10 Companies That Will Send You a Free Razor

If you’re not picky with your beard care and any safety razor will do the trick with your regular grooming needs, make sure you bookmark this list of companies that give away a free razor kits.

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This list is a must for any fan of disposable razors – not the fancy cartridge, safety or electric razors.

Free Razors from the Big Boys

Of course, you can be sure that the big-named companies will always have freebies for their loyal customers.

However, the type of free razor will depend on what promotions are available by the brand.

Before you explore other sites, look out for the official websites, social media pages, and newsletters of the following companies:

1. Gillette

The company has its own subscription program, wherein they’ll deliver the kit you’ve chosen at a pre-chosen date each month. With these automatic deliveries, you no longer have to forget buying refills ever again.

If you decide to join this program, you can get a free starter kit (choose from the two options available). You do need to pay $4 for shipping plus tax.

Aside from the subscription program, Gillette also makes their razors like the TREO available for free. You just need to be in line to get one because they are high in demand and the samples run out pretty quickly.

2. Schick

Schick has the same refill subscription program as Gillette’s, except this company lets you customize your free razor. You have three options for your Hydro 5 Sense razor refills: “Energize” (comes with menthols), “Hydrate” (with coconut oil), and “Sensitive” (with herbal extracts).

Schick also lets you choose the color handle of your razor (there’s yellow, green, black, grey and blue camo). The company also asks for add-on shaving cream (which is a paid add-on, but optional). Just skip if you’re not interested, then choose the frequency of delivery, from as quick as 2 weeks, to every 4 months or every 6 months.

The first free razor and refill comes with a $4 shipping fee.

3. Philips

Every now and then, Philips give away a free razor and refills pack of its OneBlade kits. This isn’t a year-round promotion like Gillette and Schick, but you can always check these following pages:

  • Product testing – The company reaches out to its loyal customer base and asks them to try out new products. Anyone who wishes to participate must sign-up during the testing period. Philips usually shoulder everything, even the shipping cost, when it comes to product testing.
  • First kit free when you subscribe –  Sometimes, Philips give away their super popular OneBlade razor when you subscribe to a monthly plan. They have a ton of partner retailers, so this may not be always available, but it’s worth to check this page. You might just be lucky enough to get a freebie to try it out

4. Bic

Join the Bic newsletter for coupons and rebates like these.

The promotions for a free razor isn’t always available. But if you’re a fan of the brand, you’ll get a lot of rebates and savings just by using their coupons.

Free Mens Razor

More Sites Giving Away Free Razors and other Grooming Samples

Aside from these four big companies in the shaving industry, there are also special sites where you can get a free razor or even other grooming samples.

5. Harry’s

This subscription box site is home to in-house grooming products and accessories for men. If you start with a free trial, you’ll receive a Truman Razor with 1 blade, travel blade cover and Harry’s foaming shave gel.

Although the entire kit will only last you about two weeks (or a month if sporadically used), it’s still an awesome find if you’re trying to look for a new brand.

Note that you’d have to pay $8 for the trial pack if promos end, but this offer is sometimes available if you pay for a monthly plan.

6. Badass Beard Care

The product line of Badass Beard Care is topnotch. They offer free samples of beard wash in many “flavors” all-yearround, but their razors as freebies are only available on special promotions. This rarely happens, but when they do, you should be one of the first in line to grab on.

Join the Badass Beard Care newsletter, follow them on social media for contests, then watch out for amazing deals.

7. Proctor & Gamble Everyday Free Samples

Proctor & Gamble is the parent company of numerous brands, including Gillette.

P&G dedicated its own website pgeveryday.com for all the deals, coupons, free samples of their products that your heart desires.
Aside from free disposable razors, you might even get lucky and get a chance to grab free Gillette Mach razors, which P&G has offered as a freebie in the past.

8. Bromley’s Razor

Bromley’s for Men, Get a Grip Razor is one of the most gorgeous-looking, affordable razors in the market today. It’s got precision-aligned 7-Blades and a classy rubberized grip handle.

To get this for free, either go to the Kroger’s website for coupons or wait for giveaways on their Facebook page.

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9. The Beard Club

If you join ‘The Beard Club,’ you’ll receive beard products like razors, balms, creams, natural oils, growth accelerators, and many more.

Technically, the kit isn’t free, but if you’re willing to shell out $1 for a bunch of products (and shipping fee), then you get to discover the world of straight-edge razors. Each month after subscribing, you’ll receive your chosen items straight to your door.

10. Dollar Shave Club

This one was one of the first subscription-box type of its kind in the men’s grooming market.

Like The Beard Club, getting the first kit (which includes free razor and blades) requires you to pay $1 plus free shipping and handling.  After the initial kit, you’ll be auto-debited for your chosen products, which are delivered to your house every week, month, quarter or whichever order frequency you choose.

More Free Stuff for Men?

If you’re looking for other free stuff for men, check how you could get cologne samples and other free subscription boxes.

Be careful in signing up on forms, though. As a general rule, never give away copies of your IDs, financial information and other sensitive personal details. No legitimate freebie site or company will ever ask you to do so.

So do you know any other sites giving away free razors and other grooming stuff for men? Sound off your recommendations below…

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