Free Stuff for Kids: 33 Cool Freebies to Check Out

Who doesn’t love receiving free stuff for kids? It’s just human nature to get giddy with freebies.

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And if you’re a parent of two or more kids, arranging to get educational or fun stuff by mail regularly means you’d be able to bring smiles to their little faces without spending a cent. To me, that’s priceless!

In this post, I collected some of the coolest free stuff for kids you can request by mail, or redeem online. From magazines to art supplies, as well as stuff your kids won’t forget

Activity Freebies: Free Stuff for Kids to Keep them Busy Bees

  • Lowes Workshop Kit – Every month, Lowes hosts a workshop for kids to inspire the next generation of builders. See what projects are in store this month and check the nearest Lowes locations near you.
  • Moonshot Jr Free trial classes – If you have a 10- to 17-year-old kid, sign them up for a cool FREE trial and enjoy other freebies mailed to your address. Only available for US, UK, and Canada addresses.
  • Free Fabric Swatch samples – Teach your kids how to sew, how to create a small stuffed toy, or create other projects with 6 fabric swatch samples from In-Weave Fabric. You do have to browse the site first for your chosen fabric, then fill out the request form to receive the prints/fabrics you preferred.
  • Free Seeds to all Butterfly Heroes – Do you have a young kid interested in science? Register them to become a butterfly-hero. Let them take care of a plant from seeds to have a better understanding of the importance of our ecosystem to the life of butterflies.
  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter CD – While there are Android and iOs apps available, if you want to play this game on the computer, you can request a CD as well. It’s perfect for young kids who are learning how to count.
  • Planet Protector’s Activity Guide – The U.S. Environment Protection Agency is giving away a bunch of stuff from coloring books to posters and activity guides that could introduce kids to the idea of environmental protection.
  • McGruff Safe Kids ID kit – Teach children about safety in a fun and friendly way with this set that includes a fingerprint card, emergency number card, 911 instructions, DNA collection tips, and more.
  • Tourism kits by state – Collect maps and travel brochures from different states.
  • Disney charade game – Technically, these are printables. But this Disney-themed charade is a great idea for family night or keeping two or more kids in your household busy for the entire afternoon.

Free Stuff for Kids by Mail

  • 3D Animated Tales of Donkey Ollie DVD – Get free Sunday School materials delivered in DVD form straight to your home. Parents or adults 18+ years old must send the request form.
  • Chicago Cubs Kid Nation Rookie Pack – If your child is a fan of the Chicago Bulls, subscribe and receive exclusive stuff for kids nation members.
  • Chicago Bears Kids Club – If your kids are not basketball fans, but are football fans, register to receive football freebies.
  • TNT Fireworks Club kit – Join the TNT Club and receive a kit that includes stickers, magnets, tattoos and more. (Only for 13-year-olds and above)
  • Dinosaur Train poster – For kids who are in the dinosaur phase, this poster features the Pteranodon family.
  • Free Skyenimals bookmarks – For little bookworms or kids collecting bookmarks, check this freebie from Skyenimals. These aren’t printables. You actually fill out a form and wait for it to get shipped to your home.
  • Backpack from Wireless Zone – Register early to get dibs on a free backpack from participating Wireless Zone locations.
  • Hometesters Club – Register to get a free toy for your kid, who is going to be testing out the item on behalf of the site.

These are free, but not for ALL kids. 

  • Epilepsy Kids Crew Themed pins and other freebies – You need to fill out a registration form, submit via mail or snail mail, and wait for your kit to arrive from 2 to 3 weeks after registration.
  • Monkey in My Chair kit – If you have a child battling cancer, fill out the form to register and receive a monkey pack in the mail and an email providing you online login information.

Building Memories with Free Stuff for Kids

These are the things your kids would remember from their childhoods. While technically you can buy them from Disney or other similar service providers,

  • Autographs from your kid’s favorite Disney character – You or your kids could write a letter to their favorite Disney characters. After 4 to 6 weeks, expect a letter from Disney signed by your kid’s favorite character. The Disney princesses are guaranteed, but characters that find it “hard to sign” like Lightning McQueen could be assisted by other characters.
  • A free call from Santa Claus – You just need to download the app, and specify a couple of details. It’s an awesome gift because you can personalize the call for your child, choose the time/date of the call, and pick Santa’s message that you think your kid would appreciate.
  • Birthday card or letter from the President – For kids who inspire to become a president, requesting a card from the White House could be a pretty cool gift. When requesting a letter, don’t forget to write the name/address of the kid, type of event, date of birth, age of the kid, name, and phone number. Just send the request letter about 8 weeks (or more) before the event if you want it to arrive before a kid’s birthday.

The White House
Attn: Greetings Office
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Free Classes and Daytrips for Kids You Can Redeem from Home

  • Hasbro’s FunLab – If you’re accepted to the program, your kid could “test” toys at the FunLab.  Do note you’d have to travel to Pawtucket, Rhode Island to participate in any of the FunLab programs.
  • Kids Bowl Free – Every summer, your child can get 2 free games at the nearest participating bowling center.
  • Free passes to National Parks – If you’re a fourth grader (or a homeschool equivalent), visit this site and print the passes. If you don’t have a 4th grader, check the NPS site (National Park Service) to see which days/dates are free for everyone.
  • Apple Coding Camp for kids – Register to join this summer program online, but the actually free classes are held at participating Apple stores.
  • Free Rollerskate passes –  Roller Skating Association International lets parents sign up to 4 kids per email address to receive two free skating passes. Available in the US and international locations.
  • Free summer movies for kids – Every week from June through August, kids could enjoy a free movie. Check if there are Marquee Cinemas near you.
  • Host a swimming party and get free floaters – Join Tryazon and receive a party pack if you’re accepted as a host.

Free Printables for Kids

I intentionally didn’t include free printables for kids because there are millions out there online. I will, however, quickly teach you how to find exactly the printables your kids would love or what they need via your ordinary search engine:

  • Decide what type of printable you want: educational (math, science, history, etc.), arts and crafts, reading/counting, EQ building, and so on.
  • Indicate the age or age group of your kid. For example: “confident boosting printable teenagers” or “coloring pages for grown-ups” will show you some awesome.
  • Download and print, or answer digitally.

There are plenty of talented and generous people out there creating printables for kids. Use them. Your kids would love you for it. Just as they would love you for arranging for free kids stuff to be delivered at home.

For more freebies, check out other resources we’ve compiled specifically for kids:

Do you know other sites that offer free stuff for kids regularly? I’d love to know all about them, too!

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