Is Bartleby Free? How to Get the Help You Need

Is Bartleby Free? Many students who discover Bartleby late in the game want to try the service. After all, it looks like something that could be a life-saver for students having challenges with essay-writing, adding citations, research, math homework, and other schoolwork.

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Bartleby is a student success hub developed by Barnes & Noble Education. It offers a very comprehensive online database of student essay samples that can be used as a source of writing ideas and examples.

If you’re a student trying to write a paper that’s due soon and you’ve got writer’s block, Bartleby can definitely help.

If you’re a student who simply cannot understand a particular subject like math or science, you can get assistance to your specific problem either from the readily-available guides or an expert ready to help.

For a more affordable service, I do recommend you check out Tutor Hunt. You can connect with tutors all around the world, start a conversation, and make a connection with a tutor before making a commitment.

How Much is Bartleby? Is Bartleby Free?

The bad news is: Bartleby is a paid resource. But all major features under Bartleby have free modes available (which we’ll discuss below). First, let’s talk about Bartleby pricing.

Technically, there are 4 major types of Bartleby you can subscribe to. They include:

1. Bartleby Learn

This service helps with homework, essay writing and research. It gives you access to millions of textbooks and the ability to ask experts specific math or science questions (and get answers quickly). If no answers are provided, the textbook solutions offer step-by-step tutorials on how to arrive at an answer for your homework.

    • Free mode lets you browse through random website questions, but no search function is available.
    • Paid mode (first 7 days is $4.99, then $9.99 monthly after the one-week trial price) of Bartleby learn is more comprehensive and gives you access to this database and resources 24/7 via website and app. As a paid member, you’ll receive unlimited access to textbook solutions, unlimited access to Q&A library, and 5 questions to ask per month.

2. Bartleby Write

Bartleby Write is an all-in-one plagiarism checker, citation tool, and spell/grammar checker designed to help students write and submit papers with confidence.

There are essay templates available and citation generator to help you regardless if you’re following APA/MLA or another citation style. And once you master the tool and improve your writing habits and reduce mistakes with Bartleby Write, you can even get live scoring from Bartleby’s AI scoring analysis tool.

    • Free mode is pretty useful. You can access the Essay builder (where you can select the essay template to guide you in writing your draft) and the Essay Editor (where the tool analyzes your draft, recommends changes to wording, grammar, and structure, plus also makes citation a lot easier).
    • Paid mode: ($9.99/month) gives you access to the Essay Builder, Editor, and Essay Review tab where all the magic happens with a final rundown of corrections/suggestions that you might have missed on your written work.

3. Bartleby+

Bartleby Plus combines the Learn and Write features in one super-useful bundle with 5+ million step-by-step textbook and homework solutions, expert Q&A, math solver, writing assistance and citations generator. These tools are also accessible on the Bartleby app.

    • Free mode: There is no free trial for Bartleby+, but you can try it out for a week for only $6.99.
    • Paid mode: After the 7-day trial, you need to pay $14.99/month for expert help, AI citation suggestion, essay writing, Math solver, textbook solutions and other 24/7 study & writing help.

4. Bartleby tutor

If you’re cramming for an exam the next day, but the step-by-step textbook solutions don’t help at all, you can pay for a one-on-one session AT ANY TIME for personalized sessions by teachers, professors, and other experts on complex subjects. You’ll receive tutoring via messaging or audio.

    • Free mode: There is NO free mode available for Bartleby Tutor, but newly registered users do get a FREE 15-minute session as a trial.
    • Paid mode: After the trial, you can get 24/7 on-demand tutors with varying fees. As of May 2022
      • $15 gets you a 30-minute tutor session,
      • $30 gets you a 60-minute tutor session,
      • $54 gets you a 120-minute tutor session.

And if you didn’t use all the minutes you paid for, you can roll over the minutes to another session.

Bartleby Pros and Cons: Is Bartleby Worth it?

Comparing Bartleby with other platforms isn’t fair because Bartleby isn’t just a grammar-spelling-citation-checker and research tool like Grammarly or a Homework help hub like Chegg. It’s a combination of both, plus more.

However, Bartleby still has its strengths and weaknesses, including:

PROS of Bartleby

  • More affordable than its competition (Grammarly, Chegg, etc)
  • Accurate plagiarism checker
  • Useful citation guide
  • On-demand tutors are useful (and how you can roll over unused minutes)
  • Bartleby Q&A aims at helping students master over 30 STEM and Business subjects.

CONS of Bartleby

  • No live chat (customer support isn’t immediate)
  • Issues of charging after cancellations

Is Bartleby Free for Experts and Tutors?

If you’re on the other side of the coin and want to become a subject matter expert or tutor for Bartleby subscribers/students, here’s what you need to know.

  • Subject matter experts specialize in a subject (science, math, accounting, programming, psychology and so on), you need to prove your authority on the subject you’re applying to. Here’s a complete list of topics they need experts on.
  • Both SMEs and tutors DO NOT NEED SUBSCRIPTIONS, so they’re technically free to join, but they have to undergo the online application process and a background check to join the team.
  • Subject matter experts can do either thing:
    • answer specific student problems, or
    • tutor students for 30-minute, 60-minute, or 120-minute sessions at a time via messaging or audio.
  • The work is home-based (work wherever you are) and at your own pace.
  • Experts could request to author a secondary subject three months after your start date.
  • The pay rate is based on the subjects you qualify for and will be disclosed in your contract letter.

Check this link for more details if you’re interested in this gig.

Other Ways to Get Bartleby for Free

If you’re interested in a subscription as a student, but don’t want to shoulder the expense from your allowance, you can always try to earn free Target or Walmart gift cards, free Visa gift cards, and convert these gift cards to cash that you can then pay for Bartleby’s monthly fee.

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