20 Places That Offer Fax Services Near Me

Let’s face it, in this world of emails, smartphones and technological advancements that make communicating more easier, many people are often caught unprepared when documents need to be faxed and have to go on a hunt for “fax services near me.”

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Maybe you have to provide your signature this way before a check can be processed. Maybe a company from across the country wants to send you documents with proof of confirmation.

I totally get it. I’ve been there before, so now I come prepared with a list of the nearest fax services from my house. After all, I use fax services near me VERY far and in between. Plus, buying a fax machine isn’t really ideal.

How Much Does Fax Services Cost?

Of course if you own a fax machine this doesn’t cost a thing (except for your internet plans or phone data and if you’re sending internationally). You can get free fax services from a few businesses if you’re a customer.

Paid fax services cost varies, depending on several things, including:

  • Online or offline: Is the fax service from brick-and-mortar stores? Or online fax services?
  • Destination: Are you sending/receiving fax locally (nationally) or internationally? This is important because fax services usually count a single international page as two. Also, it takes double the time for an international page to arrive at its destination, which some services consider into their pricing.
  • Pages: The first few pages usually cost more, than the second, third or succeeding pages.

Online services have fax plans available (which is ideal for people in need of bulk faxing on a monthly basis). Online fax services cost about 2 to 10 cents per page, cheaper if you’re paying an annual subscription. Other businesses offer an as-you-go plan, so you don’t have to pay monthly fees.

20 Places That Offer Fax Services Near Me

I’ve tried the following methods at least once in recent years.

The cost of fax services from brick-and-mortar stores usually falls between $2 and $7 per page for the first page or so, then a bit cheaper ($2 or less) on the succeeding pages. In general, the fees are double the cost for international fax than domestic.

Office Supply Stores

  1. Staples (Fax fees begin at $1.79/page locally)- Make copies, scan or fax documents, print from the cloud, ship, shred and more at any Staples Business Center near you.
  2. Office Depot/ OfficeMax (Prices start at $1.49 per page locally) – This all-in-one printing and delivery solutions company also serves as an office supply store and co-working space in selected areas (California, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon and Florida). They can send and receive fax locally and internationally at their stores.

And while you’re there, check out some of the free office supply items you can get.

Package Delivery Company

  1. FedEx/Kinkos or FedEx Office (Prices start at $1.89 per page locally) – You can both send and receive faxes at FedEx. Whether you receive local or international fax, customers are given a complimentary cover page and printed fax confirmation sheet with their order.
  2. UPS (Prices start at $2 per page locally) – Got a UPS (United Parcel Service) near you? The company lets you send and receive faxes at their location.
  3. Postal Annex (Fees vary by location, but sending/receiving a page ranges between $1 and $2) – Available in California, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, New York, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Georgia, Washington and Ohio, Postal Annex can receive a fax for you at their location until you claim them.

Business Centers, Grocery Stores and Co-working Spaces

  1. Pilot Flying JPilot Flying J is a Knoxville, Tennessee-based truck stop, slash gas station and food chain, but If you’re a guest of TRANSFLO Express, you can get fax services for $2 per page.
  2. Hy-Vee – This Midwestern grocery store with 265 locations offers fax services from $1 to $2 per page.
  3. Alberton’s – If there’s a grocery/pharmacy Alberton’s near you, check out the business center (yes, where you leave packages to get shipped). Most small towns have Alberton’s, but best check which branch lets customers send or receive faxes.
  4. Winn-Dixie (Starts at $1/page) – If you’re in Florida, Georgia, Mississipi, Alabama or Louisiana, you might be near any of the 500 Winn-Dixie grocery stores. Most of them offer Western Union, postage services, coin-counting machines, and local fax services. Check the branch if they also offer international fax.
  5. Kroger (Prices start at $1 per page locally, followed by $0.50/page for the succeeding pages) – Kroger has a business center that offers printing, copying, and fax services.

Free Fax Services Near Me as part of a Paid Service or Membership

In some instances, you can request to send or receive fax from private organizations (that you’re a member of) and even your government.

  1. AAA –  Faxing is free at most office locations for AAA members, but do note that AAA doesn’t offer fax services for non-members (even if they pay).
  2. Your Local bank – I don’t think all banks would allow you to send or receive fax from their branch, but if you’ve been a banker for several years, the bank manager might allow your request to use their fax services for free.
  3. Hotels – If you’re staying at any hotel, ask the receptionist where you can send or receive a fax. Most hotels would offer this service free of charge to their customers.
  4. Travel agencies – Are you planning a trip and would need to fax documents somewhere? Most travel agencies could accommodate your free fax requests if the files directly support the product/service you’re trying to purchase from the agency.
  5. Local government and embassies – If you’re desperate, go with your local representatives and ask a favor. If you’re just visiting, there might also be embassies nearby that could help you out.

Some local groceries libraries and domestic airports also have their own business centers. There’s no harm in asking if they’d let you send or receive your faxes on their behalf.

Still on a Hunt for Fax Services near Me? Go use an App!

In this digital era, there are now websites and apps that you can use on your smartphone or computer that allow you to send a fax. You just need to subscribe to their fax serA few of these sites and apps include:

  • MetroFax – Get to send or receive 500 pages per month from your phone or email, starting at $7.95/month (fee varies by area). The company doesn’t tie you down, you can subscribe just for a month, then stop when needed since you won’t have to sign any contracts.
  • MyFax – This company offers a more affordable plan with just $7.95 per month to send/receive a total of 500 pages per month. But you have to check because this amount varies by area (depending on where you live).
  • HelloFax – If you need to fax 5 pages or less, Hello Fax lets users receive or send from their phone or PC for FREE with its basic plan. You need to subscribe ($9.99/month with 300 pages included) if you need more.
  • eFax – This user-friend and famous fax provider has a $10 set up fee and $16.95 per month (up to 150 pages faxed) subscription fee.
  • RingCentral – For a monthly fee of $12.99, you can send/receive 750 faxed pages via your mobile device or PC.

Most of these services charge per page, but many will let you send your first fax for free or get a free trial membership.

The Bottom Line

If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to bookmark and use it whenever you need fax services near you.

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