15 Free Fashion Magazines That Arrive by Mail

Out of the many free magazines we’ve discovered recently, a great number of them fall under free fashion magazines by mail.

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After all, fashion magazines have had a long history. Since people began printing press in the 17th century, fashion magazines have been used not only for self-expression but also to help people escape the realities of poverty during the industrialization era. 

Even the switch from print to digital couldn’t kill fashion magazines that easily.

If you’ve been craving to turn the pages of a good old fashion magazine on a lazy day, or marvel at the freebies stick to its pages, bookmark this list.

15 Free Fashion Magazines by Mail

1. Vanity Fair 

Vanity Fair takes you on an unforgettable journey of money, beauty, power and style of the rich and famous.

Get a 1-year subscription to Vanity Fair (a $10 value) once you fill out the form.

This freebie comes from Mercury Magazines and lets you pick 3 mags from its collection.

2. Harper’s Bazaar

This magazine is world-renowned as the arbiter of fashion and good taste.

Fill out the form to get your complimentary 2-year subscription (a $10 value). Like many Mercury Magazine offers, it takes 10 to 12 weeks for the magazines to arrive (longer for non-US addresses).

3. W Magazine

W magazine revolves around stories relating to art, film, culture and fashion.

Launched in 1972 by sister mag Women’s Wear Daily, W magazine offers one of the cheapest magazine subscriptions around $8 for every six issues.

If you want to get it free though, you’d have to wait for promotions on their social media (Facebook/Instagram) or subscribe to their newsletter and get first dibs on subscription freebies.

4. Vogue

Every issue of Vogue brings you the most exciting couture collections from Paris, Milan, New York and around the world, so if you want to learn about the newest fashion trends both in the runways and streets, Vogue magazine brings you to these fashion cities without spending travel money.

This link leads you to a form that gets you a 1-year Vogue subscription (a $10 value) absolutely free.

5. Marie Claire

This French-British monthly magazine was first published in France in 1937, but has expanded internationally into the UK and US.

Marie Claire talks about pop culture, skincare, beauty, and style, including women’s apparel and fashion trends.

Claim a 2-year complimentary subscription to Marie Claire here.

6. Elle

ELLE is the international fashion magazine for sophisticated, independent women with a strong sense of personal style.

Mercury Magazines makes it possible to receive ELLE and other free fashion magazines by mail, but you have to be patient. The first issue of your 2-year free ELLE subscription arrives about 10 weeks (within the US) after your request has been sent.

7. Essence

This monthly lifestyle magazine, written for African-American women, covers fashion, beauty, entertainment, and culture. 

Essence magazine isn’t actually free, but at only $2/issue or ($12 for the entire year), it’s pretty affordable.

You can also receive digital copies of the magazine and other content delivered to your email by subscribing to the Essence newsletter.

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8. Cosmopolitan

Called simply Cosmo, the magazine began as a women-centric mag and has expanded to include lifestyle, fashion, feminism, content by the mid60s.

Check out promotions from its publisher, Hearst Magazines for discounted copies of new issues, or follow this link to get a free 2-year subscription to printed Cosmo.

9. Allure

Although this magazine covers in-depth articles about beauty and makeup, it also extends to fashion and style.

Claim a 1-year free subscription (a $10 value) today by following the link.

10. Town & Country

Town & Country is the oldest continually published general interest magazine in the United States.

It is a monthly American lifestyle magazine about high society, high fashion and high culture with a uniquely British sensibility.

11. Women’s Wear Daily

Women’s Wear Daily brings you breaking news about the fashion industry, designers, celebrity trend setters, and extensive coverage of fashion week. If you’re serious about fashion, this publication should be a part of your collection.

It’s the bible of all fashion mags, so if you can only pick one from a list of free fashion magazines by mail, let WWD be that one you subscribe to. Learn how to access back issues from 1994 to recent with these guides.

12. Sports Illustrated

This magazine, as its name suggests, focuses mostly on sports and athletes, but if you want to take inspiration from the fittest people on earth, get your free copy of Sports Illustrated here.

Mercury Magazines is giving away a 2-year complimentary subscription.

13. Grazia

Grazia, Italy’s top publication in fashion and lifestyle, delivers fabulous wardrobe inspiration every week, with what’s in trend now and sneak peeks into trends you’ll be wearing straight off the runway.

The mag only releases 4 issues a year and sometimes offer free copies to lucky readers.

14. GQ

This New York City-based, monthly men’s magazine has been providing fashion, style and culture features since 1931.

Get a 1-year subscription free by sharing a few personal details (name and email address included).

15. Esquire

Founded in 1933, Esquire has been covering the interests of the American man from health to politics, style to dating, and other advice from the most interesting men of our time.

Get a complimentary 2-year subscription (a $10 value) from Mercury Magazines.

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Free Online Fashion Magazines

  • Rolling Stone Magazine – This San Francisco, California-based magazine isn’t a fashion magazine per se, but if you’re interested in rock and roll style, fashion you see on music videos, and the entire vibe of musicians, get free back issues of Rolling Stone magazine digitally via Google’s News app.
  • Business of Fashion – While this mag only started in 2007 and is the youngest in the grand scheme of fashion mags, it is probably the most educational and in-depth. Its content is geared toward fashion students, editors, stylists and everyone within the fashion industry. If you’re a student studying a fashion-related course, you can get free copies of the mag for 4 years.
  • InStyle – First published in 1994, InStyle magazine had been a monthly print fashion mag. Since February 2022, InStyle has ceased its print production and moved completely digital. You can get free subscription by signing up for its newsletter here.
  • The Daily Front Row – Since its inception in 2003, The Daily Front Row and fashionweekdaily.com have been speaking directly to fashion’s A-list insiders wherever they are—the front rows and runways of Fashion Week, the backyards of their Hamptons summer homes, their New York abodes, and their chicest travel destinations. Subscribe online to be updated with high fashion trends.
  • V magazineV is a magazine about fashion with a capital F and all the things that go with it: art, music, film, architecture. V was founded by Cecilia Dean and started in 1998 as a limited edition magazine, but has evolved into a 4-times-a-year publication that covers the changing trends in culture, music, and fashion. This magazine used to offer free digital issues to students a while back. Make sure to check their website for freebie offers and get yours before anyone else.
  • Nylon magazine –  Nylon is a vibrant and progressive periodical for intelligent, hip young women who want to know the latest news and views on fashion, celebrities, and music. Nylon used to have a print edition, but you can get free content delivered straight to your email by subscribing here.

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