9 Ways to Get Free Baby Samples Delivered to You

Having a baby is wonderful, but it can certainly be a drain on one’s finances. Fortunately, there are companies and organizations that give away free baby samples.

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Baby diapers are one of the most popular giveaways for soon-to-be parents. Heck, there is even an entire category of baby shower games that involve diapers!

But if you’re all set with free diapers, or if you’re planning to use cloth diapers, there are plenty of other baby products to get for free.

Here are 9 legitimate ways you can receive free baby samples without going out from the comforts of your home:

9 Ways to Receive Free Baby Samples

The following methods do not include gifts from family and friends. Instead, they focus on receiving baby samples from companies, groups, and even strangers.

1. Create Baby Registries

You don’t have to host an actual baby shower, but you can register for one if you’re expecting. Baby brands compete to be featured in these registries, so there’s a huge chance that the baby samples included are either the most sought-after, popular, or newest items in the market.

Here are some of the most popular baby registries:

  • Amazon’s Baby Registry — Receive a selection of free baby items from diapers to baby wipes worth $35.
  • Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box — This $40 value box includes milk formula samples, baby bottles, diapers, and more. You do have to pay an extra $5 for shipping to get the box.
  • Target’s Welcome Kit — You’d have to pick this up from the store, but anyone who creates a baby registry with them gets a ton of baby stuff worth around $100.
  • Babylist Registry Hello Baby Box — Get a ton of baby products from brands like Pampers, Evenflo, Chicco, Huggies, and Honest. Note that you’ll be asked to shoulder the $10 shipping fee.
  • buybuy BABY Baby Register — Sign up for buybuy BABY’s baby registry and get a bag full of free baby samples, coupons, and a Baby Registry Guide, although this is for pickup only at one of their physical stores.

2. Join Rewards Programs

Rewards programs give back to consumers through points that are redeemable for other free baby products.

Like groceries, food, and toiletries that we buy regularly, you’ll probably buy baby products as often as possible until they’ve reached toddler age or school age. So I recommend you take advantage of programs like the Pampers Club or Huggies Rewards Program.

Tip: Stick to rewards programs of stores and brands you like to accumulate more points and get more freebies.

Here are some programs you might be interested in:

  • Carter’s Rewarding MomentsShop at carters.com, oshkosh.com, skiphop.com, and shoplittleplanet.com and earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Members also get to receive new products first. Get a Carter’s credit card and earn double the points
  • Pottery Barn Kids With The Key Rewards Program, you get 2% back in rewards for shopping in online stores that are within the Pottery Barn family of brands, including Pottery Barn Kids.
  • The Natural Baby CompanyEarn 5 points for every dollar spent, then redeem free products. You can also earn points from following them on social media, sharing their sites, and reviewing their products.
  • The Baby CubbyGet 5 points for every dollar you spend.
  • My Place Rewards — Earn points when shopping at The Children’s Place, Gymboree, and Sugar & Jade, plus earn even more if you get a My Place Rewards credit card.
  • Beyond Organic Baby — If you’re into organic formula from Europe, you’ll love their products. Earn points for every purchase and even more points when you review your purchases on their site.
  • GroVia Clothy Perks — Cloth diapers are reusable and are thus good for the environment and your pocket. Shop at GroVia for your cloth diaper needs, sign up for their rewards program, and earn 5 points for every dollar spent. Bonus points when review products and share them on social media.

3. Sign up for Subscription Boxes for Babies

With subscription boxes, you pay to receive a box of goodies every month for a specified number of months, usually 12 months. There’s a subscription fee, but many of these companies provide the first box free of charge to entice you to sign up.

Examples of these are:

  • Ecocentricmom.com (Starts at $159.96/4 boxes) — Ecocentric Mom offers small-batch, organic, handmade products in three auto-ship subscription plans that get sent from the first trimester to the fourth trimester.
  • Lovevery (Starts at $36/month) — Box of science-backed toys for 1-month-olds to 2-year-olds.
  • KiwiCo (Starts at $17.50/month) — This is similar to Lovevery, with its early child development toys and educational projects.
  • Dropps.com (Starts at $19.50/month) — They have baby-friendly, unscented detergent pods, fabric conditioner, and oxi boosters; you can subscribe to get a monthly supply at a discounted price.
  • LittleSpoon.com (Depends on the products and plans you choose) — Healthy, organic baby food, as well as vitamins and remedies, delivered to your door.
  • Hello Bello (Starts at $65.99/bundle shipped every 5 weeks) — Each Hello Bello bundle contains 7 diaper bundles and 4 packs of wipes. You’ll also get 15% off extras and a free product on your first bundle.

Note that some companies only offer free first month as a limited promo.

Free baby stuff

4. Keep an Eye on Baby Brands

Stalk the brands you use for your babies and see what free baby samples you could get.

These companies range from manufacturers of infant formula to breastfeeding accessories.
Some notable brands to check out:

  • Enfamil — The ‘Family Beginnings Pack’ offers a whopping $400 worth of free gifts and a chance to win a year’s supply of free formula.
  • Nature’s One — Take advantage of the free sample of Nature One’s full size 12.7 oz retail can in exchange for $5.95 shipping.
  • Similac — Register and receive up to $400 worth of free baby samples, a trusty nutritional guide for babies and moms, as well as a free Shutterfly®photo book.
  • MyGerber Baby — Join the MyGerber Baby community and get access to baby experts, personalized content, and free Gerber products every once in a while.
  • Medela Family — Join Medela Family (previously known as The Mom’s Room) to get expert advice and resources, opportunities to beta test new products, $100 in perks and discounts, and VIP customer care.
  • Bambo Nature — This eco-friendly, California-based company not only gives away free diapers, but also training pants, wipes, and skincare products for babies.

5. Leads From Parent Communities

Parents often look out for one another, so if you can join parent communities whether online or in real life, this could be a game-changer when it comes to sourcing baby products or learning about soon-to-launch items in the market.

The community here doesn’t really have to be official – they can be your neighbors, the acquaintances you greet at your local grocery store or a friend’s friend. As long as they could offer solid advice and leads on baby supplies.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to be physically close to your community. I, for one, have a group of moms on Messenger with whom I share shopping tips and get theirs. We’re in different parts of the country, but we still find value in each other’s advice and tips.

6. Free Baby Samples From Various Baby Stores

Baby and kid stores almost always have some sort of free baby samples.

Aside from the ones we’ve mentioned, take note of both big and small stores such as:

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Free samples are not available year-round on stores like these, but they do offer them for special occasions, during sales, when new customers subscribe to their newsletters, a client’s first order, and other special circumstances.

7. Coupons for Online Baby Stores

These won’t actually give you free baby samples, but certain coupons can get you big discounts and essentially get the items for free and only pay for shipping.

Here are some coupons and shops you can use them in.

  • Canopy Couture (FREECANOPY1 worth $50) — Canopy Couture offers the cutest car seat canopies to protect your little one from the elements, and you can even design custom canopies with your own design. This coupon gets you a free car seat canopy worth $50.
  • Custom Snappies (BATHANKS17 worth $50) — Create unique onesies on this website, either from their templates or from your design. Each onesie normally costs $25 each, so with this coupon, you get two onesies for free!
  • Seven Baby (FREESLING4ME worth $40) — Seven Baby sells wraps, slings, and pouches to carry your baby around with you. Using this coupon gives you $40 off, which is the usual retail price of a sling.
  • Udder Covers (FREEUCOVER1 worth $35) — If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll love shopping for nursing covers, nursing pillows, and other breastfeeding essentials in this store. An Udder Cover normally costs $35, so the coupon gets you a free one.
  • BreastPads.com (10FORFREE worth $35) — Breast pads are another essential for breastfeeding moms. Each set costs $7 and contains two pairs (four pieces), so with this coupon, you can get 5 sets or 10 pairs of breast pads for free.
  • BabyLeggings.com (GIVEME5FREE worth $50) — Baby leggings and bibs are not just fashion items, they are essential clothes for your baby. Using this coupon gives you $50 off your order, which is enough for 5 free baby leggings.
  • NursingPillow.com (NP40OFF worth $40) — Whether or not you’re breastfeeding, nursing pillows are important for positioning your baby for feeding, tummy time, sitting up, and other positions that may be unstable for your baby. Their regular nursing pillows cost $39.95, so using the coupon gets you one free.
  • HoodedTowels.com (SUMMER worth $35) — Hooded towels keep a baby’s head warm and dry after a bath or after swimming. Plus, admit it, they look so adorable. Prices start at $35 and the coupon gets you a hooded towel for free.
  • MilkBands.com (WBW2020 worth $35) — Milk bands are useful for breastfeeding mothers to keep track of which breast they last used to feed their baby by simply flipping them. Milk bands on the website cost $7 each, so a coupon gets you 5 milk bands free.
  • RuffleBuns.com (PJBABY worth $60) — Ruffle buns (stud muffins for boys) aren’t essential, but they’re a fun way to accessorize and make diaper changes much easier. Use this coupon to get three of them free.

8. Social Media Giveaways and FB Buy Nothing Groups

Aside from bookmarking all the websites of your favorite brands and joining their newsletters or rewards programs, you can also follow them on social media.

You’d be surprised how much free stuff companies are willing to give away on Instagram, Facebook Live, Pinterest, and even on Twitter. You just have to raise your hand virtually, post something with hashtags, or follow an easy requirement to participate, then let luck do its thing.

If your social media of choice is Facebook (and nothing else), look for local “Buy Nothing Groups” near you. Many people give away things they no longer need for free. You might be able to receive some baby furniture and unused baby clothes this way.

9. Your Pediatrician’s Office and Hospital

Baby brands like to display their goods in pediatrician’s offices and hospitals to be seen by as many parents and prospective parents as possible, which is why they have plenty of free diapers on hand.

They’re also likely to have free baby samples on hand if you ask, as well as connect you to groups and companies that give these out, too.

Get Free Baby Samples Today!

Parenthood is an amazing journey, but it can be expensive. Babies need a lot of stuff.

Hopefully, this list gave you plenty of ideas on where to get free baby samples to help offset some of the costs.

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