Ultimate Guide to Amazon Direct Shipping Freebies

Are you intrigued as to how Amazon Direct Shipping freebies work, and if they are even legit in the first place? If so, then you’re in the right place.

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Getting freebies through Amazon Direct Shipping has been making a lot of noise lately online, and chances are you might have heard about this through your friends, forums, or Facebook groups. However, you won’t find it anywhere on Amazon.

Why not? Well, keep reading to find out.

What is Amazon Direct Shipping?

Simply speaking, Amazon direct shipping means sellers or vendors send products to customers who signed up to receive freebies from them. Once again, Amazon Direct Ship Freebies are not sent by Amazon, but by the vendors.

Why Do They Send Freebies?

It all boils down to the storage fee that is being paid by the sellers to Amazon for using their warehouse across the US. Paying storage for products that don’t sell in an extended period of time isn’t really a good idea. And there are really vendors who would request Amazon to just destroy such products instead of paying for the monthly storage fee (which increases once a product has been in a fulfillment center for more than 365 days).

Hence, with this option, instead of asking Amazon to destroy or dispose of the products, sellers can instead request them to send over their excess and non-profitable inventories to people who signed up for freebies.

What Kind of Freebies Can You Get?

Consider Amazon direct ship freebies as random gifts that appear at your doorstep; so, expect to receive anything from beauty products, clothing, toys, to household items, baby stuff, accessories, and the list goes on.

And again, since all of these are free, what’s there to hate or complain for? If in case you won’t like what you’ll receive, you can always give it to your friends, or even to random people. Perhaps, you can even sell these products on eBay.

Should You Leave a Review?

Chances are you might want to leave a review of the product because it’s the least that you can do to return the favor. But with direct ship freebies, I suggest that you stay away from doing this if you don’t want your Amazon account to be terminated.

Why is this so? Writing reviews in exchange for free products is against Amazon’s Product Reviews Policies. Instead of helping the seller, you might be doing the opposite. Also, this may also sound suspicious. Just imagine if you and 100 more people leave a positive review on the same day. With that, Amazon can easily figure out that you received a free product in exchange for a review, which is again, against their policies.

So, if you really want to give something back to the seller, instead of leaving a review on Amazon, you can create a social media post with your experience. If you can find the products, you can link them to your post so that the seller can gain some exposure for your freebies.

How to Avoid the Scams?

Random freebies are definitely good but bear in mind that there are a lot of online scammers out there. So, in signing up to receive these free items, you must proceed with caution. As they always say, “Do it at your own risk.” But of course, there are some best practices that you can observe to avoid Amazon direct shipping scams.

Follow these simple precautionary measures to weed out online scammers:

  • DO NOT give any personal information other than your name, address, email, and/or phone number.
  • If possible, it would be better to use a P.O. Box address, a burner email, and a secondary phone number.
  • DO NOT give your social security number or credit card numbers if asked.
  • Check out with your friends and/or on Reddit forums or Facebook groups if they have received freebies using the particular sign-up form.

Direct Shipping Sign-Up Forms

I was originally going to post a giant list of sign up forms here, but due to the nature of the exchange (you fill out a random form with all of your personal information on it and send it off to who knows where), I decided to keep this page strictly informational.

It’s not hard to find these forms, just make sure you exercise extreme caution. Like I said, you are giving away a lot of personal information in hopes that random boxes of free stuff will appear at your door.

The Bottom Line

The fact that these freebies can only be requested using Google forms may already raise a red flag, so I completely understand if you would pass on this. Nevertheless, if you want to receive random free stuff from Amazon vendors, you can do so but make sure to observe the best practices to avoid scammers.

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