How To Get Free Chocolate Sent Right to You

Can you pass up free chocolate or candy?

If so, then you’re much stronger than me and plenty of other people.

Companies routinely give away free samples of chocolate and other sweets to promote their products and convince customers to buy them.

In today’s blog post, we run down a list of companies that send out free chocolates and sweets for all you sweet-toothed freebie hunters.

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17 Places To Get Free Chocolate And Other Sweets

1. Hershey’s

The Hershey Company is a proudly American brand and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world. Apply to be an ambassador, post a public review on your Facebook account and get a free bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs.


GODIVA chocolate truffles are luxury in a box. Join the GODIVA Rewards Club and get member-only offers on your email, free shipping on online orders, a birthday treat, and free chocolates every month.

3. 4 Rivers Smokehouse

If you’re in Florida or a frequent visitor, you might have dined in a 4 Rivers Smokehouse. Apply for their Pitmasters Loyalty Program and get a free sandwich for every 10 visits, as well as a free birthday dessert, such as a slice of cake, brownie, cookie, a scoop of ice cream, and other yummy dessert selections.

4. Lake Champlain Chocolates

Based in Burlington, Vermont, Lake Champlain Chocolates prides itself on using 100% fair-trade certified chocolate to make award-winning gourmet chocolates for all to enjoy.

Subscribe to their newsletter and get entered in their monthly raffle to get a box with 30 pieces of assorted chocolate for free. You can also get access to new and limited-edition items and subscriber-only sales events.

Free Box of Chocolate

5. Whoa!Dough

WhoaDough cookie dough bars are “gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, non-GMO, egg-free, soy-free, no artificial flavor having, protein-packed, happy-inducing cookie dough bars” that come in five flavors.

Sign up with your Facebook account or email address and create a public Instagram post to promote their products and get a whole box of their cookie dough bars.

6. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme needs no introduction, one would think. Sign up for Krispy Kreme Rewards and get a free doughnut, plus exclusive offers and first-to-know privileges for new products and news.

7. Baskin-Robbins

Who would say no to a free scoop of ice cream, chocolate or otherwise? Simply download the Baskin-Robbins mobile app and get a free regular scoop.

8. LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee

LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee first opened in Kansas City, Missouri, and now they have 25 locations across Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Arizona.

Become a LaMar’s Lover For Life by getting a rewards card in one of their stores to get a free donut and coffee upon registration, a free donut on every birthday, and so much more.

9. Steak ‘n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake is a sit-down restaurant with a fast-food price range. They’re famous for their burgers and shoestring fries, but their milkshakes are popular, too. Download their Rewards Club app and get a free milkshake on your first purchase as a member of the club.

Aside from the free milkshake, you can earn points for every purchase. Every 50 points earn you $5.

10. Gigi’s Cupcakes

With 100 locations in 23 states, Gigi’s Cupcakes is definitely not your ordinary cupcake store. Join Gigi’s Cupcake Lovers Rewards and get a free cupcake when you join.

Earn 1 point per dollar spend; 50 points gets you a $5 voucher. Plus, get a free cupcake on every birthday.

Free Cupcakes

11. Verb Bar

If you need something with a kick of caffeine, this one’s for you. Verb Energy bars are gluten-free, vegan-certified, non-GMO energy bars with as much caffeine as an espresso and with no artificial colors or sweeteners.

Get their 4-bar trial pack for free; just pay $3.95 for shipping.

12. Andy’s Frozen Custard

With over 90 locations across 14 states, Andy’s Frozen Custard offers sweet treats like frozen custard, sundaes, and splits that are made fresh. Sign up for their Yum Squad and get a free sweet treat when you register online.

13. Caveman Foods

Caveman Foods specializes in snacks that are Paleo-Certified or Paleo-Friendly. Get a free Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bar from Caveman via Digitry. Register with Digitry, choose samples you like, try them, and rate and review them on the Digitry website.

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14. Back To Nature Foods

Back to Nature Foods offers delicious, flavorful snacks that are inspired by nature. Tell them why you want to try their products through this form and you might get free Chocolate Chunk, Crispy Wheat, Fudge Mint, or Stoneground Wheat cookies through a coupon.

15. RXBAR Kids

RXBAR has protein bars, nut butter, and instant oatmeal made with real ingredients, such as egg whites, nuts, fruit, gluten-free oats, and dairy-free chocolate. They also make smaller RXBARs as a healthy snack for kids.

Try these kid-sized bars via PINCHme by registering with them, and you can get free Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, or PB & J bars.

16. FitJoy Foods

FitJoy Foods specialize in healthy, on-the-go, grain-free, gluten-free, non-GMO snacks that have no artificial colors or sweeteners. Get a free Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar from FitJoy via Digitry.

17. Dippin’ Dots

The “ice cream of the future,” Dippin’ Dots remains a favorite of young adults who grew up with it. Join their Dot Crazy! email club to get free Dippin’ Dots on your birthday, special offers, and access to all the latest promotions

Other Ways To Get Free Chocolates

Sign up for a free subscription box, such as Daily Goodie Box, and chances are free chocolates, sweets, and desserts are included in the box.

Follow your favorite chocolate brands on social media. Chances are your favorite brand of chocolates have a social media presence. It’s worth following them and engaging with them so you’re updated whenever they have free giveaways or contests.

Ask them. For some brands, it’s as simple as asking. If your favorite brands have social media, they’re likely to have a website as well. Look for their contact information and email, write, or call them to say you’re a fan and you’d like some free chocolate samples.

A personal story about their chocolate or dessert can increase your chances of getting free chocolates and sweets from them.

And if you’re lucky enough to be sent free chocolates, make sure to tell people about it on your social media to promote. It can inspire them to do it to other customers, and they might just be grateful enough to send you free stuff regularly.

Free chocolate chips

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get free chocolates and desserts if you want them. Just don’t go overboard with them; balanced eating is still the way to go.

Chocolate doesn’t quite do it for you? Check out our post on where to get free food or pair your chocolate with some free coffee.

Have you gotten free chocolates or sweets before? How’d you get them? Share your story with us in the comments below!

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