Free Alcohol Samples: Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila and More

Do you want free alcohol? From vodka to rum, tequila to whiskey, and every other hard alcoholic drink in between, this post is for anyone who wants to try out new brands in the market or just receive drink freebies from your favorite brands.

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Just in time for Father’s Day, check out what free alcohol samples are available from old and new liquor brands.

Places to Get Free Alcohol Samples

If you’re of legal drinking age (21 years old or older), learn the ways how you could get free samples of these alcoholic drinks:

1. Tito’s Vodka – You need to register to become a Tito’s Taster, so you could receive a free swag that may include any of the following: rubber magnets, stickers, drink recipe cards, metal swizzle sticks, journal, and samples of their handmade vodka.

2. Maker’s Mark – You need to answer a quick quiz before you receive a bourbon freebie (often near or during the Christmas season).

3. Bushmill – Purchase Bushmills Whiskey pour or cocktail for dine-in, delivery, to go or curbside pick-up from your favorite local restaurant or bar, photograph the receipt, and get your money back.

4. freebies – This site offers a ton of awesome resources, such as liquor posters, whiskey tasting pad, whiskey guide, and free whiskey samples every now and then.

5. Whiskey Advocate Sweepstakes – This isn’t open regularly, but if it opens up, make sure to join because there’s no purchase necessary.

6. Tequilla Sweepstakes – The following brands regularly host sweepstakes: Hornito’s Tequila, Don Julio Tequila, and Tequila Calavera Cantina.

7. Free Bacardi – Register for the company’s newsletter and take the quiz provided to get a chance to win a free bottle.

8. – Acquired by Uber to match UberEats, this site offers delivery of your favorite liquor brands straight to your home and free samples every now and then. Make sure to subscribe or download the app to get in with promotions.

9. – This one requires purchase, but every $1 gets you 3 sample bottles of any liquor offered on the site.

10. Free Liquor from celebrities

Celebrities are generous when it comes to their own products. Some send you some snacks to match your drinks, while others actually give away free bottles.

Make sure to follow these celebrities online. When Ryan Reynolds still owned Aviation Gin, he used to give away bottles of this gin everywhere and built a series of very-viral ads before successfully selling it to Diageo for $610 million in 2020.

11. Free Alcohol from Subscription Boxes

If you have money to spare and love your liquor, you can subscribe to certain tasting clubs. Know that you have to pay upfront for your chosen subscription and that free stuff isn’t guaranteed but highly possible.


12. If you live in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, make sure to register to, a sampling site  that matches user’s profiles with current promotions. Those chosen will receive free samples of wine, beer, spirits and cocktails sent directly to their doors. A similar Canada-only site is MosaicOnTheHouse.

13. If you live in the UK, you can get a free bottle of Whiteley Neill Gin by filling out the form. Also try requesting a free sample from York Gin.


The 2020 pandemic pushed virtual tasting to the front and center, and it looks like it’s here to stay. If you don’t have the funds to travel to distilleries or prefer enjoying your drink from the comforts of your home, watch out for similar virtual tasting events. Depending on the event you choose, you may be shipped a few sample bottles so you could participate in the online tasting.

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Other Ways to Get Free Alcohol

Aside from the list above, you can also find samples of alcoholic drinks in the following places:

  • Local liquor store. Sometimes, manufacturers ship out alcoholic drinks to the liquor store along with free samples. The local stores then give them away to their customers (sometimes randomly, other times as part of a purchase). You can also ask the stores for possible samples if you stop by their locations.
  • Local grocery store. You may not be getting free samples of liquor here, but you might be lucky to find Buy 1, Get 1 promos of your go-to drinks. Often, the “Get 1” is a new release that manufacturers want consumers like you to try out.
  • Local bars. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to take home bottles of free alcohol samples. However, there’s a good chance you can get a free shot or two of new vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum, gin, brandy, or cocktails that the bar is planning to launch soon.
  • Hotels that offer free drinks. There are some hotels that offer free drinks daily or weekly. For example:
    • Kimpton Hotels – Since 1981, the hotel has been hosting wine hour from 5 to 6 pm every day.
    • Embassy Suites by Hilton  – The hotel complimentary drinks included are wine, spirits, cocktails and even snacks, available from 530 to 730 every night.
    • Residence Inn by Marriott – This hotel has hosts their themed RI MIX happy hour days (on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays)
    • Staybridge Suites – This hotel hosts their free “Social Happy Hour” every Monday-Wednesday.
    • Homewood Suites by Hilton – There is an evening social at this hotel from Monday through Thursday around 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm.
    • Franklin Hotel (New York) – Mingle with fellow guests and enjoy the hotel’s free wine and cheese reception every afternoon from 5 pm to 6:30 pm.
    • Hotel Angeleno (Los Angeles) – Guests could enjoy daily wine hour every 5:30 to 6:30 pm.
  • Restaurants with happy hour. Unlike hotels with free happy hour, the restaurant version of this promo doesn’t involve FREE alcohol. Instead, many chain restaurants mix their food with lower-priced drinks between $2 to $6. Examples of this include Chili’s, TGIF, The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Outback Steakhouse, and so on.
  • Airlines. If you’re lucky and you took a flight on St. Patrick’s Day or other similar celebrations, you might enjoy free alcohol drinks up in the air. Just like what Southwest Airlines did back in 2018. Check the promo page of your preferred airline if you’re traveling soon.

You can also stalk specific liquor brands such as Jose Cuervo on social media and their respective websites (and newsletters). It isn’t guaranteed that you’ll receive a free drink when you sign up, but being up-to-date with their promotions gives you a better chance at joining future deals and promos especially near occasions like Father’s Day and Christmas.

Other Free Alcohol Samples: Beer and Beyond

We’ll be posting a separate post about free beers, so watch out for that one if you prefer beer over hard liquor.

If you’re looking for free alcohol because of an upcoming birthday or father’s day, don’t miss our post about free birthday stuff, a BIG list of free food, and of course, free ice cream to seal off your celebrations.

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