Steve Wrzeszczynski


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Pittsburgh, PA

Penn State University
Bachelor of Information, Sciences, and Technology

Deal hunting, sniffing out freebies, one heck of a BS detector

Steve has been an avid deal hunter online since Amazon was still a bookstore being run out of a garage. If it comes to finding a good deal online, Steve can find it. Many of Steve’s friends and family still bug him to this day for ways to find the absolute best prices on just about any thing imaginable.

He founded this site in 2012 as a way to share the good deals, steals, and discounts he uncovered while shopping and researching for others online. Steve decided to shift the focus from finding sales to finding free stuff that companies are willing to send out, at absolutely no cost to the receiver.

It’s been over 10 years now and Deal Trunk continues to grow each day. Best of all, Steve operates this site as a completely free service. He does all the research first to make sure what’s being offered is legit and even writes a regular newsletter to notify subscribers when new freebies have been uncovered.

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