19 Sites That Give Away Free Glove Samples

Wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, social distancing, and wearing gloves may sound simple, but these acts can keep us safe in the middle of this pandemic.

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And while gloves can be considered essential these days, we can’t deny that food and water are still the top priorities. So, anything that can help us reduce our expenses from buying gloves and other things would really help a lot.

That is why I searched online for brands and companies that are giving away free glove samples. I was able to find some, but most of these sites only send glove samples to business addresses. Still, some are open to sending gloves to anyone in need.

Where to Get Free Glove Samples Online?

Below are 19 sites where you can send a request for glove samples:

1. Aurelia® Gloves

Aurelia Gloves, a division of Supermax Healthcare Inc., is giving away three glove samples at a given time. To start a request, choose three samples among their different types of free nitrile glove samples and latex powder-free glove samples.

They are not specific whether they only grant requests from businesses, but they do require one’s company name and address in their contact form.

2. Ventyv

Ventyv specializes in all types of disposable gloves used in hospitals and caring centers. They are vocal about their interest to be one’s partner in the fight to prevent infection. Click here to register for your free sample.

3. Bio-Flex

Bio-Flex vouches that their gloves are anatomically designed for a comfortable fit and far exceed FDA standards. They have 8 types of glove samples available that can all be selected if you want to request a free sample for all of these gloves.

Send your glove sample request here.

4. eSafety Supplies

Their samples are subject to availability at hand, but the good thing is that they are clear about their capacity to cater to 1 sample request for every household or business. Feel free to send your sample request to samples@esafetysupplies.com.

For each request, they would need the SKU number of the glove, the desired size, and the mailing address.

5. TechNiGlove International

To request a sample and literature from the exclusive TechNiGlove family of products, feel free to fill out and send the form here.

6. Shoe Inn

Shoe Inn can only send glove samples within the US, and they are earnestly asking everyone not to request glove samples unless they are legitimately trying out glove options and intend to purchase.

As of writing, Shoe Inn’s request form has been disabled, but they are encouraging interested parties to give them a call toll-free at (877) 595- 7463.

7. MedHandler

MedHandler wants you to experience their gloves and discover the difference for yourself. Click here to complete the form to receive free glove samples.

8. ShuBee

Just like Shoe Inn, ShuBee doesn’t have a contact form. However, they are very much eager to sending free glove samples to anyone interested. To request a sample, simply give them a call at 866-317-7897.

9. EDS Store

EDS Store offers four gloves under four categories – fentanyl resistance gloves, nitrile gloves, latex, and vinyl gloves.  To request some free glove samples, visit the product page of each option under the four categories.

For instance, click here and you will be redirected to the product page of their FITME General Purpose Powder Free Nitrile Gloves. Scroll down to see the link to request the free samples, or simply click here.

10. Sempermed

At Sempermed, you can request product literature/brochures and samples of their medical exam, medical-surgical, and industrial gloves. To send a request, simply complete the form here.

11. Gale Supply Co.

To get your free glove samples, set up an appointment with Gale Supply Co. by sending your information through this link. And they can schedule a time to demo their gloves at your office.

12. SafeCare Gloves

Before sending a request, be aware that SafeCare Gloves only sends glove samples to qualified companies. As such, they only ship out free glove samples to business addresses; no post office boxes, or residential addresses.

Fill out their request form to get a sample.

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13. Ansell

Just like most of the companies in this list, Ansell only fulfills sample requests from qualified businesses. They require valid business contact details when completing their form, and product samples are also based on availability.

Request a sample here.

14. Taylor Scientific

Taylor Scientific wants front liners to work on their medical or scientific procedures safely with their chemical and puncture-resistant Nitrile examination gloves. To request a free sample pair, simply fill in the details in their request form here. They can send samples to established companies in the US and Canada.

15. School Health

School Health frequently receives rave reviews from their gloves. And they want you to test them out for yourself with their free glove samples. Click here to try out their gloves for free before you buy them.

16. Majestic Glove

Majestic Glove only sends samples to qualified businesses, and one of the requirements is for a business to have at least 25 employees who require industrial safety/personal protective equipment (PPE). Sample requests can be sent here.

For questions or other concerns, call them at (800) 367-4568.

17. AliMed

AliMed’s radiation attenuation gloves provide a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional leaded models. Feel free to request a free sample here.

18. Stalsen

All sample requests are reviewed carefully, so it’s encouraged that you provide as much information as possible in their request form. Stalsen uses all the information provided to them to discuss one’s hand protection requirements and arrange the free samples.

19. Moldex

The free samples or free trials that they give out are only intended for safety personnel and buyers involved in the evaluation and selection of hearing and respiratory protection for their companies. Moldex only sends samples to business addresses; no post office boxes or residential addresses.

Click here to send a sample request.

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Protecting oneself has never been more important than today. So, if you know of companies or brands that send free samples of hand sanitizers, alcohol, disinfectants, gloves, face shields, and other similar stuff, I would appreciate it if you comment them down below.

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