7 Ways to Get Free Baby Samples Delivered to You

Baby diapers are one of the most popular giveaways for soon-to-be parents. Heck, there are even an entire category of baby shower games that involve diapers!

But if you’re fully stocked with free diapers, or if you’re planning to use cloth diapers, I’m sure you’d love to get a hold of these free baby samples. Who wouldn’t? These items add up real quick. Any freebie is welcome in my book.

So without further ado, here are legitimate ways you can receive free baby samples without going out from the comforts of your home:

7 Ways to Receive Free Baby Samples

The following methods do not include gifts from family and friends. Instead, they focus on receiving baby samples from companies, groups, and even strangers.

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1. Create Baby Shower Gift Registries

You don’t have to host an actual baby shower party, but you can register for one if you’re expecting. Baby brands compete to be featured in these registries, so there’s a huge chance that the baby samples included are either the most sought-after, popular, or newest item in the bunch.

Here are some of the most popular baby registries:

  • Amazon’s Baby Registry – Receive around 10 baby items from diapers to baby wipes, which is worth $35.
  • Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box – This $40 value box includes milk formula samples, baby bottles, diapers, and more. You do have to pay for an extra $5 for shipping to get the box.
  • Target’s Welcome Kit – You’d have to pick this up from the store, but anyone who creates a baby registry with them gets a ton of baby stuff worth around $80.
  • Babylist Registry Hello Baby Box – Get a ton of baby products by brands like Pampers, Evenflo, Chicco, Huggies and Honest. Note that you’ll be asked to shoulder the $10 shipping fee.

2. Join Rewards Programs

Rewards program give back to consumers through points that are redeemable for other free baby products.

Like groceries, food and toiletries that we buy regularly, you’ll probably buy baby products as often as possible until they’ve reached toddler age or school age. So I recommend you take advantage of programs like the Pampers Club or Huggies Rewards Program.

Stick to rewards programs of brands you like. For example:

  • Carters Rewarding MomentsShop at carters.com, oshkosh.com, skiphop.com and earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Members also get to receive new products first.
  • Pottery Barn Kids – Shop at the store or online and get cash back on purchases.
  • The Natural Baby CompanyEarn 5 points for every dollar spent, then redeem free products.
  • Gingersnaps KidsThis store has some of the most adorable dresses for kids around. Shop here to get free
  • Cubby RewardsThe points aren’t that great (earn 1 point for every $0.20 spent), but you can get points from various activities, such has subscribing to the newsletter, or sending invites to friends.

3. Look out for Subscription Boxes for Babies

With subscription boxes, you pay for x months to receive a box of goodies each month. Many of these companies provide the first box free of charge, so instead of paying for 6 months, you get 1 month free.

Examples of these are:

  • Ecocentricmom.com ($40/month) – Box includes baby products and mom products as well.
  • Lovevery (Starts at $36/month) – Box of science-backed toys for 1-month-olds to 2-year-olds.
  • KiwiCo Baby ($31/month) – This is similar to Lovevery, with its early child development toys and educational projects.
  • Dropps.com (Starts at $20/month) – Baby-friendly cleaning supplies and fabric softener products,
  • LittleSpoon.com (Depends on the plan you choose) – Think Gerber, but specially delivered to your door.

Note that some companies only offer free first month as a limited promo.

Free baby stuff

4. Keep an Eye on Baby Brands

Stalk the brands you use for your babies and see what free baby samples you could get.

These companies range from manufacturers of infant formula to breastfeeding accessories.
Some notable brands to check out:

  • Enfamil – The ‘Family Beginnings Pack’ offers a whopping $400 worth of free gifts and a chance to win free formula for the entire year.
  • Bamboo Nature – This eco-friendly, California-based company not only gives away free diapers, but also have training pants, wipes and skincare products for babies.
  • Nature’s One – Take advantage of the free sample of Nature One’s  full size 12.7oz retail can in exchange for $5.95 shipping.
  • Similac – Register and receive up to $400 worth of free baby samples, a trusty nutritional guide for babies and moms, as well as a free Shutterfly®photo book.
  • MyGerber – Awesome resource for new moms. Get free Gerber products every once in a while.
  • Medela – This breastfeeding support store and resource gives away free samples of their most-loved products, and access to expert information.

5. Leads from Mom & Dad Communities

Parents often look out for one another, so if you can join mom/dad communities whether online or in real life, this could be a life-changer when it comes to sourcing baby products, or learning about soon-to-launch items in the market.

The community here doesn’t really have to be official – they can be your neighbors, the acquaintances you greet at your local grocery store, or a friend’s friend. As long as they could offer solid advice and leads on baby supplies.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to be physically close to your community. I, for one, have a group of moms on Messenger who I share shopping tips to and they share theirs as well. We’re in different parts of the country, but still find value with each other’s info.

6. Free Baby Samples from all kinds of Baby Stores

Baby and kid stores almost always have some sort of free baby samples.

Take note of both big and small stores like:

Free samples are not available year-round on stores like these, but they do offer them for special occasions, during sales, when new customers join their newsletters, a client’s first-order, and other extraordinary circumstances.

7. Social Media Giveaways and FB Buy Nothing Groups

Aside from bookmarking all the websites of your favorite brands and joining their newsletters or rewards programs, you can also follow them on social media.

You’d be surprised how much companies are giving away free stuff over on Instagram, Facebook Live, Pinterest, and even on Twitter. You just have to raise your hand virtually, post something with hashtags, or follow an easy requirement to participate, then let luck do its trick.

If your social media of choice is Facebook (and nothing else), look for local “Buy Nothing Groups” near you. Many people give away things they no longer need for free. You might be able to receive some baby furniture and unused baby clothes this way.

Did You Receive Free Baby Samples from Places Not on this List?

Free baby samples may also be available at the hospital where you gave birth, or the clinic of your baby’s doctor. Don’t hesitate to ask – companies send samples over to doctors and hospitals so they could reach you (the target market).

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Do you do coupons? If so, this can also be a good way of getting free baby samples, even if it might take a bit of work.

I’m sure there are tons of other ways to get a hold of baby samples without spending a cent – this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Care to share where you got yours?

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