15 Free Animal Magazines by Mail for Animal Lovers

Do magazines still give away free animal magazines by mail?

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As animal lovers ourselves, we always had magazines about farm animals and household pets growing up. Many of them are even free magazines!

But these days, with blogs and sites changing the way people get their information, only a few of these animal magazines are left.

If you’re like me and you love reading up on newly released pet food for your cats and dogs, features about pet grooming, technologies that benefit farm animals, and other concerns… this post is for you!

15 Free Animal Magazines by Mail and Online

What continues to be the best method to get free magazines is to go directly from the source – the publishers of the magazines themselves.

While many of them are paid subscriptions, these companies often have discounts, contests and freebies. You just need to follow them either on social media or subscribe to their newsletters.

Here are some you should definitely follow:

1. Pet Food Industry

Petfood Industry is the resource for pet food and pet treat manufacturing professionals worldwide. Industry professionals turn to Petfood Industry for market expertise, exclusive research, and top company data to stay informed and competitive in the fast-growing industry.

The Petfood Industry’s online magazine can be accessed free of charge.

2. Animal Wellness Magazine

Animal Wellness Magazine has been providing educational content for dog and cat lovers since 1999.

The magazine also has a non-profit division, called “Rescue Network” that helps rescues find their forever homes, so subscribing to their magazine goes a long way to support their cause.

Animal Wellness Magazine is also giving away free digital issues of its magazine. Go here and fill out the form to get yours.

If you wish to receive animal magazines by mail, you need to pay the annual subscription fee of $24 (for 4 issues) to $44 (for 8 issues).

3. Modern Dog Magazine

As its name suggests, this 2002-founded magazine showcases dog-related features with a major focus on assisting homeless dogs.

Modern Dog publishes quarterly and offers both print and digital subscriptions.

Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter for possible subscription deals and other dog-related info.

Go here if you’re interested with the print magazine option delivered straight to your door. Choose from $18 (4 issues or 1-year), $28 (8 issues or 2-year), or $32 (12 issues or 3-year) plans.

4. Catster Magazine

Catster is a comprehensive resource for cat owners.

Each issue has vets giving expert advice for free and information about cat behavior, diet, health, and other news surrounding cats.

Subscriptions for both digital and print magazines are paid, but try sending them an email or wait for freebies and deals if you’re interested in sampling an issue.

5. Dogster Magazine

Dogster is a bimonthly magazine and website for dog lovers. The first printed issue was published in 1970.

As you might have guessed, Dogster is the sister publication of Catster (the mag and site made for cat lovers).

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Dogster has subscription plans for both its print and digital editions.

6. Reptiles Magazine

If you take care of snakes, geckos, turtles, toads, and other reptiles, this magazine is an ideal resource where industry experts, companies, vets, and zoo professionals all share helpful information to keep your pets leading healthier and happier lives.

The website itself is already full of useful information about reptiles.

But if you want the print version, you’d have to subscribe this reptile-focused magazine for $19.97, which gets you 6 issues sent to you in a span of 1 year.

7. Birds & Blooms Magazine

If you love backyard birding while gardening or gardening in order to attract birds, the Birds & Blooms magazine was made for you!

Publishing six issues every year, Birds & Blooms covers a wide range of topics from building birdhouses to attracting hummingbirds, gardening for butterflies, feeding birds for less, and plenty of stories from fellow birders.

Subscribers get bonus access to Birds and Blooms EXTRA! (where exclusive content is published).

Compared to other animal magazines that force you to buy a bundle or year’s worth during your first subscription, you can try one Birds & Blooms mag for $10 per issue.

8. Tropical Fish Hobbyist

First published in September 1952, Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine created for the hobbyist keepers of tropical fish.

Each issue has news and information about freshwater and marine aquariums, ideal for beginners to experts.

Print and digital subscriptions are available for a price, but Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine always gives new customers a free trial of its digital issue, so you get a chance to make an informed decision before committing to an annual plan.

9. National Wildlife

As one of the projects of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), profits of this bi-monthly magazine go toward many of the organization’s causes.

Every issue of the National Wildlife magazine features new discoveries about wildlife and wild animal behavior, wildlife gardening, bird watching, family outdoor activities, and wildlife photography.

First published in 1962, National Wildlife magazine is an award-winning magazine thanks to the stunning wildlife photography featured here.

The magazine subscription is on the higher end price-wise, so make sure to watch out for deals and freebies.

10. All Creatures

All Creatures, published by Guideposts, is a magazine for animal lovers based around the idea of loving, respecting, and appreciating all of God’s living things.

There’s a religious twist to this magazine, so if you’re looking for uplifting stories that explore the special bond between animals and people, this is the magazine to subscribe to.

11. Pet Age

Pet Age is a business-to-business media brand that covers the pet industry in print, online, and through social media.

If you own a pet shop, provide pet services, or are deep in the pet specialty market, you can really take advantage of the Pet Age magazine.

The company delivers timely and practical news and information about the products, trends, and events that impact retailers, groomers, manufacturers, and other related businesses.

If you’re a business owner, get a free copy of Pet Age print edition by filling out this form and wait for the magazine delivered straight to your designated address.

12. Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine

Pet Boarding & Daycare is the boarding industry’s only trade magazine. It publishes six times a year with topics like animal health, training, facility design, and business.

For printed copies, you can subscribe here.

Some back issues and current issues are available as eBooks on the site.  Anyone interested can access it freely.

13. National Geographic Kids

If you’re looking for a kids animal magazine, National Geographic has one for the young ones!

You can’t go wrong with National Geographic magazines – they are well-researched, photographed beautifully, and written by experts in their respective fields.

Plus, National Geographic regularly has deals and giveaways.

14. Young Rider

Young Rider is the premier magazine for horse-crazy kids.

Each issue features articles to help you care for your horse and tips to improve your riding.

Print and digital copies are available online.

15. The Pet Gazette

The Pet Gazette is a magazine offering pet-related information on hot topics and local events.

Unlike other pet magazines on this list, The Pet Gazette is only distributed in Westchester, New York, Long Island and Fairfield.

New York-based pet lovers actively support the magazine – just check out the section featuring pet picture submissions, or the In Memoriam section.

Subscribe to the Pet Gazette here.

Can’t get Any Free Animal Magazines by Mail Sent to Your Home? Here are 4 Workarounds:

Let’s say you’re not a fan of online magazines and would rather receive a printed one by mail. But none of the free magazine subscriptions (above) have arrived by mail yet…or if you simply can’t catch a break with freebies, what are your other options?

Here are surefire ways to get copies of free animal magazines by mail:

Exchange Mags for Miles

Those with unused miles at United, Frontier, Delta, Alaska, and other major airlines can use their frequent flyer credits to claim a magazine subscription of their choice.

Go to MagsForMiles, check your airline, look for the magazine options (there’s point equivalence for every magazine), pick your preference, and add to the cart.

You can get as many magazines as your miles allow you to “buy.” You can even gift the subscription to another person.

Join Survey and Reward Sites

When you join survey firms (such as TellwutOpinion Outpost, and Pinecone Research) and reward sites (SwagbucksPrize Rebel, and My Points), you earn points for every task you complete.

These points can be exchanged for gift cards, cash (via PayPal), or items directly from a store like Amazon, Target, and so on.

Shop, use Cashback apps, and Convert points to Magazines

Cashback apps (such as IbottaTopCashbackRakuten) require some planning. You have to intentionally use these sites/apps while shopping to earn and save points.

Once you get enough points, you can convert them into real money, which you can use toward a magazine subscription purchase.

Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get access to Prime books and monthly issues of your chosen magazines completely free of charge.

Got Enough Free Animal Magazines by Mail?

I say free magazines are always welcome in our house.

For other types of magazines you can get at zero (or minimal) cost, check out my post about:

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