5 Legit Ways to Get Cheap or Free Digital Movie Codes

Everyone has a favorite streaming service these days, but what happens when you want to watch a movie that’s on a different platform? You can pony up for YET another monthly subscription or you could check out this list of free digital movie codes and rent the exact move you want to watch at no cost.

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I won’t only spill the beans on how to get cheap or free digital movie codes, but I will also share some Redbox promo codes that can be used to rent DVDs at a kiosk for free.

Five Ways to Get Cheap or Free Movie Codes

1. Create a Vudu Account

Before you can start with your free digital movie downloads, you first need a place where you can store all of them. And so far, the most popular movie database that you can also use as a library is Vudu. They also have free movies and TV shows with limited ads that can be streamed without codes on their platform.

You can also use your VUDU credits to get free and cheap digital copy codes. You can get VUDU credits through different promotions that they offer on products that are sold at retail stores like Walmart. VUDU also offers credits in exchange for watching free movies on their site. And sometimes, they also offer promos online with a free $5 credit.

Another way to get free movie codes is by converting your old DVD and Blu-ray movies into digital with the aid of the VUDU app. To do this, simply download the app, scan your Blu-ray or DVD barcode, and then convert it to digital for only $2. After converting the movie to digital, you can sell them on Listia for credits, and you can use the credits to buy other digital movie codes.

2. Get Free Digital Copy Codes on Listia

Listia is a marketplace where you can sell stuff that you no longer use in exchange for points when other people buy the item. So, there is no money involved, because everything is traded for credits. You just have to keep on selling and raking points, and before you even notice you already earned more than enough credits to get free stuff including movie codes. Basically, that’s how you get free movie codes here. You use your points in exchange for digital movie codes.

I know you are wondering how many credits you need for a movie code. Well, movies on Listia usually start at 35,000 credits. The dollar value of credits could rise and fall, but as of January 2018, 27,500 credits are equivalent to $1.

3. Get Cheap Digital Movie Codes at Different Code Sites

There are several sites where you can get cheap digital movie codes, but one of the most popular is Ultraviolet Cinema. To use the site, simply enter the title of the movie that you are looking for in the search box. You can find it in the upper left corner of the page. Once you are done, it will show all the sites that have the movie in stock.

You can then purchase it and add the code to your Vudu account. That is why it’s important to have one before you hunt for some movies online. And once it’s there, it’s yours forever. So, instead of paying a DVD rental fee that is around $5 every time you rent it, purchasing a digital movie that you can store in your online library forever would be a more practical choice.

Here are other sites that sell cheap digital movie codes that you can try:

4. Score Free and Cheap Digital Movies at Flea Markets, or Ask Your Friends

When shopping at flea markets and thrift stores, find DVDs that say they have a digital version included with the UV symbol. Open the DVD cover and get the paper with the barcode, add it to your collection on VUDU, or sell it on Listia for some credits. You can also sell the physical copy of the movie and use the money to buy a digital movie code.

You can also ask your family and friends for digital movie codes from their physical copies. Most of them won’t really bother to use the code since they already have a physical copy of the movie.

5. Try These Digital Movie Codes From Reddit

Search for movie code giveaways and promos on Reddit, or even on social media. While searching for codes online, I came through this thread on Reddit about digital movie codes. Although the thread is already closed, you can notice that some of the recent codes were only given one to three months ago.

And as per the instruction in the thread, the codes were written to make them a little harder to copy and paste. So, you will notice that some codes will be given as:


                The last two digits are 39 minus 20.”

Also, aside from this thread, you can check the UVtrade community on Reddit if you want to trade movies on VUDU, iTunes, and other digital movie codes. You can also check DCS: Buy & Sell to check for some codes that might catch your interest.

BONUS: Try These Redbox Promo Codes

Redbox codes are promotional codes that you can add during checkout at a kiosk. The code will give you a free one-night movie or game rental. So, if you want to watch free movies on a physical DVD copy, feel free to use these codes anytime:

You can also text FREEBIE, EMAIL, VALPAK, PUSH, MOVIE, MOVIE TIME, MOVIENIGHT, or DEAL to 727272 to get a code that you can use to get a one night free DVD rental.

The Bottom Line

Have you tried any of the methods that I’ve listed above? Or do you have other ways or movie codes that you want to share with us? If so, please feel free to leave a comment below.

And if you’ve noticed, most of the steps that I mentioned above lead to earning credits on Listia to buy some movie credits. So, if you want to get a lot of free movies, I suggest that you start raking in points into your Listia account today.

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