15 Places to Get Free Hair Color Samples

So, you’ve been thinking about changing your hair color for a while, but you haven’t fully committed to a brand or even a color yet.

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If you want to try something new, but aren’t ready to go all-in, this list of places that send out free hair color samples will help you achieve that desired new look in no time.

Where to Get Free Hair Color Samples Online

1. Ugly Duckling Hair Color Tube

Ugly Duckling is known for creating hair color products with Argan Oil, the ingredient responsible for ensuring great hair condition without compromising the vibrancy of the hair color.

To get a free hair color tube from them, simply join their mailing list or send them a message directly on Instagram or other social media channels.

2. Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder

Joico is giving away a sample of their Blonde Life Lightening Powder to hair enthusiasts. However, to qualify, one must own or be affiliated with a salon.

Simply fill out the request form on their site, and make sure to answer all the needed information before hitting the “Submit” button.

3. Framcolor Glamour

If you are a licensed hairdresser or cosmetologist, you can avail of Framesi’s free Framcolor Glamour permanent hair color sampler. The freebie is valued at $20 and it contains the following:

  • Two Framcolor Glamour Shades
  • 16 oz 20 volume activator
  • Wallchart
  • Stylist reference guide

Sign up for a free sample by simply filling out their sample request form.

4. Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox is famous for their hair colors and other hair essentials that are all available online. And though they are not directly giving away free samples to anyone, there is another way to score some freebies from them. Just like other brands, Arctic Fox also has a Rewards Program where loyal customers can use their earned points to redeem some products.

Join their Rewards Program now to start earning points. And before you knew it, you are already eligible for free full-size products, including hair dye samples.

5. Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional also rewards the loyalty of their customers with free products, tools, and/or education.

Sign-up for their CLUBSKP today (no purchase necessary to sign up). CLUBSKP members earn points on all their monthly purchases that they can redeem for product, tools and/or education.

6. Beauty Hair Color

As of writing, you can enjoy an extra full-size bottle of Beauty Hair Color if you buy one. In short, Color Play is running a limited-time “Buy 1 Get 1” offer on all their Beauty Hair Color products.

Another way to enjoy freebies from them is by registering a free account (which automatically gives you 100 points as a welcome bonus). Once registered, you can start earning points for every purchase, and redeem your points for exciting deals.

Aside from buying products, members can also earn 300 points on their birthday and 20 points for every approved product review on their website.

7. Ulta Beauty

Get ultimate rewards from Ulta Beauty if you create a free account today. Some of the advantages of members are faster checkout, access to exclusive bonus points offers, and then use points toward any product (including hair dyes) or beauty service.

Check out their website to learn more about their Rewards Program, how the points add up, and the ultimate benefits of being a member.

What’s cool about places like Ulta Beauty is that the freebies and promos you can get aren’t just exclusive to free hair color samples. They also have make-up, skincare, and other beauty products.

8. Paul Mitchell Pro

Register to Paul Mitchell Pro, the brand’s digital hub exclusive for salon professionals, and be part of a global community fueled by the same passion and creativity for salon-related artistry.

Also, by signing up for the group, you can earn points through their Perks program and redeem the points for products in Paul Mitchell’s digital mall. Of course, some of the hair care products that you can claim in exchange for earned points are hair dyes and other hair care essentials.

To sign up, simply provide the information needed in their online registration form.

9. L’Oreal Paris

Go to L’Oreal’s official site and sign up to receive a free sample of their Le Color Gloss in-shower Toning Gloss.

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The company regularly have free stuff over here, so always check back for new hair color samples you can get for free.

10. XI Hair

Check out the offers by Xi Hair – there are over a dozen colors available for their free sample hair colour.

This brand is located in the UK, but since it ships free worldwide, there’s no problem grabbing the freebie!

11. PinchMe

If you’re a fan of box dyes, PINCHme members get all kinds of free hair color samples from brands that you can DIY at home.

Aside from hair dyes, PINCHme also deals with other beauty and skincare brands.

12. Pureology

Pureology is a brand that mixes vegan ingredients to create sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner & hair styling products for color-treated hair.

Every month, the company gives away plenty of free samples.

The only problem is that freebies are limited, so not everyone who signs up to Pureologo get to receive samples.

13. Clairol

If you’re based in the United States, you can try their Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color. Just use the “Order Free Sample” button for your sample.

In most cases, Clairol features 1 color at a time, so you cannot choose which color to receive.

Free Hair Color Samples from Beauty Boxes

Beauty boxes are subscription-based programs, so you do need to invest somewhere between $5 and $15 a month.

In return, you receive several beauty products for every box. While free hair color samples are not guaranteed, you have a chance to get boxed dyes along with other freebies.

Out of all beauty boxes, I recommend you register for either these two brands:

14. BirchBox

15.  Walmart’s Beauty Box

Other beauty boxes focus on skincare and makeup, but these two subscription boxes do a good job offering a variety of products.

Just note that you can’t pick and choose the products you’ll receive. You just have to trust the pros and hope you receive free hair color samples when your box gets delivered to you.

Other Beauty Freebies Beyond Free Hair Color Samples

Sporting a new hair color is an exciting way to welcome the New Year, and it could be so much fun if it goes with a new hairstyle, as well.

But if you are not comfortable spending hundreds of dollars for this treat, try requesting free hair color samples from the list above.

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