6 Sites That Send Out Free Travel Guides by Mail

If the internet is giving you awesome travel inspiration, but you find them lacking in real-world info, these sites that send out free travel guides by mail should help you dig deeper into your next big adventure, at absolutely no cost.

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Sites That Offer Free Travel Guides and Maps by Mail

It’s just easy to find free travel guides by mail, but before you proceed it’s better to figure out first the destination.

In America alone, there are 50 states to choose from, and in each state, there are different famous landmarks and spots with their respective travel guides and maps.

At this point, it’s okay if you haven’t yet decided where exactly you want to go.

The following sites are just some of the places where you can get free state travel guides or free vacation brochures by mail while you are still deciding where to go:

1. Hotel Guides

If you are looking for free official state travel guides, then, you’d better check out this site.

It provides links that can lead you to order forms for free travel guides, vacation brochures, highway maps, and vacation planning kits from each of the 50 US states.

This site also offers similar resources for US cities.

To order a free guide, simply click on the links and enter one’s name, email address, and shipping address on the form that appears.

And since Hotel Guides is a reservation website, one can also book hotel accommodations directly from their platform.

Another website that features links to the official travel guides of the 50 US states is Catalog Empire.

2. Travel Guides Free

With Travel Guides Free, you can choose your free print and digital travel guides, and travel brochures from hundreds of destinations.

Their guides include the latest attractions at specific locations, the things to do, where to eat and stay, as well as available discounts and coupons that apply to certain destinations.

The first step to getting a free travel guide is by choosing a region (Northwest, West, Midwest, South Central, Northeast, Southeast) that one would love to explore.

And then, one will be directed to a new page that shows their available guides for that region, as well as some other destination guides that one might want to check.

From the available guides, simply click the “Get it Free” button and all the guides that one has selected will go to the digital suitcase where one can download or print later.

3. Free Travel Guides

Free Travel Guides lets one choose the latest free travel guides, vacation brochures, maps, and travel planning kits out there.

And doing so is easy as counting one, two, three.

The first step to getting a free travel guide from this site is by choosing a destination of choice.

The second step is filling up the required information from their form, and the final step is to click on the link/s that they will send in a confirmation email.

The links lead to the guides chosen to receive electronically.

4. Arrival Guides

Arrival Guides is a Lonely Planet company, so one can expect to get high-quality guides and comprehensive information from this website.

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Check out their available travel guides in the US now.

Upon clicking on the link, one can see on the left side some themes to choose from for the guides such as lazy beach days, historical destinations, vibrant cities, and shopper’s paradise.

One can start searching for guides by simply scrolling down to see the available city guides, and checking if one city catches your fancy.

Upon clicking on a guide, one will be directed to another page with more guides on what to do and see in this particular city.

Click on the “Download Guide” button of your chosen digital travel brochure. And then, enter an email address on the box where you’d like to receive the guide.

5. In Your Pocket (Europe Travel Guides)

If you’re planning to visit European cities, In Your Pocket has downloadable PDF travel guides available online.

These guides are ready-to-print and come with detailed descriptions and high resolution photos.

To get a copy of your chosen cities, leave your email to download the PDF to your computer.

6. World Nomads

World Nomads is a generous a site with a section dedicated to international travelers.

The World Nomads PDF travel guides are downloadable guides arranged by country. Request a copy of the guide you like and you’ll be sent a download link via e-mail.

What’s cool is that World Nomads also has an accompanying phrase book apps to help you navigate languages of locals you meet overseas.

Importance of Travel Guides and Maps

Maps and guides may come in different formats and sizes, but they all serve one common function – to help someone navigate a particular location with ease.

Below are other benefits of having a travel guide or map, especially for first-time travelers:

Avoid Confusions

A detailed guide and map give instructions about the directions, as well as the fastest route to take to arrive at a particular point in the area.

Save Time and Effort

Without a map, you can only imagine the amount of time and energy that can be wasted from guessing the better route to take while going around a place – may it be in an amusement park, a hiking trail, a national park, and so on.

Your phone and powerbank could drain battery, and you might be forced to go back to traditional maps.

Enhance Safety and Security

Without a guide, it can be easy to get lost and trapped in danger while walking or driving around a certain location.

Maps and guides are especially helpful for trekkers and those who are always looking for adventure.

Other Travel-Related Freebies

Travel guides and maps are here for a reason.

And since several sites offer them for free, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a few of these guides to get the most from the trip to ensure safety.

It’s also great to download these guides at least a few months before your trip so you can familiarize yourself with the twist and turns in the location.

Some guides also feature deals, travel freebies, and limited-time offers, so getting them earlier can also give you a chance to grab the deals right away.

With all of these details, are you now ready to start planning your next US trip?

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Also, feel free to check out my articles about gas stations with free coffee samples, and free magazines, which could come in handy during a long trip.

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