5 Easy Ways to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards

Unlike Steam gift cards that are just exclusive for games, free Xbox gift cards will let you download the hottest Xbox game titles, rent out films, buy premium apps, and even pay for Xbox Life Gold subscriptions and Xbox game passes.

The best thing about having these gift cards is that Xbox cards do not expire, so as long as you’ve kept the codes or cards unused, they are valid for use at the Windows, Xbox and Microsoft stores.

Even third-party companies know how in-demand these gift cards are, especially if the target market is in the teen to young adult crowd. These companies give away free Xbox gift cards for contest giveaways, survey prizes, or simply as rewards for answering a survey or reviewing their product.

How to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards

You don’t need to go looking for a hundred ways to get free xbox gift cards. You only just need a handful of legitimate, fail-proof methods and you’re all good. The methods below are reliable and trustworthy – no scammy linkbaits or privacy issues ever.

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1. Participate in the Official Microsoft Rewards

You don’t need to pay anything to join Microsoft Rewards. Once you sign-up, your account will be connected to everything from your Xbox to your browser, especially if you downloaded the Microsoft Rewards browser extension as well.

Here are several things you should know about Microsoft Rewards:

  • Not available everywhere – Microsoft Rewards is only available to people based in the US, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Two earning levels – There are two levels to earn: Level 1 and Level 2. Everyone starts at Level 1 at the beginning of each month. However, if you earn 500 points, you’re promoted to Level 2 (and stay there until that particular month ends). Level 2 means you get to redeem points for prizes like Xbox gift cards at a discounted price. While you start back at Level 1 once a new month begins, the points you saved is still significant enough to be used for the new month.
  • Stats – Your available points are posted on  https://account.microsoft.com/rewards. You’ll find the streak count (how many days you’ve completed the ‘daily goals’) and points break down.

If your goal is to get a free Xbox gift card from your points, you’ll need 10,000 points (if you’re on Level 1), or 9,300 points (if you’re currently at Level 2 at the time you redeem it). You can also purchase a month’s worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold membership.

2. Use Bing as Your Main search engine and Earn Points

You should have signed-up for Microsoft Rewards if you’re going to use Bing as your main search engine.

If you don’t know yet, Bing is owned and operated by Microsoft, so if you want to earn more Microsoft rewards, setting up your mobile and PC searches and making Bing your default search engine automatically earns you points every time you make any kind of online search.

  • PC search – You can earn 5 points for every search you do, but there’s a daily cap (30 searches or 150 points a day). If you use your phone’s browser, it will count as a PC search as well, but you have to ensure you’re logged into your Microsoft account and that you choose to “view desktop site” via the 3 dots found on the bottom right of your browser.
  • Mobile search – Download the Bing search engine app, sign into Bing using your Microsoft credentials, and use it to search when you’re on the go. The max points you can earn through this is 100 points a day (that’s about 20 searches for 5 points each).

Bing sometimes has promotions for online searches. For example, you can get double points for every search, so instead of the standard 5 points for every PC search, this could mean you’ll earn 10 points a pop (or a maximum of 300 points a day).

3. Enter Contests on your Xbox Dashboard

For those who haven’t noticed this yet, you’ll see promotions and contests directly from your Xbox dashboard. These look like a typical ad for Taco Bell or Doritos, but if you look closely at the instructions, you might see specific tasks like downloading a free game to get a chance to win the prize, or watching a new game trailer.

Note that if you join a contest, getting a Microsoft reward/point isn’t guaranteed, since winning is technically up to chance.

Xbox Controller

4. Join a Bunch of Rewards Apps/Sites for Free Xbox Gift Cards

Hundreds of apps and sites are around to let you earn rewards for doing extremely simple things like taking a survey. Once you earn enough rewards, you can redeem these rewards into Xbox gift cards (or other gift cards of your choosing. Check these out:

  • Survey sites like PrizeRebel, Survey Junkie, and other similar sites focus only on surveys, which means you are rewarded a point whenever you fill out a survey or questionnaire.
  • Reward apps like MyPoints,  Grab Points, Idle Empire, SwagBucks,  give you more choices when it comes to the tasks at hand. So if you’re not a fan of surveys, you can earn rewards by completing regular tasks like watching videos, downloading apps, and doing stuff most of us do already.
  • Apps that require you to do a specific task, such as scanning products while you shop (Shop Kick or Drop) reward you every time you use the app.

5. Shop with WikiBuy

If you always purchase at stores like Nordstrom, Lowe’s, eBay, Walmart, NewEgg, and other famous online stores, download the WikiBuy browser extension, agree to the terms, and then shop as you’d normally would.

The extension would pop up whenever an offer is available, click on the deal and use it for qualifying purchases. All rebates and cashbacks you get from online shopping will be shown on your account as “Wikibuy credits.” Redeem them for Xbox codes or any other gift cards you prefer.

You Can’t Earn Points Overnight

Unfortunately, all of these methods cannot earn points overnight, which means if you’re in need of free Xbox gift cards ASAP, you have no other choice but to buy them with real cash.

Please don’t fall from Xbox code generators. None of them actually give away free Xbox codes. Instead, these generators try to steal personal information, or worse, your sensitive info like birthdays, addresses, card or bank details, and so on.

The good thing though is that since these tasks are not really hard to do (some of them can even be left on autopilot and you’d still earn points), you won’t notice the points piling up. Some people may even enjoy themselves as they play their way for more points.

Have you received Xbox codes or gift cards using the methods above? Do you know of other techniques? It would be awesome to learn more, hopefully quicker ways of obtaining freebies Xbox “money.”

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  1. Certain kellogg’s products qualify for 15 & 30 day xBox game codes, though I’m not sure what the process to acquire them actually is.


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