15 Places That Give Away Free Magnets

Whether you want to add new items to your magnet collection, or you plan to embark on a cool experiment with your kids, receiving free magnets is always a good thing.

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Aside from store-bought magnets you can find in hardware and school supply stores, you can also request free magnet samples direct from certain companies.

And if you need it sooner, you’d be surprised to discover multiple items stored in your own home that can be scavenged for magnets.

Where to Find Free Magnets Online

When you go online, you’ll find free magnets from 4 different types of websites:

  • Shops that sell magnets and other trinkets,
  • Printing companies that customize the prints of numerous items (including magnets),
  • Marketing firms that create promotional materials for other companies, and lastly
  • Brands giving away promotional items with their logos.

The problem with these sources is that you can’t expect to get more two or more free magnets. If you’re an individual looking for a freebie, you’d be lucky to be able to request for a sample.

And even then, the free samples you get are likely going to have something printed on them that you didn’t request.

Hey, these are free magnets after all. Don’t be picky.

So without further ado, here are the sites that offer magnet samples:

1. Magnets.com

The makers of refrigerator magnets, business card magnets and other kinds of promotional magnets, this is the go-to shop of everything magnet-related.

And if you’re from the US and are interested in getting a sample, just enter you details in this form and wait for your sample pack.

Unfortunately, a business/org name is required, which means samples are only offered to legit companies and not individuals.

2. MagnetQueen.com

If you’re not picky with designs and just want more magnets, Magnet Queen lets you order their sample pack free.

The sample pack includes a free 3×4-inch photo magnet, white linen envelope and clear protective sleeve. You do have to be from the US to collect and willing to pay $1.99 for shipping.

3. Truly Engaging

For those looking for wedding invitations, check out these magnet invitations from Magnet Street.

The company is going to send you some generic invites, but even shipping fee is on the house, so what do you have to lose?

4. Free Magnets from DiscountMagnet.com

There are more magnet options available here and you are welcome to choose more than one type of magnet.

The only downside to Discount Magnet samples is you need to shoulder shipping fee of $4.50/magnet and an additional $0.50 for every extra magnet sample you add to your cart.

5. US Magnetix

Only available for US addresses, magnet samples are available here just by filling out the form.

Just make sure to tick either the “promotional magnets” or “industrial magnets.”

6. Minted.com

The free magnets by Minted Weddings fall under save-the-dates and wedding invites.

Note that the generic magnet sent to you may or may not include another couple’s names and faces.

7. New and Blue

Similar to Minted Weddings above, the free magnets they give away are generic non-customizable ones, but they’re free of charge and includes a magnet invite, save-the-date magnet, and printed envelope.

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New and Blue sample packs include a font and color chart for once you decide to order.

8. A Giftful Heart

If you’re okay with one free sample, pre-printed, and non-personalized, you can just request it free and have it delivered to any US address.

Note that you do have to pay $8 if you want the sample customized to your names, dates and wording.

9. Free Magnets from NBA Jr.

Register as a parent and get a welcome kit with a magnet and welcome letter.

10. TNT Fireworks

Join the TNT Club and get magnets, temporary tattoos, and other items for free.

While no purchase is necessary, you must be at least 13 years old and living in the US to join the TNT Club.

11. Moose Tracks

Become a Member of Moose Tracks Nation to receive monthly MooseMail, where you can possibly win Free Merch like stickers and magnets every month.

12. Printing for Less

This company gives away die-cast magnets free, but only for companies in Canada and US. Fill out the form for your requests.

13. MeTVFM 

If you listen to MeTVFM on radio or stream, you might like this free magnet from the station.

You just need to provide all the information on the form to receive your free MeTVFM car magnet.

In return, the station is asking  to email them a photo of the installed magnet, which they’ll feature on the MeTVFM website.

14. Free Magnets from USDA

USDA announced on Twitter that they’re giving away this cool “Meat Safety” fridge magnet absolutely free.

The magnet features minimum internal cooking temperatures for all kinds of proteins.

You just need to email your information to FSIS.Outreach@usda.gov to request yours.

Email them while supplies last.

15. Pure Buttons

Pure Buttons will send you a design from its existing, pre-made fridge magnets.

It won’t be the design you’d like, but there’s a chance you can pick one that you really like.

BONUS for Australia-based readers: MisterMagnets.com.au

If there’s a Magnet Queen in the US, there’s Mister Magnets in Australia.

The free magnets included in the kit are generic, so if you’re not picky with prints, then fill-out the form and wait for your package.

Mister Magnets do not deliver outside Australia though.

How about Low-cost Magnets?

Some printing companies offer magnet samples at super-low prices. For example, Jukebox Print priced their magnet sample pack at $1 with free shipping for US and Canada buyers, and $1 plus shipping fee for international buyers.

In some cases, the magnets do not come free, but design templates are offered without charge so you could customize your refrigerator magnets, photo magnets and so on.

If you’re not on a rush, you can follow these companies on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media platforms and wait for a good offer or freebie to come your way.

How to Find Free Magnets Already In Your Home

If you really need magnets immediately, probably for your kid’s school project or you’re in a crafting mood, you’d be surprised that A LOT of stuff just dusting away in your garage could be salvaged for magnets.

Some examples of these are:

  • Duvet covers (the tools that keep covers closed)
  • Hooks for organizing stuff or hanging art (check the back of paintings, posters, or organizers used in bags, belts, scarves and more.
  • Doorbells (some may have two or more depending on the size and mechanism of your doorbells)
  • Speakers (check the broken ones stored in your garage. It isn’t worth salvaging magnets from speakers that are still working perfectly).
  • Fans – Usually round magnets and softer than other types of magnets.
  • HDD (hard disks) The ones you find on a computer hard disk are super small (about 1/500th of a strand of human hair)
  • Refrigerator and cabinet doors – The magnets here are hidden by the door (it’s what keeps the door shut). It is the same for your fridge or any kind of cabinet.
  • Racks – Most wooden racks (spice racks, knife racks, organizing racks) have magnets inside to stick the item to the rack.
  • Electric toothbrushes – Got a broken one lying around? Open it up and you can find at least 2 small magnets inside.

There are also magnets inside various home appliance, electronics and gadgets, such as your TVs, old monitors, and microwave ovens. However, they can be tricky to remove if you don’t know what you’re doing. In some cases, getting the magnets can even be dangerous.

If you’re looking for more freebies, or a collector of awesome and quirky stickers, check out my list of companies giving away free stickers to add to your collection.

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