100+ Free Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults

These free unicorn coloring pages aren’t just for keeping your kids busy. Bringing these black-and-white mythical creatures into life not only promotes creativity but also boosts kids’ imaginations.

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For toddlers and young kids, coloring activities help with their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, early writing skills, and concepts like colors, numbers, shapes, and more.

For older kids, coloring activities improve focus, develop patience, and help in soothing or relieving stress.

10 Branded, but Free Unicorn Coloring Pages

There are dozens of famous unicorns in pop culture. If your kid is into a specific unicorn from his/her favorite TV show, movie, or book, then check out this list of unicorn-themed printables…

1. My Little Pony Generation Five Coloring Pages

Photo Credit: Hasbro.com

The newest batch (Generation Five) of My Little Pony characters aren’t all unicorns.

Only Izzy Moonbow (lower left) is a unicorn, while the rest are earth ponies and Alicorns. But if you have kids who’s are fans, I’m sure they already know this.

Go to Hasbro’s official site for more unicorn coloring pages featuring Izzy and the gang.

2. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Friendship is Magic Celestia coloring pages
Photo Credit: GetColoringPages.com

Note that Hasbro no longer has coloring pages of My Little Pony (Generation Four), which features several unicorns, including:

  • Sunset Shimmer
  • Princess Twilight Sparkle
  • Rarity
  • Princess Luna
  • and the most popular MLP unicorn of all – Princess Celestia.

If your child is asking you to print these instead of the newest generation of MLP unicorns, you can pick and choose from 20 free printables at iHeartCraftyThings.com or hundreds of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic coloring pages.

3. Unique Horn Pokemon Coloring Pages

Photo Credit: MorningKids.net

Pokemon-loving moms and dads have the chance to introduce their kids to the Pokemon world with Unique Horn Pokemons Rapidash and Ponyta.

This special pair of Galarian-form unicorns go deep into the lore, since Rapidash and Ponyta are only found on the video game “Pokemon Sword and Shield,” where new Galar form appears to adapt their appearance, character and capacity to Galar Region.

4. Inside Out Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn coloring pages
Photo Credit: HowtoDrawDat.com & Inside Out Movie FB

Rainbow Unicorn is just a minor character in the expressive movie, Inside Out, but she truly did make a huge impact.

In the Inside Out world, Rainbow Unicorn is an actress (she works at Dream Productions), and briefly interacted with Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong on a movie set.

Print out the outline drawing created by the creatives at HowtoDrawDat.com, and color away. If your child is practicing blending and want to get accurate with colors, follow the color guide published by the Inside Out team.

5. Minecraft Unicorn

Unicorn Minecraft coloring pages
Photo Credit: OnColoring.com

If you have a kid who is obsessed with Minecraft and you just can’t keep them off screen, here’s a pair of Minecraft unicorn coloring pages – one with just the pixelized unicorn by itself, and the other with a knight riding on it.

6. Adventure Time’s Lady Rainicorn

Lady Rainicorn coloring pages
Photo Credit: Wonder-Day.com

Adventure Time may have ended in 2018, but our love for this show continues. It’s proven to be a classic!

Kids in a magical unicorn phase would LOVE coloring Lady Rainicorn, the rainbow-colored, unicorn-bestfriend of Princess Bubblegum.

Lady Rainicorn can fly, pass through matter, stretch to a limited degree and change the color of anything she likes using her horn.

She’s also Jake’s girlfriend (and mom to theirfive5 kids), as well as Princess Bubblegum’s royal steed. It’s why you’ll find many Adventure Time coloring pages with Lady Rainicorn in them.

7. The Unicorn or Lady Amalthea (of The Last Unicorn)

Photo Credit: ColoringOnly.com

If we’re talking about classics, here’s one that’s definitely one for the books.

The Last Unicorn (a film released in 1982 based on a 1968 novel of the same name by Peter S. Beagle) features Lady Amalthea as the last unicorn.

In the story, The Last Unicorn goes on a quest to learn what happened to her species. On the way, she faces terrible characters under the evil king and sacrifices herself to save her kind.

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8. Buttercup from Toy Story 3 & 4

Toy Story 3 unicorn coloring page
Photo Credit: ColoringAll.com

Buttercup is a plush unicorn featured in Toy Story 3 and 4.

Owned by Bonnie Anderson, Buttercup is an adorable white unicorn with golden horns and hooves, pink-tinged heart-shaped nostrils, and large green eyes. He helps Woody and the gang on their way back to Andy.

You can print out the solo picture of Buttercup (shown above) from this page, or print all other Toy Story 3 characters and bind them into your own coloring book.

9. LOL Unicorn

Free LOL Unicorn coloring pages
Photo Credit: SuperColoring.com & MyColoring-Pages.com

From LOL Series 3, Unicorn is a member of the Theater Club.

Unicorn has a brother named Dreamy Dude, a little sister called Lil Unicorn, and an older sister, Stellar Girl. Together, they have an adorable pet Unipony.

This pair of unicorn cuties will make any LOL fan happy. Get a copy of Unicorn at SuperColoring.com, then print a copy of Unipony from MyColoring-Pages.com.

10. Deadpool and his Unicorn

Deadpool unicorn coloring pages
Photo Credit: Obianuju Louis via ClipArtKey

Deadpool has a soft spot for unicorns, and even if this movie isn’t the most child-friendly on this list of free unicorn coloring pages, I know a Deadpool-loving kid out there would adore this one.

Other Generic Free Unicorn Coloring Pages

If your kid isn’t particular with the type of unicorn, here are more resources for you to check out:

  • SuperColoring.com shares kawaii unicorn coloring pages, which you can print for FREE anytime you want. These adorable, unicorn designs range from unicorn faces to whole body unicorns.
Kawaii unicorn printables
Photo Credit: SuperColoring.com
  • Mom Junction compiled over 50+ unicorn coloring pages, from the most adorable kawaii unicorn babies, to edgy zombiefied unicorns.
Photo Credit: MomJunction.com
  • KidsDrawingHub.com has a long list of coloring pages in unicorn design (and others). There’s also a tutorial on how to draw unicorn from scratch, if you prefer to DIY your coloring page. This site lets you color digitally, or print the page for your traditional coloring.
Photo Credit: KidsDrawingHub.com
  • EasyPeasyAndFun.com focuses on free unicorn coloring pages that have simpler lines and designs. Ideal for smaller kids who are just starting to grip their crayons.
unicorn head coloring pages
Photo Credit: Easypeasyandfun.com
  • iHeartCraftyThings.com offers a good selection of unicorn coloring pages anyone can print for free, but if you’re looking for full body unicorn designs, this resource is definitely a goldmine.
full body unicorn coloring pages
Photo Credit: iheartcraftythings.com
  • UnicornColoringPages.co is a site dedicated exclusively for unicorn-themed coloring pages. You have the option to print out the page, or color directly from the site.
copyright free coloring pages
Photo Credit: UnicornColoringPages.co

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If you’d rather they get busy outdoors, check these free classes for kids and join what sounds appealing to your kids.

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