11 Different Free Sample Boxes Up for Grabs

The best things in life are free, and sometimes they come in fancy boxes, too. If you are like me who gets excited each time the mailman drops by to deliver a package, then, you’ll be even more excited to know you can receive free sample boxes by mail.

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Have you tried signing up for some subscription boxes? Well, it’s the same experience as that but the only difference is that this time you are getting these boxes for free. And most of the time, you’ll also get free shipping.

Below are some of the free sample boxes that you can try in 2021:

11 Free Sample Boxes by Mail to Claim

1. Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box doesn’t just send a few free samples by mail, but a box of free goodies, instead. And just like PINCHme, they also don’t require a credit card to join and the shipping of the free sample box is free.

To join, sign up on their website and wait for an email if you are qualified for some free samples. Once you receive your goodies, don’t forget to leave a review of the products. The freebies that you can expect range from food and drinks, to shampoos, bath salts, cosmetics, jewelry, and more.

2. PINCHme

If you search online for ways to get a free sample box, PINCHme would always be on the list. No doubt, they are one of the most popular and most trusted free sample programs out there. There’s no catch in joining PINCHme, and they don’t ask for credit card details, too.

PINCHme is a product sampling company that offers its members free samples by mail free shipping. And while they offer free samples every month, not all of their members will be offered free samples monthly. They send out free sample boxes based on the member’s profile, which is also determined by the answers to their questions upon signing up.

To join the program, simply create an account and remember to answer all their questions to increase your chances of getting matched with relevant and available freebies. And once you are done, be sure to tune in every Tuesday of every month at 12 pm EST – 9 am PST to be among the first to claim the free samples that are live on their website.

Of course, once you receive your free samples don’t forget to leave a review. About two weeks after you receive the sample boxes, you will be given a feedback survey to complete. This is the least that you can do to make sure that you continue receiving free samples.

3. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is all about getting people on board to try some products and create a “b(u)zz” by spreading the experience and saying something about the freebies across social media. Basically, they reward members who are the most active and influential. So, the more “bzz” you create, the more freebies you will keep on receiving.

Follow these easy steps to start your journey with BzzAgent today.

4. Smiley360

Smiley360 is an online community with more than 1 million product testers. After signing up, new members are given product testing opportunities which they call “Missions.” The mission that they send to every member would depend on his or her lifestyle and interests.

Once the tester receives the free sample boxes, you will need to complete the mission by leaving a review or feedback, answering the available surveys, and sharing the experience on social media.

5. SampleSource

SampleSource is a no-fuss product sampling company. To register as a tester, simply signup on their website and tell them something about yourself, your lifestyle, interests, and the products that you would like to try.

Once you are done, just choose the samples that you want and when they are available, they will send the free sample boxes free shipping. SampleSource wants you to have smart shopping decisions by giving you the chance to try the products for free before you buy them.

6. Ripple Street

Formerly known as House Party/Chatterbox, Ripple Street is a little bit different from the rest in this list. To join, simply sign up and then join brand communities where you can get free products, coupons, and exclusive offers.

And here’s the catch, once you get your free sample box, you have to share the free products with your family and friends.

Well, it’s not really a big deal, and at least you are able to share. Of course, just like with the rest of the product sampling websites, you have to post a review, share your experience, and let the brands know what you think.

7. Sampler

With Sampler, you can experience free products right in the comfort of your home. And you won’t just receive random products that might not interest you.

Create your free account today, and answer simple questions about yourself so they would know what products to send you. Once there are available samples that match your interests, they will send them right away.

Open the sample box, enjoy the products, and don’t forget to tell Sampler what products you liked so they’ll know better what products to send next time.

8. Home Tester Club

Applying as a product tester with Home Tester Club is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Sign up today to start free product testing. They’ll deliver the products to your home. Try the products out, and complete the test by sharing your experience online.

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9. Shopper Army

ShopperArmy is a product sampling and cashback site that lets its members try free products and earn cashback on their everyday purchases.

Members can also earn rewards by testing full-size products, sharing their honest feedback, completing surveys, watching videos, and more.

10. Social Nature

Social Nature offers free sustainable products to try in exchange for a review. And they want to help their members find products that are not just healthier but also more environment-friendly.

11. Walmart Beauty Box

Once you sign up, you won’t expect to receive free samples every month, but you are guaranteed to receive a free sample box every season.

So, that would be a free sample box filled with an assortment of products delivered right to your doorstep four times a year. And with the quality of products that you will receive for each sample box, the $5 shipping that you’ll have to pay is totally worth it.

The Bottom Line

Please feel free to share your experience with the product sampling sites in this list, and if you have some more that you can recommend don’t hesitate to share them, too. And if you are expecting right now, you might want to check my post about the 11 sites where you can get a free baby box.

I also have separate articles on how to claim free samples by mail, free seeds samples, and free lip balm samples.

Enjoy freebie hunting!

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