15 Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages Kids Will LOVE

If you’re looking for some of the coolest, free dinosaur coloring pages, you’ve come to the right place!

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Dinosaurs have been gracing pop culture ever since the word ‘dinosaurs’ was coined in 1842. From history books to the monster era of the 1950s and 60s films, and from the massive success of Jurassic Park and all other cuddly dinos featured in animated TV shows, movies, books and mascots since. 

This list of coloring pages focuses on the dinosaurs we love as kids and even as grown-ups. 

Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages from Movies and TV shows

I’m going to skip the grand-daddy of all dinosaurs – Godzilla himself – because I created a list of coloring pages exclusively for Godzilla, the King of Monsters. 

1. Dinobots: transformers 

free printable Dinobots coloring pages

As part of the Transformers universe, the dinobots are a faction of Autobots with dinosaur alternate modes. 

Get the group photo (above) at Coloring Home  if you wish to color the awesome dinobots.

But if you’re looking for individual coloring pages for these hybrid robot-dinosaurs, check out:

Some have appeared in S.O.S. Dinobots, others in War of the Dinobots, and a quick appearance in the Transformers: Age of Extinction.

2. Grumpy and Big Alice from Land of the Lost

Big Alice and Grumpy coloring pages
Photo Credit: ArtMakerProductions

In the 70s TV show and 2009 film, Grumpy (a Tyrannosaurus Rex) and Big Alice (a female Allosaurus) steal the show as they fight each other or unite to pursue the Marshalls.

Designed by ArtMakerProductions, you can print and color Big Alice (from here) or Grumpy (from here), or do both. 

3. Jurassic Park dinosaurs

Jurassic Park t rex coloring pages
Photo Credit: SuperColoring.com

Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park has scared generations of children. 

For kids who can’t get enough of this movie series, there are plenty of Jurassic Park dinosaur coloring pages online. 

You can print out the logo (above) from Super Coloring, or the logo of Jurassic World from Coloring Home, a scene from the themed park from eColoringPage,..

Or get specific characters like the infamous T-Rex, Velociraptor, Indominus Rex, Brontasaurus eating leaves off a tree. 

4. Dinoshark and Dinocroc

printable dinosaur coloring pages

If you’re a fan of B movies like sharnado and think they’re pretty fun and hysterical at the same time, you probably know about dinosaur movies like dinoshark (a hybrid dinosaur and shark monster) and dinocroc (a hybrid dinosaur, and, you guessed it, a croc!)

The coloring page of Dinoshark above, comes from Complimentary Cinema (check out their podcast here).  

Dinocroc movie coloring page
Photo Credit: ToonHolt

You can also check out the Dinocroc coloring page from ToonHolt if you want to color more hybrid monsters like Dinoshark.  

5. The Sinclair family of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs coloring pages

90s babies know this ABC sitcom well – it’s a family of Dinosaurs made of full-body, animatronic puppets.

The show parodied American sitcoms and human life in general.

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Here’s a coloring page of the popular baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs.

Baby Sinclair dinosaur coloring page
Photo Credit: LucysRoomToys.com

6. Dino-Riders

Dino-riders free coloring page
Photo Credit: Dinoriders wiki

The Dino Riders were a big deal in the 80s, launched as a TV series to advertise a new Tyco toy line.

On the show, Dino riders are depicted as futuristic cyborg dinosaurs used by aliens and warriors battling it out.

This would be a pretty cool coloring page for a dinosaur-obsessed kid who isn’t from this generation.

7. Prickle of Gumby

Gumby dinosaur coloring page
Photo Credit: ColoringOnly.com

Prickle is one of Gumby’s friends and often shares scenes with our famous green clay humanoid.

Prickle is a yellow dragon, possibly a Plateosaurus, with sharp white spines and a Midwestern accent.

Get the printable Gumby group picture here.

8. Barney from Barney & Friends

Barney & Friends coloring pages
Photo Credit: MomJunction.com

Love him or hate him, but this purple dinosaur is pretty iconic and has molded a generation of kids. After all, the show has been on air for a whopping 18 years!

If you’re introducing Barney to your kid, start with Mom Junction’s 10 coloring pages featuring Barney and his friends. 

9. Yoshi in Super Mario World

printable Yoshi Mario coloring pages
Photo Credit: BestColoringPagesforKids.com

If you’re like me and you love the adorable Yoshi more than either Mario, Luigi or the princesses of Super Mario World, then you’re in for a treat because there are a lot of Yoshi coloring pages online. 

This page has a TON of Yoshi-inspired coloring pages that you can print for FREE!

10. Big Bird of Sesame Street

Big Bird coloring pages
Photo Credit: Momjunction.com

Did you know that Big Bird of Sesame Street can be considered a dinosaur?!

So did I! This is new to me.

Apparently, this information was revealed in episode 4608 wherein Chris Robinson read a trivia stating birds are descendants of feathered dinosaurs.

Whether you’re planning to color a Bid Bird page for yourself or with kids, this 25 list of Big Bird Sesame Street coloring pages is the perfect starting point. 

Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages from Cartoons

11. Dino, The Flintstones

The Flintstones dinosaur coloring pages
Photo Credit: Coloring Pages 101

The Flintstones is a stone-age family with beloved characters and even their pet dinosaur, aptly named Dino, still has fans to this day. 

If you’re on the hunt for cute dinosaur coloring pages you could print for free, check out more from this site

Or download and print the exact photo above from here.

12. Reptar of Rugrats

t rex coloring pages
Photo Credit: ColoringPages101 & CoolToons.com

In the animated TV show Rugrats, one character always steals the scene – it’s the T.rex fictional dinosaur with rounded bluish spikes and a personality that seems to spoof Godzilla.

Called Reptar by the diaper-wearing rugrats, this dinosaur will remain a fan-favorite for years to come.

Here’s a handful of Reptar coloring pages for all the T-rex lovers out there!

13. Rex of Toy Story

printable dinosaur coloring pages
Photo Credit: JustColor.net

You don’t have to be a kid in the 1990s to love Rex.

While the Toy Story franchise has been around since early 90s, the films are still continuously being released as of 2023.

And since its inception, this anxious, green plastic T-Rex called “Rex” has been present in all the films.

Here are PLENTY of Rex Toy Story coloring pages..

14. Arlo of The Good Dinosaur

Apatosaurus coloring page
Photo Credit: Kids-n-fun.com


Pixar takes you on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs with a young Apatosaurus named Arlo who makes an unlikely human friend.

If you and your kid just watched this feel-good movie, then I’m sure they’ll enjoy this activity. 

Aside from the coloring page above, there are many more Arlo (The Good Dinosaur) coloring pages here. Get them free!

15. The Land Before Time

triceratops coloring page, pterodactyl coloring page, stegosaurus coloring page
Photo Credit: Kids-n-fun.com

The Land Before Time is a classic dinosaur movie that every parent should watch with their kids. 

Enjoy these 20+ coloring pages showing the group of adorable dinosaurs of The Land Before Time.

Other Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Other dinosaurs in pop culture that you or kid may like include dinosaurs of Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Fantasia, or We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story.

Aside from Yoshi (above), Bowser, King of the Koopa, is another popular dinosaur turtle hybrid in the video game world. There’s also Tekken 3’s Gon. 

Meanwhile, Devil DinosaurGronk from B.C. and Super Dinosaur all have a special place in many comic book lovers’ hearts.

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