these wall calendars (or pocket calendars) are super useful since they’re the only calendars that meet ALL CMS/Medicare guidelines.

You can get a free sample of 2024 wall calendars or 2024 pocket calendars focused on senior health. Just fill out the form to receive yours.

6Goldstein’s FuneralWhile the locations are only in Pennsylvania, this funeral company is giving away calendars across the country. Just fill up the form and wait for your copy.

7. The US Department of AgricultureEvery November, the USDA opens their free calendar program for the following year. This is limited, so go check it out while they’re still giving them away. There’s a bit of digging to get it, but it’s all worth it.

Just go to the site, search “calendar” in the search box and add to cart 1 quantity, then check out. Delivery takes 4 to 6 weeks.

8. TELUS – Sign up for your Telus 2024 calendar. This freebie is limited to one calendar per customer. You’ll have to log into your MyTelus account to proceed.

9. School Mate – Aside from planners and folders, this company is also giving away free samples of their 2023 to 2024 wall calendars.

10. Erie Arts & Culture – Complete the form to receive your complimentary Erie Arts & Culture 2024 Calendar, which promotes the cultural sector and its impact within the Northwest Pennsylvania community.

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11. Biolegend –  You can fill out the form to get a copy of the printed calendar by mail, or request a digital copy of the company’s 2024 calendar focusing on Legendary Microscopy.

12. CreatePhotoCalendars.com –  Receive a free 2024 wall calendar sample if you complete this form.

13. NAC Inc. – Those who love the classic car restoration industry, go to this site and be one of the recipients of their annual calendar giveaway tradition.

14. Cherry Creek Cabins– If you live in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico & Utah, you can receive a free 2023 magnetic calendar. Requests from the military, regardless of residence location, will also be accepted.

15. 2024 Basin Life Desktop Calendar – If you live in the Canadian portion of the Columbia Basin and would like to receive a free calendar, fill out the form here.

16. Industrial Electronic Supply Inc. – Get this FREE poster-sized (29″ x 22″) wall calendar by filling out this form. This is available only for multiple states, but not all.

17. Arkansas Wall Calendar (Arkansas only) – You can get up to 10 calendars per request if you’re a resident of the state. Just sign up for your 2024 Wall Calendar. There’s a limited supply, so be advised there is no guarantee you will receive a calendar.

18. EWTN – If you’re looking for free religious calendars, check out the 2024 EWTN Calendar. Available only for US residents, this calendar serves as a daily reminder of Jesus and His Church and includes all Holy Days of Obligation, many feast days, and lists several EWTN programs that will air each month.

19. Duct-Duck – Fill out the form to receive one of the hundreds 2024 Duct-Duck Calendar freebies. These run out very quickly, so make sure to request yours early.

20. Cayman Chemical Calendar – You need to register first before you can fill out a calendar request. Hurry up though, since the calendars will be shipped out the first week of December.

If you’re willing to purchase subscription to NY Books app or magazine, which is focused on politics, literature and arts, head over to The New York Review of books while they’re giving away free 2024 calendars.

Note that at the time of writing, these deals are still live.

But like I said earlier, free calendars have an intense demand every year around December when the New Year is almost here, so it might be possible that the free calendar offers would lapse.

Free 2023 Calendars by Mail

Still looking for a 2023 calendar, even if it’s last leg of the year?

Don’t worry, some companies and blogs continue giving away free calendars throughout the year.

1. Frigo – Get a free Emily Ellyn 2023 recipe calendar when you fill out this form. This calendar used to be limited to 5k copies – they adjusted with demand and made up to 10,000 copies available this year, so make sure to get yours today.

2. Unity.org Calendar – Get your copy of the 2023 Calendar: A Year of Grace and Gratitude. Limited to one booklet per U.S. address.

3. SandScripts – Looking for a ref calendar? Be on the list to receive the SandScripts 2023 magnetic calendars while supplies last. Just email your request to shop@sandscripts.com with your mailing address.

4. See it Be it STEM it – This organization empowers women who are passionate with STEM. If you’re a part of this field, just fill out this form and wait for the 2023 calendar to reach you.

5. Alliance Defending Freedom – ADF is the world’s largest legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, marriage and family, and parental rights. For this year, ADF gave away a limited-edition 2023 Foundations of Freedom wall calendar, free of charge while supplies last.

6. Enginetech – Request your 2023 Enginetech Wall Calendar now! Call 1(800) 869 -8711 or send your mailing address to sales@enginetech.com.

7. Altec’s A-AerialRegister to the site and “add to cart” the FREE A-Aerial 2023 Calendar. Only 2 max calendars per US address.

8. South Carolina African American History CalendarThis used to be given away from the location, but for 2023 calendars, they’re mailed to your house directly after signing up for the freebie. You do need to shoulder the shipping cost.

Other Ways to Get Free Calendars

  • From Printing companies – If you just need a calendar to keep you up-to-date with the day and date, you can check out the designs from printing companies and request a sample. Do note that you cannot customize the text, images, start of the week, and so on. You receive the samples as-is.
  • Join a Contest – Some companies give calendars away but make it fun through contests. For example, Labrador Rescuers welcomes everyone to submit a photo to join. Win or lose, you’ll receive a 2024 free calendar for each photo submitted.
  • Visit a store – Traditionally, companies prepare calendars even before Thanksgiving arrives so that when New Year’s Day hits, they’re prepared for any of their loyal customers who may ask for free calendars. Stores you should definitely check include:
    • Dunkin Donut (this will vary on a branch-to-branch basis, not all D&Ds have free calendars)
    • Local pharmacy
    • Local supermarket
    • Chinese restaurants – Some even give them away until Chinese New Year (in February), instead of just until January.
    • Insurance provider – If you have an insurance plan with a particular company, you might receive one without having to send a request. If not, you can always ask your representative.
    • Your bank – This may not be given away freely for non-accountholders. Depends on the bank.
    • Car dealerships and auto shops – This will depend on what brand your car is (Toyota, Ford, GM, etc.) and where you have it fixed, such as NAPA, Autozone, AdvanceAuto.
    • Your church – Sometimes, the church you go to will have calendars ready for their congregation.

Do-it-Yourself: Free 2024 Printable Calendars

If you need a calendar now way ahead of 2024, or didn’t receive any free 2024 calendars by mail, then these free calendar printables should save you real quick. This method requires a printer and ink.

  • Sarah Titus – The free 2024 printable calendars from Sarah Titus are bold, bright, and fun. You can check them out on her blog, or Pinterest account.
  • Unity – This year, Unity isn’t giving away free calendars by mail. But they have a downloadable version available. The theme for the new 2024 Unity Calendar is “Spiritual Sunshine: 100 Years of Daily Word” offers the same timeless and uplifting messages as their printed versions.
  • OhSoLovelyBlog – Let’s start strong with Audrey Kuether’s blog. She’s giving away free 2024 calendars in over 100 printable options, so I’m sure you’ll like at least one of them. She doesn’t even require a sign-up, but she’d be super thankful if you did.
  • CuteFreebies.com – TONS of free printable calendars for 2024. The site also has past calendars and future calendars (beyond 2025) available.
  • ShiningMom – Khaye also has a well-designed, free 2024 printable calendar for moms looking to organize family events. Some with holidays included, others without.
  • Botanical Paperworks – Check out several dainty-looking 2024 printable calendars you can DIY.
  • Calendar Labs – If you simply need basic, but editable calendars, this source provides free printable calendars for 2024 and beyond.
  • Papertrail Design – Check out multiple dainty calendar printables by Brittany De Leon.  They come in different themes.
  • Krafty Planner – These adorable rainbow-themed 2024 printable calendar is perfect for any planner.
  • iMom – For a bunch of motherhood or parenting themed printable calendars, check out over a dozen iMom calendars.
  • 800-Flowers – This flower shop prepares a flower-filled calendar every year for customers and anyone who loves florals. You just have to print them yourself.

If this is your first time printing DIY, Country Hill Cottage has the best guide about printing calendars with your preferred size. The blog has several 2024 free calendars with  rustic or minimalist design available now. 

When Can You Get Free Calendars?

November through December is the perfect time for requesting your free calendar for the coming year. Some companies even open their calendar request lists around August and close the form around October.

I hope you get to receive a free 2024 calendars from your preferred companies, brands or influencers.

If you’re looking for other printed freebies, you might be interested in my list of free magazinesfree address labels, or free stickers.

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