6 Places That Will Send You a Free Computer

You might be thinking this list is nuts or it’s merely bluffing, and that’s fine. The truth is that was also my first reaction when I’ve heard about the ways to score a free computer. So, let’s cut the chase because I don’t want to keep you from learning about the ways much longer.

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If you are excited or even intrigued about how to get a free computer or a free laptop, then, read on the list below. And you might just get yourself a free desktop computer or a free laptop computer sooner than you know it.

6 Sites That Give a Free Laptop or Free Desktop Computer

1. With Causes

With Causes is part of the Giving Center, a non-profit organization committed to helping those in need. Aside from asking and receiving fully-operational computers to be given away, they also reuse and recycle computers to be functional again. And so they can distribute these devices to eligible recipients.

To apply for a free computer, simply fill out their request form. And don’t forget to be detailed in explaining your needs and situation to the allotted box. After the form is submitted, the Board of Directors will review the information provided and review their current inventory.

If they will be able to assist you, they will contact you within 30 days. And if in case that there will be no response after 30 days, you can always re-apply.

2. Computers with Causes

With Causes and Computers with Causes may sound the same, but they are two different companies that are both connected to the Giving Center Charity.

However, as their name suggests, Computers with Causes focuses primarily on giving away refurbished computers from their donors towards those in need.

Their priority recipients are those who would need the computers for educational purposes, people living in foster homes, or disabled veterans.

Fill out their computer request/application form if you are interested to have a free refurbished computer. Wait for a reply for 30 days, and if you won’t receive any, you can resend a request.

3. PCs for People

PCs for People is a non-profit organization that distributes free computers for low-income individuals. They are also a registered Microsoft refurbisher so they can provide computers with licensed copies of Windows 10.

To receive a free computer from them, as well as their other services such as low-cost internet, one must meet certain criteria. Every recipient must be below 200% poverty level or must be currently enrolled in an income-based government assistance program.

Read more about their eligibility and the needed documents to find out if you have a chance to score free used computers from them.

4. Alliance for Technology Refurbishing & Reuse

AFTR is a project of the National Cristina Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization (501c3) that aims to promote technological reuse and encourage a donation to nonprofits and schools throughout the country.

There are over 80 non-profit refurbishers of AFTR across the US, that distribute computers and services to those in need.

5. The On It Foundation

Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology (On It) is a non-profit organization that provides free computers to low-income families with students.

To be eligible for a free computer from them, a student must be in a grade K-12 in a public school, receive a free or reduced school lunch, and must reside in the US.

Check out their FAQs to find out more on how to apply for a free computer. And if you are not eligible, you may still qualify for a low-cost computer through their Jump On It! Program.

6. Freecycle.org

The Freecycle Network is a non-profit movement made of more than 5,000 groups worldwide, all coming together with one goal – to give free stuff within their respective community.

Find a working chapter near you, and you might just score yourself a free computer or a free laptop in time for the holidays.

You Can Also Find Low Cost Computers

If you don’t mind spending just a little bit of money for something a little newer and faster, here are some places that sell low cost computers.

1. Computer Technology Assistance Corps

CTAC has provided over 3,500 computers to low-income families, non-profits, libraries, schools, and faith-based organizations.

To be eligible for a heavily discounted desktop computer or laptop, one must be receiving any form of state/federal assistance, a low-income senior citizen over the age of 62, or be handicapped/disabled.

2. Everyone On

This non-profit is committed to opening social and economic opportunities by giving affordable computers, internet service, and digital skills training to low-income families.

Since 2012, Everyone On has deployed thousands of computers. Find internet and computer offers in your area just by entering your zip code in the allotted box.

Free Laptops for College Students

Getting a free laptop or free tablet is undeniably a big help for students. And the good thing is that some schools and universities provide free laptops and iPads for college students just like the following:

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Sure you may be paying tens of thousands of dollars a year in tuition, but hey, free is free.

Other Ways to Get a Free Laptop

At this point, it’s quite clear that there are several ways to get a free laptop. Reaching out to government-funded programs, asking for assistance from an employer, and enrolling in a school that gives a free laptop are just some of the more popular routes to take.

You can also join rewards sites, and answer surveys to gain points or cash backs that can be used to buy a laptop or computer. And with the ever-competitive online marketplace, it’s already a common tactic for business owners to throw a social media giveaway. So, check out your favorite online tech or computer shop now and then.

The Bottom Line

Getting free laptops and computers are just some of the amazing offers out there for people in need of these technologies for whatever purpose that may serve them best.

But if you don’t qualify, you can always try other resources online for free stuff such as free electronics, a free mouse pad, and a free flash drive to name a few.

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